Top Ten Episodes That Should've Been Created In Dora the Explorer

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21 Swiper the Stealer Wins
22 Dora Gets a GPS
23 Swiper changes his name to Sniper

It must be sniper from team fortress 2 I think

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24 The Crapple Apple

Dora eats an apple made of crap and turns into crap for a day

25 Doralittle Ponyexplorer: Dora is Magic

No Ruining Good Shows Allowed!

Rainbow Dash kills Dora, Diego, and Boots. - anonygirl

26 Panda Attack

Dora goes to the zoo and a panda decides to be famous so it mutilates her, the panda is then famous

27 Total Drama: Behind the Scenes Special

A behind-the-scenes look at the TDAS finale. Turns out, instead of TD contestants flying into the sun, Dora and her friends flew into the sun!

28 Dora Gets Grounded Forever V 1 Comment
29 Homer Simpson x Dora

That's perfect! the Simpsons and Dora the explorer crossover! - ConorDooley


30 Dora Takes a Spanish Test
31 Dora Farts In Her Pants
32 Dora Abuse

This NEEDS to be an episode

33 Dora Eats Too Much Food and Explodes
34 Dora Pees Her Pants
35 Dora Poops Out A Donkey
36 Swiper Kills Dora and Boots

Swiped was always my favorite

I mean swiper lol stupid autocorrect

37 Dora And Boots Fall Into The Sarlacc Pit V 1 Comment
38 Dora Gets Rabies
39 Dora Goes to a Motorcycle Club
40 The End V 2 Comments
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