Best Home Gym Companies

If you're like me, you much rather make your pumping iron faces in the comfort of your own home than on the open floor of your local gym. Not to mention perks like never having to wait in line, knowing that any dampness you come across is not somebody else's sweat, only having to contend with your own B.O., and the comfort of knowing that if you happen to push out a little gas as you push out that last rep, the dog is the only one that will judge you.

To get the most out of your home workout, you're going to need a good home gym. So to help you get started, here is a list of the top ten best home gym companies.
The Top Ten
1 Bowflex / Nautilus

Lightweight, easy to use, and you can definitely feel it working. I have the Power Rod version and I really like how you feel the tension throughout your movement. You can really get a good burn. I also like the huge variety of exercises you can do and how easy it is to transition from one to another. It's hardly any work to go from squats to preacher curls to bench press.

2 Gold's Gym

They Use Modern Technology...

Really? Bowflex is better than Gold's gym home equipment? Id rather have a GG bench with free weights than pay for a machine that'll cost me over $1000.

Ir sounds better then anyone of the others.

It is a new new thing.

3 Hoist

The make some nice high end equipment if you have the coin.

The best built system I've seen in the $3K price range. I purchased the V1 Select with leg press option (sub $3K) and found nothing close to it in terms of build quality. This is commercial equipment for home use.

4 Powertec
5 Weider
6 Life Fitness

I have an elliptical from there that I use all the time it is so cool!

I want to lose wait

7 Total Gym

hbk recommended it! And its chuck norris's workout machine too!
Plus I heard it works really great

I've been using this a few weeks now. I actually look forward to my workout and 10 or 15 minutes at a time a couple times per day is starting to make a difference.

8 NordicTrack
9 Technogym
10 Multisports
The Contenders
11 Yukon
12 FreeMotion Fitness
13 Iron Gym
14 Gorilla Sports
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