Top 10 Episodes of Teen Titans Go! That Ruined the Characters

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21 Love Monsters - Starfire

"Hugs and kisses don't solve every problem". Yeah, that is true.

Starfish is not that loving well that not that MUCH at least in comics

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22 Salty Codgers - Raven

She probably loves old people because they're the only ones who find her attractive. (Snap! )

Raven is so mean.

More like everyone BUT raven - Officialpen

ยก Everyone, impale her, and summon Jesus, God and the Archangels to erase her stupid addiction to old people for good!

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23 Rocks and Water - Beast Boy and Raven

What I hate more is the retard of Cyborg being the "third wheel" and ruining Robin's important moment with Starfire, even she enjoyed it near the end of the episode. I'm not blaming her for enjoying it, just for Cyborg, the retarded wheel.

Do Beast Boy and Raven really love each other?

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24 Ghostboy - Beast Boy

Beast boy took advantage of star fires new gullible personality

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25 Crazy Day - Raven V 2 Comments
26 Parasite - Starfire

If star sall that in the original series she would probably hide like she did when her body was changing.

I almost vomited in that episode...

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27 Rocks and Water- Terra and Aqualad

In this episode terra and Aqualad are shown as evil which they are not

I agree because I liked in Teen Titans '03 when Terra and Beast Boy were dating, Terra was nice, the Titans knew her, and Raven doesn't act like she wants to kill Beast Boy every episode!

Yes they did make Terra look like a villain but in the original comics she was just like this.

I think they are better than Beast Boy and Raven

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28 Hot Garbage - Beast Boy V 1 Comment
29 Driver's Ed - Robin

Yeah hate him bring back real robin ugh - Stevenuniversefangirl

30 Truth, Justice and What? - Everyone

The Titans go addicted to pizza, but Robin wants to persuade them to discover the name of the third law, not pizza.

31 Thanksgiving - Robin
32 The Return of Slade - Cyborg and Beast Boy

The episode should be named Send In The Clown

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33 Cool School - Cyborg and Raven
34 Squash and Stretch - All Of The Titans

You will get injured trying to kill that squirrel.

At least Starfire never got any nuts...

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35 Operation Dude Rescue (Part 2) - Raven, Starfire, Terra, Rose Wilson and Jinx

Episode where all of the girls starve to death

You see at the end? They actually left Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg in Brain's prison instead of rescuing them. What stupid girls they are! And they just be like "Let's get some milkshakes and leave the boys behind. HAHA! "

I wish there was an episode called Operation GIRL Rescue. - alazeemrasaq2005

36 Starliar - Raven, Robin and Cyborg
37 The Mask - Robin
38 Mr. Butt - Starfire

Seriously why just choose one episode choose them all!

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39 Staff Meeting - Robin V 1 Comment
40 Hive Five - The Titans

I wish to see one of the Hive Five's Titan Ambush go true, to give the Jerk Titans a taste of their own medicine. It looks like a second part of it. Screw the Jerk Titans.

ESPECIALLY Starfire, I love Jinx! She didn't deserve this

I never knew I could feel this much hatred watching this episode.

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