10 Dog Breeds That Do Not Get Along Well With Cats

The Top Ten 10 Dog Breeds That Do Not Get Along Well With Cats

1 Saluki The Saluki is a dog breed originating in the Fertile Crescent. The Saluki is classed as a sighthound and is typically deep-chested and long-legged.
2 Smooth Fox Terrier
3 Manchester Terrier
4 Schipperke
5 Bluetick Coonhound
6 Whippet The Whippet is a dog breed of medium-size. They are a sighthound breed that originated in England, where they descended from greyhounds.
7 Afghan Hound The Afghan Hound is a hound that is distinguished by its thick, fine, silky coat and its tail with a ring curl at the end.
8 Bedlington Terrier The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of small dog named after the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England.
9 Australian Cattle Dog The Australian Cattle Dog, or simply Cattle Dog, is a breed of herding dog originally developed in Australia for droving cattle over long distances across rough terrain.

So cute!

10 Standard Schnauzer

It's not just a standard schnauzer, it's also the minis and the giants. I was NOT surprised to see a schnauzer on the list. My BFF has one and he's so cute. Don't let the adorable face fool you. When they're near a cat it's like death. Like her neighbours cat came into the yard (which is bad on the neighbours, if you own a cat, like me, don't let your cat stroll into someone else's yard! ) anyway, back to the story. The cat growled at the dog and the dog whined. He then growled as well and the cat pounced at him scratching his eyes and hissing. The dog then pushed her off and jumped into my arms. (my BFF was in the toilet at the time) I was so scared (and so was the dog) we were both shivering then the cat jumped over the fence back to her house. P.S. someone, teach me how to train my cat to jump over fences! My cat's in a cat vs. dog comp. Also, my cat always leaves so, that's another reason why I need to teach her that trick!

The Contenders

11 Basset Hound The Basset Hound is a short-legged breed of dog of the hound family, as well as one of six recognized Basset breeds in France.
12 German Shepherd The German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. The breed's officially recognized name is German Shepherd Dog in the English language. The breed is known as the Alsatian in Britain and Ireland.
13 Miniature Schnauzer The Miniature Schnauzer is a breed of small dog of the Schnauzer type that originated in Germany in the mid-to-late 19th century.

These might seem like adorable little guys, but wait till you see them with cats, close your eyes your about to see...…………………………….. death.

14 Jack Russell Terrier The Jack Russell Terrier is a small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting. It is principally white-bodied and smooth, rough or broken-coated.

Vicious, stupid things.

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