Top 10 Easiest Sonic Bosses

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21 Egg Beetle - Sonic Unleashed

To be honest this boss was pretty easy after I got used to the controls

22 Black Bull (Lethal Highway) - Shadow the Hedgehog

I played this boss and beat him in less than 1:30 seconds, by some sort of glitch I attacked in the belly not the eye (weakness) while in Chaos control and damaged him. NOTE: NO GUNS USED

23 Robot Storm - Sonic Heroes

These bosses are easy but boring and lame

24 Perfect Chaos - Sonic Generations
25 Mephiles The Dark - Sonic The Hedgehog 2006
26 Mecha Green Hill Zone Boss - Sonic Chaos

(Bounces on the boss laughing) This guy's a JOKE! All you have to technically do is start bouncing on him. EVEN EASIER THAN THAT DRILL CAR! Y you NO GET THAT? After all, Sonic Chaos was a Game Gear game...

27 Lava Reef Zone Act 3 Boss - Sonic & Knuckles

This Boss is ridiculosly easy, How come it is not in this list?

Yep, just grab the fire shield on the way down and your pretty much done. - 2lazyhere

28 Silver the Hedgehog - Sonic Generations Silver the Hedgehog - Sonic Generations

I beat this boss in 1 minute and 15 seconds

29 Time Eater - Sonic Generations (Xbox 360)

I don't have an xbox360 but the ds version is actually hard

S rank on him the fierst time

30 Metal Sonic - Sonic Generations

I found him easier than big arm

31 Sonic (Egg Carrier) - Sonic Adventure

This is a fight with E-102 Gamma. All you do is press the B button three times. You don't even have to move, and Sonic just stands there the whole time and doesn't do anything at all if you just keep pressing B. In speed run, this boss takes, and I'm not even joking, 5 seconds.

32 Zavok - Sonic Forces
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