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61 Austin Moon (Austin & Ally) Austin Moon (Austin & Ally) Austin Monica Moon is one of the two protagonists of Austin & Ally. He is a singer and dancer who became an overnight internet sensation after he uploaded a video singing a song that he unintentionally stole from Ally Dawson. After apologizing to her and pleading for her to write him another song, Austin ...read more.

I do not like this character and don't really care for Ross Lynch's music.

Hate him just AH at least Dez can pull of the idiot act

I admit at first I thought his voice was annoying and he was to childish. But now heis actually tolerable.

Urgh. So annoying - CiaranSean

62 Maya (Girl Meets World)

This girl isn't that bad I just hate how she always acts like her life is SO bad then doesn't even elaborate further on it!

She is better than Riley but she complains about her "so bad" life too much. Like George Washington and Alexander Hamilton for instance had pretty rough starts and look at where they're at now. - Anonymousxcxc

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63 Kate Sanders (Lizzie McGuire) Kate Sanders (Lizzie McGuire) V 1 Comment
64 Stan Jennings (Dog With A Blog)

I only hate the character, but I'm not gonna punch an innocent dog that is just lip-syncing what its voice actor is saying. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Who? The dog? I wouldn't punch Scooby-Doo or Courage the Cowardly Dog, but I would definitely punch Stan. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't like the character, but that dog is too cute and well behaved if he can do that show.

Ruining such an adorable dog :///

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65 Alex Russo - Wizards of Waverly Place Alex Russo - Wizards of Waverly Place Alexandra Margarita "Alex" Russo is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, portrayed by Selena Gomez.

Needs to be top 5. She's selfish, she's annoying, she's rude, she messes everything up, and, worst of all, SHE'S PLAYED BY SELENA GOMEZ! - errrr

She's so conceited and a selfish horrid person.

66 Milo Murphy (Milo Murphy's Law)

The show doesn't even start until October and I really want to punch him in the face. First and foremost, he has absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever. What's with the sweater vest? And what the heck are his shoes?

Oops. Meant to so Alex Russo(when I voted here, she was the one above) - errrr

67 Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb)
68 Raven Baxter (That's So Raven) Raven Baxter (That's So Raven)

I found all the characters unbearable, especially Raven and Chelsea. Raven is so egotistical, vain, obnoxious and her voice makes me want to scream

69 Elsa (Frozen) Elsa (Frozen) Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

My main complaint about Frozen is that poor Elsa didn't nor doesn't always get to use her powers all the time enough. The "Let It Go" sequence was the highlight for me. I wanted to see Elsa do anything more spectacular, but she never did. Ugh, all of you cruel creators of Frozen were too lazy to let any of us see Elsa doing anything/else more spectacular in canon, weren't you?

Elsa was a character written to be misunderstood. The script writers and producers certainly succeeded. I don't care if someone can manipulate snow and ice, I've seen several people do it in fiction, *scoff* I really don't get why people make such a BIG DEAL about Queen Elsa!

She isn't a Disney Channel character. - Anonymousxcxc

I wanna #sock her in her nose, kick her in her ***, gouge her eyes out, decapitate her, and so on there is only one flaw with her and it honestly scares the h*l l outta me. She kind of looks like Rosalina from the Mario games.

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70 Beans (Evens Stevens)

He should be number one. Most annoying not just for the way he looks but for all the trouble he causes (and stealing food).

71 Marina (Zig and Sharko)

What is Marina? An oblivious, spoiled, abusive, obsessive, idiotic WHORE that hypnotizes and manipulates the entire sea with her beauty, songs, and superficial charm.

What is superficial charm, you ask? It is one of three things which defines a sociopath; it is manipulation by making a good impression and intentionally doing things and blaming them on others to make people sympathize to her. This sums up Marina heavily.

Guess what are the other things which define a sociopath? Psychopathy, which involves remorselessness, antisocial behavior and impulsivity, and Narcissism, which is characterized by egoism, pride and grandiosity, which sums up Marina's boyfriend, Sharko, who constantly uses brawn for everything and loves to show it.

Psychopathy, narcissism and superficial charm are often together, known as Dark Triad. So yeah, our "heroes" display vile characteristics which would make them have a rightfully deserved title as a SOCIOPATH, if this show, ...more

1 word: mary sue she is such a mary sue I hate how she always gets what she wants plus she is an attention seeker she is always the one that's pretty, perfect, and almost many sea creatures on the show wanna date or eat her she is way too perfect to an annoying degree ugh what a mary sue I really can't stand her sometimes

That THING always cheats on Sharko

Thank you! Seriously, she is ugly, mean, and this is one of the shows where it repeats and the "good" character always wins. I know that's how it is with most kid shows, but this one has this brat not getting eaten, and this poor hyena starving with his adorable little crab

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72 Trudy Proud (The Proud Family)

At first, she seemed alright to me. But later on, I noticed that she's a major hypocrite who craps on her husband, Oscar (whom I feel sorry for). How Trudy's a hypocrite is that she was jealous of Oscar going' gaga over other women but willingly danced with a man whom she thought of as a hunk. And I won't tolerate hypocrisy, especially since I regret dabbling in it.

Since Trudy was abusive to her spouse, I wish that he'd beat her ass.

I know DAMN well y'all didn't put Trudy Proud on here. The ENTIRE PROUD FAMILY was awesome, cool, funny, and completely original. So whoever put her on this list...needs to go get a damn life.👿

73 LaCienega Boulevardez (The Proud Family)

Needs her tail whooped with a wood hairbrush.

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74 T.J. Detweiler (Recess) V 1 Comment
75 Buford Van Stomm (Phineas and Ferb)

Even though he's not all bad, I still dislike him due to his pickin' on Baljeet. What the hell's his deal with that Indian nerd? It isn't like Baljeet did anything wrong to him.

I remember when Buford became Baljeet's slave. But the way he went about being his unquestioning follower isn't in a way that I approve of. Of course, it didn't last long since that bully went back to being the nerd's tormentor.

I don't know why that Indian boy puts up with that jerk. I remember that he got fed up with him. But later, he went back to being with Buford. Pathetic.

If I'm Baljeet, I'd refuse to be friends with Buford due to my being bullied a lot. Instead, I'd enslave him and make him serve me the way that I'd want him to.

If Buford's nice to Baljeet, then he should never EVER bully him. Besides, bullying alienates people.

I also have a song about how Van Storms fall from the sky, but it doesn't end well. -Buford

Buford is nothing but a pathetic bully that is just a ripoff of Sperg from Billy and Mandy, another pathetic bully. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He's rascist

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76 Erwin Lawson (Recess)

This guy pisses me off with his attitude problem. Why should he bother damn jock? There's nothing' bad about bein' a jock. Instead, he's better off bein' an athlete since they behave better than jocks.

I remember some dumbass posted "Screw Vince, " before suckin' up to Lawson like he's real. Well, screw that Lawson fan since he or she's a liar. And screw everyone who favors jocks over nerds. All jocks do is use sports as an excuse to bully non-jocks. Therefore, I favor nerds over those stereotypical athletes since I can relate to them (the nerds).

As much as I hate Spinelli, I wouldn't mind seeing her beat the crap outta Lawson for hsi bein' a loudmouthed a**.

I made another mistake about putting the word "bad" between "nothing'" and "about" in my second review about Lawson. I actually meant to put "good" between those two words because bein' a jock isn't good at all. But being an athlete is.

If anyone asks me, many jocks aren't very smart. Hell, they antagonize nerds and other people who aren't like them. And that's bad.

But for athletes, they're not only smarter and more mature. They behave better than jocks in that they're too smart to misuse their popularity. And so, I'd rather be with them instead of jocks.

77 Gosalyn Mallard (Darkwing Duck)

Even though this whore's a duck, I'd rather call her a bitch 'cause she acts like one due to her bratty behavior. Hell, I've hated her since the show that she's part of became popular. And I can understand how her foster dad, Drake Mallard, feels when dealing with her.

I compare Gosalyn to these other characters because of her personality:

1. Ashley Spinelli of Recess

2. Toph Bei Fong of Avatar: The Last Airbender

3. Azula of Avatar: The Las tAirbender

4. Helga G. Pataki of Hey Arnold!

5. Jade of Jackie Chan Adventures

5. Cera of The Land Before Time

6. Korra of The Legend of Korra

I have a low opinion of those other six bitches just as I do with Gosalyn. Why she drags her friend, Honker, along on her antics is likely beyond me.

If I'm Honker, I'd refuse to have anything to do with that bratty adopted daughter of Drake. At least, I can relate to him since his personality's similar to mine.

If I'm DRake, I'd ...more

78 Tankard H. "Tank" Muddlefoot (Darkwing Duck)

I never liked this guy and I never will. What's his problem in pickin' on his brother, Honker? He (Honker) didn't do anything wrong to him (Tank).

I've had problems with bullies like Tank since childhood. And so, I've no love and pity for them.

If I'm Honker, I'd get back at Tank big. And if anyone tried to punish me for that, I'd also get back at him or her.

But I do remember Tank getting what he deserves: unexpectedly letting a bear trap clamp on his ass, which shot him up through the chimney of his house and made him stuck there. His pleas to for Santa Claus to get him out of his trap brings a smile to my face. It serves him right for the jerk he is.

But I do prefer Tank's counterpart for that guy's more like Honker in terms of personality. Besides, I like the usual Honker due to his personality being like mine.

Ugh, I hate Tank! He is such a mean bully to his own little brother Honker! I would so kick his ugly ass to the moon!

79 Ron Stoppable (Kim Possible) Ron Stoppable (Kim Possible)

I can't believe this guy. Why is he on Kim's missions when all he does is mess up? It sickens me that he's comic relief. And I hate comic relief.

80 Wander (Wander Over Yonder) Wander (Wander Over Yonder)

I can't believe I didn't see him on the list. HE IS so ANNOYING.

I want to punch the idiotic ball of hair so hard that he would be at the other side of the universe in a nano second

He looks like a ripoff of Lazlo from Camp Lazlo. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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