Best Dominoes Pizza Flavors

What do you think is the best flavour of pizza you can get from dominoes? Feel free to add any Designa pizzas that you created yourself.

The Top Ten

1 Garretts Designa

Ingredients: Mozzarella, basil, cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes, duck, fresh tomato, oregano, pepperoni, red onion and capsicum. Deliciously Gourmet! - HappyGarrett

I love the fact that you value gourmet pizzas and that cheese pizza is last. I think all cheese pizza is overrated

2 Godfather

Delicious Italian style pizza! There is some garlic and plenty of herbs and its extra good if you get lucky and they give you extra sauce. - HappyGarrett

3 Margherita

There's a reason why this pizza is so popular! Basil and tomato is one of the best matches in the culinary world! It's delicious! - HappyGarrett

4 Fire Breather

This is a magnificently spicy pizza that scorches your tongue. I love spicy pizza! - HappyGarrett

V 1 Comment
5 Spicy Veg Trio

Another spicy delicious pizza. - HappyGarrett

6 BBQ Duck and Bacon

This is a really good match and I love it. - HappyGarrett

7 Pepperoni and Parmesan

This is a yummy pizza - HappyGarrett

8 Pepperoni
9 Bangers and Beef
10 Hawiian V 1 Comment

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11 Cheese
12 5 Pepper Pizza
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