Top Ten Common Myths About the Human Body

We're all sick of hearing these same false "facts" that everyone tells us. They're all lies.
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1 Cold weather can cause a cold

The reason that cold weather is associated with this is that people tend to stay together inside more often letting a cold spread easier round a group of people.

This is not a myth. It is true. Why is it number 2?

2 If you sneeze with your eyes open they will pop out

The eyelids act as cushions for the sudden impact, sneezing has on eyes. The cushion effect may seem very feeble, but it's really very important. Your eyes will definitely take damage if you sneeze with your eyes open, not necessarily they will pop out (which they can in extreme cases). I can't buy the fact that you actually successfully sneezed with your eyes open. You sure had guts to experiment with that.

Nope. Your eyes are held in rather securely by the muscles that control them. Even if people's eyes did fall out from this, the eyelid being closed wouldn't prevent it from being so. The reason we close our eyes during a sneeze is from an impulse down a nerve that causes the muscles to be affected. It is possible to overpower this reaction and no, your eyes don't pop out. I know because I tried it.

You TRIED it?!?! Just to be sure your eyes would be fine? Why don't you try to eat an A-Bomb from the inside out and see what effect it has on your body?

I sneezed with my eyes opened once and nothing happened.

3 Chocolate gives you acne

Sugar may cause acne as when processing extra sugar, harmful compounds called AGEs are released which are harmful to skin, so this may be causing acne. But chocolate doesn't contain that much sugar to be bad for you unless it is consumed too much.

Acne is caused by hormonal, genetics or when bacteria gets trapped beneath the skin. Chocolate isn't a cause of acne.

Chocolate can actually help with acne, I may be wrong though.

4 Shaving makes your hair grow faster and thicker

It just looks thicker because the tip is blunt and your hair doesn't grow faster when cut.

I don't have facial hair. But "shaving makes your hair grow faster" seems absurd to me.

Is that why it looks as though I have a beautifully groomed moustache?

5 You need to wait an hour after eating to go swimming

As long as you aren't doing vigorous exercise you should be fine.

6 Reading in dim light damages your eyesight

Reading in dim light does damage your eyesight. It's true that the iris contracts and pupil dilates to bring in more light, but it's not about them which affects your eyesight, the thing we should be concerned about is the eye lens. If the light is too dim, then no matter how much your pupils dilate (there is a limit to dilation), the light entering your eyes would still be less. Then you're now reading, which means you have to focus on the small letters present in the text. The ciliary muscles does a highly strenous job for making sure that your eye lens focuses the letters in such a way, such that you're able to decipher and read them even in the dim light. But the strain which is put upon the ciliary muscles can be permanently damaging for it and may lead to imparment of vision.

In dim light the iris contracts and your pupils dilate to allow in more light. It may strain your eyes but it won't damage your eyesight.

7 Sugar makes you hyper

Sugar does not make you hyper.
Commonly, this mistake is made because people link kids acting hyper with when they are hyper- when they are allowed to eat sugar. It is the excitement of being able to eat sugar that hypes kids up, not the sugar itself.
Some artificial flavorings or colours contained in sugary foods do cause hyperactivity.
:D that was fun!

Wrong. Parents think this because sugar can give you short bursts of energy as they are simple carbohydrates. But it doesn't make kids hyperactive as it doesn't produce THAT much energy.

Sugar gives a short boost of energy to the consumer but once that's over it's time to feel sleepy.

Blue smarties did not make me hyper.

8 It takes seven years for swallowed gum to exit the body

No. It comes at a regular pace as excrement.
And don't get me started on teachers saying that if you swallow gum, it will become a rubber tree. That isn't even POSSIBLE! It's just like saying the Earth is flat. There is NO EVIDENCE!

Even thought chewing gum isn't digestible, it doesn't stay in your system for that long.

9 Using birth control pills causes infertility

The pill won't cause infertility no matter how nong it's used for. It's okay women.

10 You should drink eight glasses of water per day

The only thing that will do is make you need the toilet more often. You only need to drink as much as your body loses and you will be fine.

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11 Gum goes around the heart
12 Instant noodles take two months to digest
13 If you make a face it will stay that way
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