Top 10 Most Overrated Disney Movies

Note: I'm not saying these movies are bad. I love most of them, but what people do, they make a top 10 Disney villain countdown or something, then add the villain in their favorite movie because it's their favorite movie. Same thing with princesses. If they make a top ten Disney movie countdown and add let's say "Beauty and the Beast" is number one because Belle is their favorite princess. I mean really. But if you do that, remember to look further. And if a movie is on here that is your favorite and you don't do that dumb thing, it's alright. Enjoy!
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1 Frozen

Oh. My. Word. I cannot believe how overrated this Disney movie is. At first when it came out, it was ok, people weren't crazy for it. But as time came and went, the popularity started to rise A LOT to the point when I decided to watch "the goodness I was missing". When I did, I must say that... I was a little disappointed. It wasn't as good as people said it was. I expected it to be, like, VERY AWESOME! Or WOW! But no. It was like everyone was playing a trick on me or something. I'm not saying Frozen is a bad movie, but that the movie is just overrated and does not deserve all this popularity. And guess what- even at school as a Christmas treat, like always, we watch a movie to celebrate. Guess what the movie what? Frozen. I felt really bad at the moment. But what I hate the most about Frozen is "the best song ever": Let It Go. I prefer The Circle Of Life! Seriously, when we were watching the movie at school, when it came to Let It Go, EVERYONE was singing along- actually, I shouldn't ...more

The plot is weak. Most of the songs on the soundtrack are forgettable. The "sisterly love" is barely shown throughout the whole movie. Seriously, Elsa doesn't seem like she cares that much. You could argue that she hid her powers to protect Ana all those years, but what would have really protected her is if she practiced her magic so she knew how to control herself, and let Ana know she was dangerous so that her sister wouldn't have lived in isolation for most of her life. Why was Ana in isolation anyway? She should have been able to go outside and stuff. And it honestly wasn't sad to me when the parents died. They seemed like jerks to both of their kids. Olaf didn't add anything to the plot. There seemingly was only a villain for like five minutes near the end. It seemed more so like the "villain" of this story was Ana's and Elsa's entire lives.

This movie is okay. Just okay. It's easily one of the weaker Disney films, that's for sure. I also know that I'll commit suicide if I ever have to watch it ever again before the film can end. I like maybe Let it Go (now more than ever because people have finally shut up about it) and that's it. My favorite song, Life's Too Short, didn't even make the final cut because it makes mention of a plot thread that never made the final cut. The entire movie can only be described as underwhelming. Everything about it is standard and bland. The characters aren't very interesting, the story is dull, the animation is nice, but nothing special. This movie is just kind of boring now to be honest.

It literally was the only thing that anyone talked about at one point. Now movies like tangled, cars2,wreck it Ralph, toy story 3 all are forgotten about. I'm not saying that it is bad but it is not as good as lion king. This is so overrated. It doesn't deserve all this attention. Olaf is the only decent character. Everyone else is too annoying to be enjoyable. This movie is so annoying. Don't even get me started on Let it go. But seriously. To this day there is frozen everything. It has conquered the new Disney movies like Wreck it Ralph and Big hero 6. And all of Pixar. Why did everyone get so excited about this one film? Last time I checked nobody ever got that crazy about a film.

2 The Lion King

I liked this film, but never felt "attached" to it somehow like most reviewers state. Maybe I have low emotions, but I felt no sorrow over touching scenes such as Mufasa's death, since there are plenty of other movies out there that were more poignant to me, specifically "The Boy in Striped Pajamas". Just about the only thing that I found appealing from the movie was the songs, particularly "The Circle of Life".

Simba portrays himself as a protagonist who one day wants more than nothing to be king, and then the next regrets everything in his life like a piece of cake, although he of course was not the culprit of his father's death. In a sense, he doesn't seem to have a strong will inside himself to be king for the majority of the movie, due to the realities of life that Mufasa teaches him in his childhood, and his brief abandoning of his time with the pride while in the jungle. His transformation into realizing his role in protecting the pride is momentary, which seems weird since most characters learn about their true standings in society after months or even years of pondering on who they are.

His uncle, Scar, is quite cruel for a villain yet is cowardly at the same (by his reliance on hyenas rather than other lions to take over the pride) and appears unwilling to actually combat Simba until the very end. The only means in which he is able to manipulate his nephew originally is psychologically done, and nothing physical (except through the use of his hyenas). It continues to baffle me why he so regarded highly as a villain when he doesn't fight for himself on his own.

Plus, what bothers me about this movie is the fact that nature most definitely does NOT play out the way it does as shown in the plot. In fact, it is the lionesses, not the lions, who take care of the pride's functions, from raising cubs to defending territory to hunting for prey. In real life, lions leave their home pride after two years to take over another pride, and not... more

3 Lilo & Stitch

There was only one original song, and it wasn't that special. Every single other song in the movie was an existing Elvis song or a remake thereof. Nothing against the King of Rock 'n Roll, but memorable original songs that are unforgettable really make a difference when it comes to Disney movies.

"Disney's REAL movie about sisters"? Please! This movie was all about Stitch and promoting Stitch! The relationship between the sisters wasn't shown that much nor did it have that much of a role. As for that "ohana" thing, it was more about accepting Stitch than anything.

4 Zootopia

When this movie first came out in 2016 it was everywhere and mostly everyone adored this movie like it was the best Disney movie ever but it is far from being a great family movie. The movie may look like a cheerful kid friendly movie about talking animals but it is really dark and not cheerful. It is about animal racism where predator animals like lions or foxes are treated unfairly by prey animals like bunnies and mice because of their species. So the surprise villain tries to turn all the predator animals into vicious beasts to then be chained, abused and locked up. I don't suggest for little kids to watch this movie. There are at least three jump scares. I don't think this movie is bad at all but it does not deserve 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I was debating between Frozen and this, but once I decided, I chose this, because at least Frozen is rated lower than Disney's classics and has seemed to become slightly less popular (emphasis on "slightly"). This is more overrated CRITICALLY. It's a fine movie, but 98% on Rotten Tomatoes? This movie was not THAT good. It has a lot of annoying problems, like it's stupid puns and product placement, mean and annoying side characters, horrible stereotypes, and a disgusting city. The only thing I find phenomenal about this movie is it's animation. Face it people, just because it has a good message doesn't mean it's a perfect film. There is better stuff out there.

5 The Little Mermaid

I find it very overrated. The animation is good and I like the songs, but I can't stand Ariel or Eric. They are both just so focused on one aspect of each other, even though they know nothing about one another. Also, Ariel gets everything she wants even though she screwed up everything and didn't even try to fix her mistakes. It's not a horrible movie, and it did lead to the Disney Renaissance, which had spectacular films, but it just really annoys me.

Very overrated and not a very good movie at all. First off the only reason why its considered "good" because it saved Disney from a financial slump and has a few catchy songs. Moreover this is a move that teaches girls AND boys that your only has good has your looks. The main character, Ariel, gives up her only talent for a boy she only like because he is handsome. This movie sucks.

How is this less overrated than Lilo and Stitch? This movie was alright I guess. But all these stupid popular girls at my school just squeal over Ariel. She doesn't even have a nice singing voice. she's just a bland damsel in distress. She sells her voice to a witch just so she can try to find true love.

Never liked the story. A girl giving up her whole self (family and talent, which is basically all she had) for a boy she didn't even know. She only fell for him for his looks. Only thing good about this movie are the songs. But yeah, this movie is so overrated.

6 Mulan

Some of the songs are good, but other than that I feel the only reason this movie has gotten so much more popular now is mostly because of PC culture. I guess I'm one of the few people out there who watches movies to hear a good story, good characters, and good dialogue. Yeah, there's some of that here, but it's mostly overshadowed by how much they're trying to push feminism onto kids. I'm not saying I'm for or against feminism, but the general concept of a family movie (especially a Disney movie) fueled mostly with the objective of pushing a political movement I find absolutely absurd. Like I said before, I don't hate everything about it. But the sudden uprising of third-wave feminism that has made this movie way more popular than it's content really merits, then I can't help but consider this the most overrated Disney movie ever. (also, curse you whoever wrote "I'll Make a Man Out of You". I'll never get that song out of my head as long as I live.)

7 Tangled

Sure, the plot was good, the premise is good, but is it really THAT GOOD? No. The execution was horrible, the comedy was eh, to be honest, I do not recommend this film. The film doesn't have memorable songs and doesn't have memorable characters. Honestly, go check it out, but I do not recommend this film at all. Also, for Frozen people and haters, yes it is overrated, but also, it is hated as much. I could argue that Frozen plots and premise is worse than Tangled, but its execution was AMAZING. The humor and characters were memorable. The songs...*hold it*. I know many people will hate me for it, but as much as I hate people singing let it go always, when I first hear the song of Frozen, I came back home and began to continue singing it.

So to sum it up, a good plot and beginning may be good, but that doesn't sum up everything.

And, to make you guys happy, yes Tangled is a good film, but it's just overrated. Which is what the list is trying to say. Hope you enjoy this review, and please, criticize it all you want.

8 Beauty and the Beast

Never got the hype around it. It's fairly forgettable and the songs only seem to be there for the sake of having music, instead of being properly integrated into the story. And while the romance between Belle and the Beast was significantly better developed than most Disney romances, Shrek's take on the whole "don't judge a book by its cover" was far more engaging and successful, in my opinion.

And I really don't get why Belle is seen as such a feminist role model. Besides her passion for literature, she's just your typical, generic Disney Princess. I guess I'm just not particularly fond of the whole 'outcast', 'not like other girls' trope, especially since the other female human characters in the story are reduced to stereotypes. And the Beast doesn't really get much personality besides being 'the monster with a heart of gold', now does he? There were so many missed opportunities for his character development, but it just felt very rushed.

Overall, a highly overrated ...more

I'd say this movie less overrated than Frozen is, but it is definitely one of the MOST OVERRATED Disney movies to be honest. Belle is such a static character. She doesn't really change at all. Belle doesn't learn a lesson. Belle doesn't save anybody but her dad, and leaves the beast to deal with her stalker (Gaston) and the mob. Belle arrives to late, and it's ultimately the enchantress's spell that saves the beast. Belle just watched him die, after all. I find other movies zip along quite nicely, while this one drags and drags, whenever it's on. The closing songs are the annoying 90s material ( oh, oh, whaoh)-- featuring the extra long notes of that pop era.

I liked Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid more than Beauty and the Beast.

This movie is less overrated than "the absolute average mess" that is Frozen, but it is definitely among the MOST OVERRATED Disney films. Every time it was on during my childhood, it produced "yawns" from me. Belle is such a "static character" who does virtually nothing at all, save "read a few books," "wear some pretty gowns," and look "pretty." Belle saves her dad exactly one time, but in the end, Belle totally leaves the beast to deal with her stalker (Gaston) and the mob-- she basically has a big mouth and gives away their entire location! Belle is such a tattletale! I never saw how Belle saves the beast, either. It is ultimately the enchantress's spell that saves the beast. After all, Belle watches the beast die right in front of her. This movie was one of Disney's "meh" movies for me. I find that people really flock to it in droves, just like they did with Frozen, while other movies-- Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Hercules,Tarzan, Mulan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlantis, the ...more

This is one of the most overrated Disney movies of all time. It's less overrated than Frozen, but this movie has a very boring plotline, and Belle is just useless as a heroine. She doesn't save anybody, and just manages to get the beast in a lot of trouble.

9 Toy Story 3

Don't get me wrong, this movie was great and I really like it, but I hate when people say it was the best of the three, it really isn't as good as the first, and it is going to be a challenge for any animated movie to be better, but it was still a very well done and worthwhile movie.

Won the oscar for Best Animated Picture over the FAR superior How to Train Your Dragon, and frankly is one of the worst Pixar outings ever. It's almost completely joyless in comparison to practically all other Pixar films, especially the first Toy Story.

10 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

There are too many people constantly claiming this film is "so underrated". The more they say stuff like that, it's gonna get overrated fast. Also I don't get why some people think that this is "kid friendly", unless you consider any of the film's messed up themes as "family friendly fun". I also never felt that connected to the film. I mean, don't get me wrong, the animation and music was amazing but I always thought the story was a bit boring and predictable. Main character is an outcast, the girl defends the main character, the antagonist wants to hook up with the girl, a bunch of shenanigans happen, the antagonist is defeated, and the protagonist succeeds. I don't hate the story, I just think it could use some improvement here and there. Also take out those annoying gargoyles.

Frollo is not the be-all-end-all of Disney villains, FAR too many people cry about how "underrated" this is that the word has lost all meaning, and I'm with the person who wonders why the heck Disney thought adapting Victor Hugo for a family film was such a great idea in the first place.

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11 Aladdin

Ok I must agree that this movie is a bit overrated. Is it a bad movie, no, but one of Disneys best movies ever, I don't know if I would say that. The first time I watched it I thought it was good but not as good as previous Disney movies I watched, I enjoyed it no doubt but it wasn't as memorable as I excepted it to be.

This movie is just a silly ' overrated ripoff of "The Thief and The Cobbler" - nothing more!

This is fan-fiction. The real story from Arabian Nights is completely different.

12 Treasure Planet

All the characters were annoying except Jim's mom, there was no need for weird sci-fi steampunk nonsense when a straight retelling of "Treasure Island" would have done just fine. For all the liberties it took, I prefer "Muppet Treasure Island" over this which has so many people shouting it's underrated that it's now the opposite.

Most of the "underrated" comments stem from Disney fan girls that jizzed their panties to this piece of trash as a kid. I can no Google search "Jim Hawkins" without a plethora of self inserts or Disney Princesses swabbing his deck in poorly written fanfics, fan art and even the hellpit that is the AMV's. And I thought Jack Frost fans were the pretentious ones.

13 Hercules

My friend is disgusted that I have never seen the lion king or Aladdin or Bambi, and is so obsessed with the gospel truth from this movie. My childhood was not animated Hercules and Elsa, it was Obi Wan, Indiana Jones, and Jack Sparrow. Deal with it.

Hey Fool, this took so many liberties with the original Greek myth it's a farce and though I do give James Woods's performance of Hades kudos there is nothing about this that is underrated.

This movies interpretation of Hades and James Woods' performance thereof was awesome, but not enough to make up for everything else about the movie.

14 Fantasia

Just watched it for the first time since I was a kid, and while yes the animation is fantastic and the talent behind it is's kind of hard to sit through. At the end of the day you want to be pulled into a film, you want to be entertained by what is going on. Fantasia made me keep looking at the clock and thinking about how much longer it has to go. It's not a bad film by any means, in fact it's a great film, but to compare it to Disney's best films, especially when this movie fails to hold me for long...I completely disagree. Fantasia is a fantastic achievement, no doubt, but it's simply not an entertaining film. A film has to be entertaining before it can be something more. Stop trying to be "edgy" and stop thinking you're "deep" or that you're above other people because you love this movie because of its art. I love this film's art and I definitely realize its talent, BUT I also realize that it's simply not that enjoyable to sit through, and I think many others realize the same. thing.

15 The Princess and the Frog

Overrated because the "representation matters" crowd felt the need to support it and push its "greatness" because in their minds not doing so meant Disney would make more "people of color" princesses. Meanwhile, ignoring the skin color of its heroine, this movie tried too hard to be "modern", the songs weren't that great, and ALL the characters (black, white, not human) were varying degrees of annoying or unappealing.

Everyone keeps bringing up how Tiana worked two jobs and was so "focused" and "driven" making her this wonderful, perfect role model and so much better than any other Disney princess (except maybe Mulan). Thing is, had Tiana been white none of that would have meant squat to the same people shouting her greatness from the rooftops.

To be honest, people only care about this movie so much solely because the heroine is black. Never mind that saying and acting like black girls can only like characters that are black themselves is just as racist as the fans claim those who don't worship this movie to be.

16 Big Hero 6

Don't get me wrong. I liked this movie. It was entertaining. But also a little predictable.

I'm not going to give too much away, for those that may not be able to figure out, but let's be honest here. The creators want us to think the bad guy is the greedy business dude, but Scooby-Doo has taught us it's always the nicest guy in the room, meaning the revelation should be so obvious.

So like I said, extremely predictable.

I do agree that most of the "praise" seems to be from the anti-Frozen crowd who were poised and ready to pounce the second Disney released a new movie, but at the same time some older Disney movies are getting far more praise now than they did back when they first came out, and also mostly to decry Frozen.

The worst thing about this movie is all the hype people give it even though there is nothing really outstanding or special about this film. It was so predictable, boring and had some of the worst characters in the history of Disney. Not a terrible movie but not good either.

17 James and the Giant Peach

How did this get better reviews than The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Stupid plot, stupid characters, stupid movie.

18 Cars

This is not the most underrated Pixar movie. Cars is slow. It may have some of the greatest Pixar scenes such as Doc Races and California Race, but it is mainly the weakest Pixar movie. Even the sequel to this film (and I am a Cars liker, one major reason why is its character design seems inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog) is a better Pixar movie. Also, some of this movie's fans on some lists of TheTopTens get too angry when they see Cars on lists of worst movies. I give Cars a worthwhile rating of 6/10 (a 7 for the animation, a 9 for the sound, a 5 for the story and a 5 for the characters).

19 Hocus Pocus
20 Alice in Wonderland

The plot is just too crazy. Yes, I know that it wasnt Disney's fault the plot was like that, it was the original author's, but it is literally the most confusing and crazy plot ever with creepy and wacky (not in the good way) characters. The Tim Burton remake is awful, though.

Horrible movie; so incredibly mean-spirited, everybody treats Alice like trash for no reason, and no redemption...yeah, horrible movie. Why people like it, I'll never know.

Okay this is a little stupid like I think I prefer the 2010 film because it had more of a story like this didn't have a very good ending the other one had a decent ending.

21 Sleeping Beauty

Honestly, a really bland story. Everyone praises it, but really, it's not that great. It's a simple plot with horribly 1-Dimensional characters that have no backstory almost at all and Aurora is just another princess who isn't complete without a prince.

I know Sleeping Beauty is a classic but compared to other Disney films this movie is very bland. The main character Aurora has barely any dialogue and screen time and she is just sleeping through most of the film.

By itself, it's not overrated. But, there were so many other Disney movies just like it being produced at the time.

22 The Incredibles

This movie is overrated because people go crazy for this movie because it is about Superheroes which is an overrated popular theme among Pop culture or because of that "Where's Mah Supersuit?" meme. The original Incredibles is a great movie but people could not stop talking about this movie and its sequel back in 2018.

I watched this movie its not a good hero film the city and eviroments look lifeless and boring. the characters are bascally a more boring version of the fantastic four. the plot is the same ol disney story. good guy retires but with the power of family and friendship they save the day. also the movie ripoffs dc comics and marvels ideas of banning superheros they did it first not the incredibles. just watch the x men films that came out at the same time or the dark knight trigoly or the mcu you will realize how outdated and crappy this film is. the incredibles like up is nothing special and its sequel is more of the same but at least has some character development

23 Wall-E

This movie is the highest rated Pixar movie on IMDB. Screen Junkies thinks this is better than The Incredibles. This movie isn't bad, but its just boring for me. I don't see why so many people love this movie so much.

I honestly found this movie to be boring. People treat this movie like it is the best movie ever created and get mad at anyone that does not like it. I'm sorry to the people that love this movie but I don't like it.

24 Toy Story

Not trying to start flames, but I never liked Toy Story. It's too dark, and to be perfectly honest, Wreck-It Ralph is superior, and Wreck-It Ralph is seriously underrated so it deserves praise too.

Unpopular opinion but as a kid I found this movie extremely boring, no idea why. I just didn't like it

How the hell is this on the list?

25 Wreck-It Ralph

I absolutely hate this boring and overrated movie. It should be number one on this list. its seriously misleading. The trailer indicated that the movie would have references from classic video games but no only the first 20 minutes had different video games. When ralph got to that boring candy racing game I expected him to get out of there in 5 minutes but almost 85% of the movie was wasted in that game. And the main character got sidelined by that annoying brat vanellope. I mean the movie got boring when this little abomination started dominating the movie. She was so rude and a thief as well. Stole wreck it ralph's coin and used it and didn't even say sorry. What a selfish and rude brat. It would've been awesome if she got trapped in the breaking down game and died. The movie should have been called rotten brat's misadventures in candy crush saga racing version.

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