Top 10 Dumbest Things 90s Kids Say

90s Kids are going too Far with their stupidity. You idiots need to grow up

- Mr. Wiseguy

The Top Ten

1 Kids today are Stupid because they don't know what happened during the 90s

Wow. I hate these stupid people. There was and never will be a perfect decade, generation, or year. I think the 90's and 2000 are both great, even though I was born in the 2000s.

A real 90s kid has to remember 1990, 1991, 1992 and so on, every year of decade. I don't remember those years. People who don't remember them decades just had a childhood or were just a baby/toddler in the 90s.

I loathe 90s kids. They're immature, annoying, retarded, nostalgic babies. They always talk & complain about his generation being bad. They also brag about how the 90s was the best decade in the world & everything about it was SO great. That's all they do. "The 90s was awesome all 2000s kids suck. Haha". The worst part is that they're sometimes...they're actually right. Of course not all 90s kids are like this, but a big majority of them are. It's ok to be nostalgic sometimes, just don't let it over come you or you'll end up becoming one of these assholes.

2 My childhood was better than yours

Look out everyone butthurt 90s kids are coming.

3 The 90s was the last greatest decade

Actually it was. Were you a teen or older in the 90's? I'm guessing you weren't so you wouldn't know that it actually was pretty badass. Minus the rap/pop boom and Bill Clinton it was a lot of fun - Johnnyt800

More like chock full of political scandals.

No it wasn't.
- Mr. Wiseguy

4 Modern Music sucks

They are right about this one!

True, todays music sucks. Work, Fancy, All About that Bass, No, Dangerous Woman - peaceswagtv

No it doesn't it's just different. You 90s kids need to grow up and get your heads out the past.
-Mr. Wiseguy

5 Cartoons today are Stupid

Adventure Time, Regular Show, Friendship is Magic, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe. There are good cartoons out there. Whoever says cartoons are stupid now, is an idiot.

Can you really blame them for saying this. - RalphBob

Bad cartoons existed in the 90s.

No today's cartoons are great. You might have grown out of it. I don't care what you are going to say.
-Mr. Wiseguy

6 Kids today are Bad

Not all kids are bad. Seriously, how stupid are you guys?

7 The 90s invented Rock Paper Scissors

Pretty sure it was the 1920's

Tbey also think they invented coily phone wires and hide and seek, haha what a bunch of jokahs.

No it didn't. It was invented back in Ancient China.
- Mr. Wiseguy

8 The 90s were so much better

Being little?

9 Kids today have adult bodies

Nah, we're just more fit and we don't wear super baggy clothing like 90s kids.

Hey tool, I was a teen in the 90's and most girls were not developing at the rate they are now - Johnnyt800

10 Kids today are fat

Like you weren't fat too. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Really, look at your clothing!

(. )/
V. V - DapperPickle

The Contenders

11 I Miss Jimmy Neutron, the 90s Was the Best.

Jimmy Neutron wasn't even around in the 90s. - FasterThanSonic

Jimmy Neutron was a 2000s cartoon! Idiots

12 Only 90s kids remember this

Most annoying thing in the world. I'm a 2000s kid and I remember playing yoshi's island on snes at 3, big deal whoop dee doo.

13 Kids today don't play outdoors


14 Modern Spongebob Sucks

I really hate these modern Spongebob haters. Sure, it's not as good as before, but it's NOT AS BAD AS HOW YOU PEOPLE WOULD SAY IT! And some modern episodes were excellent. Stop complaining as if all of it were bad. And ftr, the new episodes are for the new gen children. They are not for you. Season 9, the current season, was good by the way. You people are just too ignorant and brainwashed by the old episodes and were spoiled by people like Mr Enter and PIEGUYRULZ to understand.

15 Whoever didn't watch _______, should die

Going too far man.

16 We could be the last creatures on earth to be born in the last greatest decade
17 We Are the Harry Potter Generation

The Harry Potter movie franchise started in 2001, idiots.

Really dumbass? The first 3 Harry Potter books came out by the year 2000. So yes, we 90's teens had the first 3 books - Johnnyt800

So start smoking some pot, because apparently you claim to be a "Potter".

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