Top Ten Dumbest Things People Have Actually Done


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1 Have Sex With a Horse

Three people that I have heard of did it. one dude in Washington state died after penetrating one and two others, guy and girl, fellated one - bobbythebrony

Everybody says that Sarah Jessica Parker did this. Which isn't true; she just had sex with a bunch of random guys on her weird movie. (I haven't seen Sex and the City, but the title is pretty self-explanatory. ) - RockFashionista

Doing this kind of thing is crazy as hell...

Hey, it's just another sexuality - RecklessGreed

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2 Walk Across the Grand Canyon on a Tightrope

There's a THIN LINE between bravery and outright stupidity... Ha ha, get it? Anyone? - xandermartin98

He was brave, and smart enough to get across. You don't hold a candle to him.

3 Listen to Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber

Stupid hoe and baby are one of the worst songs of all time - flamingsoul

Oh please anyone could do that

After doing this, one of my friend woke up dead. - Zab

Stupid Hoe and Baby - flamingsoul

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4 Jump Off the Golden Gate Bridge

What the heck? Why would someone do this? - AnnaOfArendelle332

5 Try to Escape From Prison

That's not dumb! If I was given a life sentence I would definitely try to escape as it is the only shot at freedom.
Moreover prison escape takes meticulous planning and strategy! - a7xrules

El chapo did it just fine - ryanrimmel

Trying to escape from prison is kinda smart
In prison people are gay I see no reason why people don't want to escape

6 Confess to Crimes They Didn't Commit

When I hear stories like this I get sad. - AnonymousChick

7 Vote For Barack Obama

This made me laugh even more than 'Listen to Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber'

My parents voted for Obama when I was 7 and I agree

People can be stupid

Voting for a man who helped improve the economy, pass gay rights laws, and help more people have access to healthcare is SO STUPID! - Hajj

8 Mix Alcohol and Drugs

That is the stupidest thing ever

Its worse for the people who have to babysit them - ryanrimmel

9 Surrender to the Cops

This isn't dumb it's smart cus you get a shorter sentence.

10 Be a Fan of Kenny From The Walking Dead Season Two Video Game

I guess you guys didn't have the ending where Clementine, AJ, and Kenny get to Wellington and you leave him. I teared up. Best ending ever.

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? Swear at Cops

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11 Eat at McDonald's

Whyy I like McDonald’s (kinda)

12 Voting for Donald Trump

Only red necks vote for him I mean he's a racist/sexist pig

He is the bleepin worst

13 Video Recording Their Sexual Acts
14 Vote For George W. Bush

Bush II did nine eleven.

15 Believing In God

I'm just an atheist but I don't think its stupid belive in whomever you want and don't do #13 because of it

You're suppised to believe in God... He created the earth and he is the greatest

16 Becoming Bronies

I ain't a super hyper brony but this is not dumb change the title to Becoming Beliebers. Unless you're talking about men in this case.

17 Ban Marijuana Instead of Cigarettes
18 Committing Suicide
19 Hate Canada
20 Smoke Tobacco

Idiots take these to look tough but it makes them look very immature. All they get in the end is cancer! - sryanbruen

21 Having Sex With a Snake

I don't think this is possible - ryanrimmel

22 Lick Someone Else's Dog's Feet

Yeah, cause licking your own dog's paws is much better - ryanrimmel

23 Listen to Justin Bieber
24 Decapitate Themselves with a Chainsaw
25 Hold Their Arm in the Air Since 1973
26 Eat Boogers at a Stop Sign or Stoplight While Driving
27 Vomit on Police
28 Called the cops for very dumb reasons
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