Top Ten Most Terrifying Mental Illnesses

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1 Schizophrenia

Even as someone who doesn't have schizophrenia, reading about experiences that people with the disorder have endured are extremely scary, like as if you're having a nightmare whilst awake.

I have this. It's horrible to live with. But I feel like I can't take medicine to get rid of my delusions. They're mean, but I have to do what they say.

Literally Psych meds must be key at all times to deal with people like this. Once there off it the mental mind games get really tedious and frustrating.

2 Borderline Personality Disorder

It's terrifying. You feel like a constant danger to yourself and others, always leaving emotional and mental pain in your wake. One day you may love someone, the next wish them out of your life, and then beg to return from fear of abandonment.

I have this, and it's awful. I am genuinely scared for myself and others and my emotions can be so strong that there is no way to let them out

Hitler was most likely bipolar along with being paranoid and delusional.

3 Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
4 Bipolar Disorder

You're not bipolar because you have small mood swings. Your weather is not bipolar. When you're in a very bad depressive state, it's the worst and manic can feel good at times but it's hard too. You can't slow down no matter how much people tell you to, and you can't sleep and everyone and everything irritates you, and then you crash into a dark depression, and the paranoia and hallucinations are so scary.

5 Depression

I've kind of gotten used to being depressed. I don't know if I'll ever be how I was before. And in a way, I don't want to.

A lot of people suffer from depression.

6 Anxiety Disorder

This is by far one of the most terrifying mental illnesses. I have had it almost my whole life and it's made doing simple things, such as talking to others, a living hell for me. I am constantly afraid of failing tests, being bullied, dying, etc. Sometimes, I am staying up all night crying and shaking so hard that I can't breathe. Anxiety is no joke. No one deserves to go through it.

I can't believe it is so low on the list. Not only do people have to live with this type of stuff but they have almost no control over it. I am a 15 year old with this problem and I am scared to do anything because I think people would always judge me and when I talke for my dad about this he said to "suck it up, you are probably over exaggerating" and from then on I didn't know what to do and thought everyone was a scared as I am.

7 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

I suffer from OCD and it's a living nightmare. I have literally zero control over my thoughts. And in most cases the worst possible thought appears in my head. I also have a terrible obsession with numbers. I won't do anything in 2s, 5s, 6s, or 8s. I don't know how the numbers came up but each one is associated with a different disastrous event that my brain thinks will occur if I do anything in these numbers. I also have a tendency to knock on wood if literally anything unsettling comes into my mind. For example, if I see one of those smoking commercials with the people with holes in their neck I will knock on wood because my brain thinks I will get one if I don't. I've done a great job hiding but yet again I am not a very social person so no one has gotten close enough to really no about it.

8 Multiple Personality Disorder

I have to live with it and I have no control over my life!
This disorder is also known as "Dissociative Identity Disorder" occurs often when you are traumatized.
Yes it's real!

Otherwise known as dissociative identity disorder. It truly sounds awful. And so difficult to explain to new people.

9 Dementia
10 Hypochondria

Imagine living in constant fear of dying from illness or injury, but this isn't just ordinary everyday fear that people can put to one side and ignore. This is continual. It is terrifying. You notice a small bodily symptom and your mind inflates it until it's stage 5 deadly cancer and you're about to die. But you're too scared to go to the doctor in case they confirm your fears, because you'd rather not know either way than have it confirmed for you. Hypochondria should at least be in the top 10.

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11 Alien Hand Syndrome

I have this. I suspect I do. My hand once randomly went up and took of my headphones. It's once slapped me and pulled on my shirt, causing the oxygen flow to stop. It only happened for a second thankfully. It's either ALS or this.
It's in both hands sadly...

12 Wendigo Psychosis

I seen this before, it wasn't so bad until I saw these birds circling around someone. Geez they were like waiting.

I was at school this one time and I started ripping my skin off. I said I wanted to eat myself. then my friends ran away

13 Paranoia
14 Pedophilia

This causes adults to take sexual interest in prepubescent children and fantasize about sex with them. Thankfully, there are treatments and therapy that can help keep it under control and make them less likely to molest children. Not all child molesters are pedophiles, and not all pedophiles are child molesters. As long as he/she doesn't act on their fantasies, they are not a child molester. So far, there is no cure for this horrible disorder.

15 Alzheimer's
16 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
17 Asthma

This is not a mental illness. It's a condition.

18 Cotard Delusion

This is also known as walking corpse syndrome... Here is some insight. Anyone with this believes they are a dead corpse, walking like a zombie. They think they died and are rotting away. This can cause people to die of starvation or dehydration. They usually root into this by having depression and suicidal thoughts.

19 Capgras Delusion

Capgras syndrome is an uncommon type of delusional disorder. It is characterized by intense, unwavering feelings that a close friend or family member has been replaced by an identical impostor. A sufferer recognizes the face and behavior of the loved one, but is convinced that he or she is a double.

20 Stockholm Syndrome
21 Panic Disorder

Panic attacks (especially multiple attacks a day) are the worst. A panic attack feels almost exactly like a heart attack. The sweating, tingling in arms, heavy feeling in my chest, nausea. Also hyperventilating until my vision becomes almost black. It's horrible.

Panic attacks are absolutely terrifying.

22 Boanthropy
23 Kluver-Bucy Syndrome
24 Social Anxiety Disorder

Stuttering is stumbling over words. It is frustrating and embarrassing enough but...
Social Anxiety Disorder with Stuttering is stumbling over words while being afraid to talk. It is much more impairing. Mark Irwin (Chair of IFA's Self Help and Advocacy Committee).

25 Misophonia
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