Most Disturbing SpongeBob Episodes

You've voted for the best and the worst, now it's time to vote for the most disturbing episodes! Here's what I think are the most disturbing episodes of Spongebob ever made.

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1 One Coarse Meal

This made The Room look like Mona Lisa.

Pearl and the whales ( DEFINITELY included ) could've happened toward the end of the series?! 20 years of Spongebob, almost, Plankton tried to steal the Krabby Patty formula! That's even worse than Squidward being the mean one in the whole series!

Die die die die die die die mr Krabs

Guys it's just a cartoon. It's not like an actual whale is eating them. It's silly.

2 Are You Happy Now?

This is the worst, but one course meal is close

A special word to the visitor who was talking about how this was "bad for kids" and "had disturbing and offensive suicide scenes", I just watched the episode now and it's just your typical "my life is so boring" Squidward episode. I didn't see any suicide at all. The guy putting the pole in squidward's foot, the bird cage falling on Squidward, and the violin stick in his eye were accidents. And besides, there's nothing "bad for kids" in it, it's all just pretend.

This episode is not only bad for kids but it's really depressing. The tone, atmosphere, and squidward. The suicide scenes definitely are disturbing and offensive.

This pokes fun at the mental illness. This is bannably bad.

3 The Splinter

The most disturbing episode ever, like even Squid Baby or One Coarse Meal I can even handle. But this? No. First off, I thought SpongeBob was going to kill himself with all of those swords. Secondly, the way SpongeBob's thumb was sliding on the ground was disturbing, not to mention it was in slow motion and even worse, the way it was digging through his thumb, possibly reaching his bones. I'm shivering while typing this because it makes my skin crawl, because IT'S SO GROSS! Gee, thanks writers! Now the image is going to stay in my head!
Then SpongeBob is so desperate to get rid of it because Squidward said that he might miss work. Desperate enough to call, "DOCTOR" Patrick. RIIGHTTT. Then he starts making SpongeBob guilty by saying that he knows more than him, and he makes it worse by-YOU KNOW WHAT? I've said enough. This is disgusting. Bye

This is the most violent episode ever made and it feels like an adult cartoon.

Yuck This just shows how gross and odd SpongeBob can get. Watching Patrick hammering the splinter ferther into SpongeBob's thumb is gross enough. But the ending. Is gross after Pus from SpongeBobs thumb splaters all over Mr Krabs

The ending is the nastiest part

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4 Squid's Visit

I'm glad this episode's on this list. That's what it gets for portraying SpongeBob as the no-life stalker he is. How dare he invade Squidward's life constantly, especially by copying his own home to look like the octopus' place.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that the episode's writes were trying to influence kids into being like that stupid sponge. because of that yellow character's relentless torture of the cephalopod, I want Squidward to kill SpongeBob and his (the sponge's) fanatics.

Now some episodes of the old cartoons did scare me such as Hello Dolphin, Scooby Doo & The Mummy Too, pretty much every Rocko episode & Nature Pants, but this literary takes the cake, we have SpongeBob coming to Squidward's house, the pillow scene, the tripping over the rash cream gag that's been done 3 times, the hallway scene, it's crazy, but the reason why I liked this episode is so that I can respect SpongeBob more during its downfall.

I think it is disturbing be cause near the end of the episode when squidward's house burned down and SpongeBob says to squidward he can stay at his place, squidward has a really creepy face and the background makes it even creepier.

I think it is disturbing because it made SpongeBob seem like a stalker.

5 A Pal for Gary

Puffy Fluffy is perfectly HARMFUL, OK?!?

This episode is traumatizing. - RockFashionista

This is definitely the most disturbing episode. - funnyuser

All moments with puffy fluffy's mouth are the most disturbing scenes in sb history

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6 Boating Buddies

Well Patrick. Ill tell you how its disturbing. SpongeBob IS A STALKER OF DEATH

Because of SpongeBob's breath

How was this disturbing? - PatrickStar

This deserves to be high on the list because of much SpongeBob stalked Squidward. It's bad enough he does that. But when he looked at the octopus with a lusty look on his face and breathed heavily, that's downright sickening.

It seems that the sponge has become gay for Squidward. And I wish that octopus murdered him and all of his (SpongeBob's) fans.

7 Squidbob TenticlePants

That ending is enough to make this episode #1

Tied with Whirly Brains as my 2nd least favorite episode with only Dumped being worse. - IcetailofWishClan

Seriously I bet I can hear barfing noises while watching these other episodes! This episode is definitely the worst and most disturbing

Just disgusting!

8 Demolition Doofus

The only thing that's disturbing about this episode is the fact SpongeBob didn't die like I wish that he did. It's what he deserves for ruining Mrs. Puff's life.

I also hate all the haters of Mrs. Puff for what she tried to do that sponge. How closed-minded they (the haters) are. If I'm any of them, I'd put myself in the puffer fish's shoes and experience all the trouble that SpongeBob gave me. If they do that, maybe they'll think twice about bashing Mrs. Puff.

9 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

I honestly love this one. - IcetailofWishClan

Words cannot DESCRIBE how much I despise this episode. IT IS AWFUL! It makes A Pal for Gary look like Band Geeks. It really does. I hated everything about it. WORST EPISODE EVER.


10 Face Freeze!

Y'all can say what you want about these episodes. I think Squidward 's face freeze is the creepiest. Second, is Mr Krabs. And then Spongebob and Patrick's are just damn ugly

My friends think the faces were funny.

Ugh, I hate this episode. All they do for the majority of the time is make the most obnoxious faces you've ever seen. Disgusting and disturbing and annoying. I rate this episode 0.

I don't have a big problem with the other entries on this list. But this one is the only one I HATE.


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11 House Fancy House Fancy

This is actually a good episode because Squidward won at the end-minus that disgusting toenail scene. Secondly, he slipped on it, which made it even more disturbing and makes my skin crawl when I see it. Yuck

I hate the toenail scene. It's make me threw up a bit. - LapisBob

Just the toenail scene just gross

12 Fungus Among Us

I hate this episode for reasons I cannot bring up... - Starbreeze

This episode traumatized me. I could not stop itching myself, I never want to watch it again!

I was little the first time I watched this and I was traumatised

I threw up after this episode.

13 Squid Baby Squid Baby

True indeed

Hurt a mental patient is not funny, IT'S A CRIME! - Ozzy123

You're Right Ozzy123

14 Ink Lemonade

Not as disturbing as SquidBob TentaclePants, to be honest.

Basically everything about this episode is disturbing. It's easily one of the worst of the show, and has no redeemable material. The episode is filled to the brim with gross (the bandaid in the armpit scene), cruel (the entirely of what Patrick did to Squidward), and just flat out disturbing (the ending with the eggs...) material. This is like One Coarse Meal, but worse!

15 Wormy

Why is this not #1? This is literally the only episode that used to, and still, LEGIT GAVE ME NIGHTMARES. I was also scared of the gorilla in I Had An Accident, but I got over it. This one. Never. I'll never get over that close-up scene.

I will never watch this episode ever again, that close up scene traumatises me just by thinking of it.

The close up of the insect or whatever it was just game me nightmares. I'm almost 12 and I'm still not over it - DaLizts

It's called a butterfly. But ignore the buzzing. Because butterflies don't buzz. - LordDovahkiin

Even though I'm old enough, I think this is REALLY terrifying - Durpy

16 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?


That sponge bob face in quote "is there something wrong with me? ". The 2nd creepy episode is suicide squidward

Is there something wrong with me? - sandycheeks

Is this the episode with...the face? if yes, this should be on the top ten

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17 To Love a Patty
18 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
19 The Gift of Gum

What a gross episode this is.

20 Gone

Intro: scary shot
Scenes:very dark and scary since I was 10-12
Almost/Ending:not scary(thank god! )

Was this the episode where Spongebob wakes up and he's the only one in Bikini Bottom?

How is this not up higher? Definitely much darker than the average spongebob episode.

21 Stuck in the Wringer Stuck in the Wringer

Did anyone else think SpongeBob was going to kill himself at the end of the episode when he was watching T.V. static?

Worst episode ever. The creators make it seem like Patrick is the good guy and SpongeBob is a jerk, but it's the other way around. #killpatrick

22 Squidward in Clarinetland

Just strange...all I gotta say

I liked it, but it's a perfect example as to why not to take drugs. - LordDovahkiin

23 Gullible Pants

I didn't even know Mr. Krabs had nails

24 SpongeHenge

Am I the only person who liked the ending for some reason? - IcetailofWishClan

I actually did find this episode pretty disturbing in my opinion. The ending is the reason why this episode scared me. With Bikini Bottom destroyed and everyone gone.

AGAIN, NO COMMENTS FOR THIS EPISODE(check out thetoptens creepiest spongebob)

25 The Graveyard Shift

Oh this epsoide not only is one of the creppyeist epsoide it's creppy because of the music the house of horrior


26 Nature Pants

Believe or not, this is the most disturbing episode, because I just saw an scene where SpongeBob gets attacked by jellyfish & when he decides to sleep, he got visited by poison sea urnichs

The part where patrick tells SpongeBob what to do was creepy because of the music. The music made me uncomforable

27 I Was A Teenage Gary

This was surprisingly the first episode to ever scare children because of SpongeBob's snail transformation. It's also a Season 1 episode... so yeah...

That episode is pretty creepy because of the transilation of SpongeBob. This is why they deleted squidward turning into a snail

28 Frankendoodle

Nope, this episode is awesome. It is not disturbing.

29 Squidtastic Voyage

I HATE this episode. I cannot tell you for reasons that are unacceptable for this site, but what it caused ended up destroying my life and I wish I didn't have it. - Starbreeze

This is the most disgusting trip ever!

30 Idiot Box

Idiot box isn't as innocent as it seems. It's squidward falling deeper into his delusions until he cannot separate fantasy from reality...

I love this episode, it's not disturbing in my opinion

This isn't disturbing. - LordDovahkiin

31 Wet Painters

It was creepy because of Spongebob's eyes cracking and his irises falling out

I'm glad I wasn't the only one traumatized by that scene...

What? This is one of the best episodes ever

32 Mooncation

Like sands rocket but evil

I so agree I'm just saying

So disturbing and scary - Spongebobipod

So scary scary stuff

33 Jellyfish Hunter

The scene where Krabs is abusing the jellyfish to extract their jelly... Kids' entertainment? Uhm, no I don't think so.

The whole reason this is disturbing is because they squeeze the jellyfish and then the die

34 Mimic Madness

It's creepy because Spongebob keeps morphing when he loses his mind to imitate everyone he sees.
At least it's better than Face Freeze.

35 Nasty Patty

The pot disturbing spongebob tries to kill someone and then hide a dead body

36 Krab Borg

Mr Krabs gets tortured for no reason and he also is not a robot

37 Planet of the Jellyfish

Who knew that a double reference Planet of the Apes and Invasion of the Body Snatchers could be so charmingly creepy?

"Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite."
"That's some good advice, Squidward."
"There will be plenty of biting this night. RAAH! " - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

38 The Inside Job

Plankton went into SpongeBob's brain this episode was pretty strange - PatrickStar

39 No Nose Knows

I thought the funeral for Pat's nose was disturbing. - Turkeyasylum

40 Penny Foolish

I put this episode on this list because of Mr. Krabs' obsession with stealing the penny that SpongeBob had found. Now that makes him just as much of a stalker as his fry cook is to Squidward. That's not to say I feel sorry for SpongeBob, who deserves no pity because of the inconsiderate trouble that he causes.

Anyway, back to Mr. Krabs: It just sickens how low he sank to try and snag that coin from SpongeBob when it's really one cent. He should be arrested for that.

Who should also be arrested are the d**kheads who blindly support Krabs for his greed. I mean, would they continue to like him if he antagonized them for money?

41 The Great Snail Race
42 Patty Hype
43 Big Sister Sam
44 Help Wanted

This is the first epsoide but it was a little creppy with the dramatic music

45 The Bully

This epsoide funny I like the scream with Patrick saying is this pizza castle but at the end who wants to see flats kick his but

This epsoide a funny

46 Life Insurance

Squidward tries to hurt himself in this episode.
Plus, we saw him burn in lava.

47 Band Geeks

This episode rocks. Who put it here? - Spicygarlic

Band Geeks is the best episode of Spongebob EVER! Episodes like Face Freeze, Wormy, etc. this one, how the hell?

Nice joke entry. - LordDovahkiin

48 The Chaperone

People keep on breaking their legs in this Episode.

49 Feral Friends Feral Friends

Feral Patrick was gross

50 Chocolate With Nuts

Who the idiot put this on this list?!?

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