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1 Methamphetamine

Don't do it. Period! Especially if you have kids. I don't drink, smoke, or do any other drug. I started using methamphetamine just to get me through long hours of work. Eventually, I needed it as much as I needed food to live.

Once you're off it, life becomes boring, meaningless, and depressing. This is the stage when people start to relapse. I was in this stage for seven long months. I never, ever want to go through that again.

So what did I do? I started coaching my kids' teams. That was my form of rehabilitation. I still have urges for the stuff every day. I've been off it for one and a half years, and it still hasn't gotten any easier. Finding joy in doing things with your family helps, at least a little.

2 Krokodil (Desomorphine)

The effects of this drug are disgusting! I always wonder what sort of frame of mind a person must be in to take this stuff in the first place. Along with heroin and other drugs, the person must be really messed up in the head to take it, knowing how addictive these drugs are, the dangers of using them, and what they do to your body. I generally feel sorry for all substance abusers. I hope one day drug abusers will gain the strength and willpower to turn down these drugs and not take them in the first place.

Also, I hope that one day every drug dealer will stop preying on these weak, desperate people and help them instead of shoving drugs into their hands because they want their cash. I hope they will stop being so greedy and look at the bigger picture of just how many lives they are destroying daily.

3 Heroin

I know several people who have died due to this horrible substance. One of the worst aspects of this drug is that it is often cut with cheaper, more potent drugs, leading users to miscalculate their dosage. This isn't as common with meth or cocaine. Cocaine is typically cut with substances that resemble it. Lidocaine is a prime example. While it's bad, it's not as dangerous as heroin in this regard.

Meth generally isn't cut on the street because it is found in shard form. The concern with meth lies in the overall purity of the product's cook or the substitution of research chemicals. Heroin is far worse when it comes to gauging dosage, which is why so many people die from it. Additionally, heroin is extremely addictive. It is far more physically addictive and almost as psychologically addictive as meth. People even sell sentimental items from their childhood to get their fix. This is the worst drug there is.

4 Alcohol

This proves that people have no clue. Alcohol and nicotine are among the worst drugs. They should both be in the top 5, following cocaine, heroin, and meth. I can't believe marijuana is in the top 3 when it has been proven that not a single human has died from its consumption. Ecstasy is in the top 6, even though most people who supposedly die from it actually die from dehydration.

If you're on ecstasy, you tend to dance and begin to sweat a lot. You can't blame the drug for not drinking water when you've been dancing all night. If you count the number of people who have died because of consuming alcohol and nicotine (which are legal drugs), the number would still be much higher than those who have died from world hunger, thirst, traffic accidents, and wars combined. That's a fact.

5 Cocaine (Crack)

My baby brother tried it for the first time at 16 years old. He was just released from prison earlier this year and is now on his way back to serve a third sentence. Friends have come back to my family to report that they've seen him gushing blood from his head while walking down the street.

Once, he was found passed out in an elevator and was mistaken for dead. He has stolen from me, lied to my husband by saying I was having an affair, all just to trick my husband into trusting him. This drug even led him to abandon a rap career with Lil Wayne. My brother is now 37 years old. If it weren't for prison, he'd likely be dead.

6 Bath Salts

This is definitely in the top 3. It's also well known as the "Zombie Infection" after its outbreak involving a man on bath salts eating another man's face off. This drug will ruin your life completely. It may be fun for a little bit, but it ruins your life in the long run.

A woman chopped her baby in half with a sword she had hanging on a wall and ate her child. A guy ate a dog after taking these. People on these need four or more people just to hold them down. It's like steroids on steroids with insanity mixed in.

In northern Maine, bath salts are a huge problem and should be higher on the list. It's not because they're not super common anywhere else.

7 PCP (Phencyclidine)

This drug is relatively safe when used responsibly at the right dosage. The trouble is that the recreational dose is very close to the lethal dose, so even if you know what you're doing, it could kill you.

I've personally tried it several times before. It does carry risks, and you need to be careful, but it's not nearly as dangerous as rumor has it. It's no more dangerous than alcohol.

People have died from just one hit. Do not try it. There might be drugs with worse long-term effects, but this is a short-term drug in the sense that it can kill you if you try it.

8 Tobacco

Where I'm at (Switzerland), smoking cigarettes is allowed at age 16, as is alcohol. Honestly, so many people in the world smoke these days. It's rare to see someone over 18 without a cigarette. Smoking has numerous downsides: it's expensive, for starters.

It's like taking a handful of cash and burning it. Moreover, you spend all that money just to poison yourself, and then you get addicted to poisoning yourself. It also smells bad. And let's not even talk about lung cancer. So, don't try tobacco. If you're smoking a cigarette while reading this, I'd suggest Nicorette.

9 Devil's Breath (Scopolamine)

By far the most dangerous drug, Devil's Breath is not used recreationally. If you inhale even a small amount, you become a zombie who will do anything you're told. This means that if someone drugged you with it and told you to kill your whole family, you would willingly comply. It's absolutely terrifying.

This drug may not have as severe physical or mental effects as substances like krokodil or bath salts, but it is far more dangerous because it turns you into an obedient zombie. If you were told to harm your own family or rob your own house, you would comply. It's a pretty messed-up drug.

10 Carfentanil

This substance is a derivative of fentanyl and is used only by veterinarians. It's about 10,000 times stronger than morphine in dosage. A mere 0.1 mg (10 mcg) can kill a human, so it's rarely seen on the street as a drug.

Dealers aren't interested in substances that can't be cut with other drugs - especially those that are measured in micrograms - or substances that have a great potential to kill their "customers." While it is a useful medication for large animals, it is generally not used on people. Is it one of the worst drugs? Not really, since it is typically used only by professionals.

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11 Flakka (Alpha-PVP)

Flakka is a new derivative of bath salts. It's made of alpha-phenyl pyrovalerone and is not, as many people think, a mixture of heroin and methamphetamine.

The dosages seen on the street are often exaggerated. Many people involved in manufacturing these new drugs are not aware of the potential dangers in dosages, which leads to users behaving like crazed maniacs.

12 Ketamine

Ketamine is an anesthesia of the Cycloalkylarylamines family. It's a substance known to be hallucinogenic and can appear in two different forms: the HCL powder form or as a liquid form. The effects come fast when administered by intramuscular injection (1 to 5 minutes), when snorted (about 10 minutes), and orally (20 minutes).

The duration of the effects varies: by injection it lasts 30 to 45 minutes, when snorted about 1 hour, and orally 2 to 4 hours. Great doses can cause sudden collapse, and if mixed with other drugs, it can cause paranoid psychosis. The worst part of this drug is that it can give you unpleasant flashbacks weeks and even several months after you have taken this substance. Definitely one of the worst drugs.

13 Spice (K2)

Spice is literally poison to humans. It compels us to use it and further injects its toxicity into our brains. Spice is pure evil.

People who have survived its ravages have experienced hell itself during a bad trip. Never, under any circumstance, believe that Spice isn't that bad. It's a chemical designed to kill.

Spice should be a lot higher on the list. There is an epidemic in Manchester involving K2. People are using K2 to get off heroin. I had a friend who tried K2, and he was bipolar. He is no longer the same person.

He attempted to sell his soul to the devil and tried carving an antichrist sign on his chest with a screwdriver. He's only 15.

14 LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)

There seems to be a lot of misinformation here for some reason. The claim that LSD kills brain cells and makes you trip forever is just not accurate. Drinking too much doesn't make you drunk forever, and smoking too much doesn't make you high forever. No one on this planet is tripping forever. It's a myth.

One person said that LSD is like playing roulette with your life. However, LSD has caused zero deaths - a big fat zero. The only time it's dangerous is when you have a predisposition to mental disorders like psychosis. If you don't, it's nowhere near as bad as some claim. It's actually one of the safest substances out there. The assertion that LSD is the only drug to cause damage in a short amount of time is also incorrect. LSD does zero damage to the physical body, and if you have no pre-existing mental illnesses, it won't create one.

Additionally, LSD doesn't trigger psychosis and other mental illnesses unless you already have them, and even then it's rare. I've seen worse outcomes from legal drugs, with millions of deaths a year, compared to zero for LSD. So claiming that using LSD is like playing roulette is based on misinformation. If you don't know anything about a subject, it's better not to speak on it.

15 Alprazolam (Xanax)

Benzodiazepines are, by far, the worst drugs out there. They are extremely addictive, cause immense damage to the body and brain, and are nearly impossible to quit. In fact, like alcohol, the withdrawal process can cause seizures and death if not managed correctly.

Doctors often overprescribe benzodiazepines and keep their patients on them for extended periods, even though they should be used for short durations (2-3 weeks maximum, not months to years). Protracted withdrawal symptoms can last for months or even years and have more symptoms than any other drug by far.

16 GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid)

GHB was discovered by Henri Laborit, who was investigating why soldiers diving below 10 meters in water sometimes experienced deadly convulsions through their oxygen masks. Laborit replaced the natural body substance GABA (in vitro) by modifying the NH2 radical with OH, giving birth to GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid, also known as sodium oxybate). Its medical use is for the treatment of cataplexy in patients with narcolepsy.

GHB has also gained notoriety as a "date-rape drug" because it is tasteless and easily dissolves in drinks. While any sedative can potentially be used as a "date-rape drug," GHB is often abused due to its liquid form.

17 Oxycodone

Honestly, I believe that addiction is a myth. I've done all of these drugs and never had a dependence. There have been times when I've wanted to use them, but that doesn't mean anything.

Do these drugs if you want. They will not ruin your life like people say. I've been using oxycodone, both stealing and buying, since I was 14 because I like it. I've gone months without touching it and forgot about it. It's a good drug if you want a good time, similar to weed.

Oxycodone mixed with acetaminophen is sold as "Percodan," and mixed with aspirin, it is "Percocet." Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid and is always administered orally. Injection, especially intramuscular, can cause severe problems and sometimes even be deadly.

It's very dangerous when used recreationally.

18 Steroids (Anabolic Steroids)

Every kind of steroid (anabolic steroids, corticosteroids, glucocorticoids) has the potential, when used for a long time or in too high doses, to make you sugar intolerant. Many people who were treated with steroids are insulin patients now.

It has medical uses (sometimes it will be the only therapy that will work), but if you can avoid it, don't take them. People who take them to increase performance (in sports, for instance) are really playing with their health.

An overdose of steroids is bad. I watched my father in the hospital for 6 months because of an accidental major steroid dose. It's not worth it if you are taking it for performance-enhancing reasons.

To the ten people who say people who take steroids are lazy, you are wrong. Some people take them for medical reasons. That's not lazy. That's survival.

19 Marijuana

This drug can't cause you to overdose. It can't make you physically addicted to it either. It's a renewable resource that has the potential to help people with specific conditions. I believe pregnant women would especially benefit from cannabis, particularly the indica variety. If they get injured, then I think it would be less toxic to the child than hydrocodone, albeit far less analgesic.

With that being said, it does contain carcinogenic substances when it's smoked. In other words, make brownies. It can be very psychologically addictive. The withdrawal effects are minor in comparison to heroin, but believe it or not, only slightly better than meth. Meth is bad because of the damage it does to your body while you're on it. It's not actually physically addictive, though. It's a terrible drug if used improperly.

If you're intoxicated from it, you only operate at 80% of your potential. In other words, don't do it while you have stuff to do, unless you're taking it for pain. With no tolerance, one bowl will affect you as much as a one-gram blunt. If you smoke it, you're going to get high, at least a little bit of a buzz. I still don't think it deserves to be ranked as high as it is. I personally haven't used any drug in a while, but I think the way that you're going to get harmed from it would be indirectly related to consuming it: go to jail, get in a wreck, have your judgment impaired enough to have sex with a prostitute and catch an STD, etc.

20 Ecstasy (MDMA)

In my opinion, Ecstasy, not MDMA, is the worst or hardest drug in existence. Ecstasy has to be cut in order to be put in pill form, and the three most common drugs used to cut it are all in the top 5 of this list: 1. Heroin, 2. Meth, and 4. Cocaine. Besides these drugs, the actual ingredient, MDMA, that gives you the Ecstasy high is pretty dangerous on its own.

The last point to consider is that many would-be drug dealers sell research chemicals as "X" to make a quick buck. Nine out of ten times, this research chemical is more dangerous, especially if you don't know what's in it. If you go to the ER for a cocaine overdose, they know what to give you, but with Ecstasy, they have no idea what drugs are actually in your system, so medicating it is risky.

21 Nicotine

Nicotine actually isn't bad in itself. It's not the nicotine that gives people cancer. It's the thousands of other chemicals found in cigarettes and chewing tobacco that are carcinogenic.

All nicotine does is cause birth defects if you are pregnant.

Pure nicotine is a stimulant that interacts with our natural neurotransmitters of acetylcholine through our nicotinic acid body enzymes. Nicotinic acid, or niacin, is a vitamin in the vitamin B complex. Deficiency of nicotinic acid causes the disease pellagra in humans and is also a source of Alzheimer's. Administering nicotine can help against Alzheimer's by stopping the further breakdown of the remaining acetylcholine in Alzheimer's patients.

However, this doesn't mean that smoking cigarettes is a healthy way to prevent Alzheimer's. It's not! Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemical components released when smoked, aside from nicotine. Only medically pure nicotine in small doses is helpful, and it's even necessary if you have a deficiency of niacin. In the absence of a deficiency, nicotine becomes an addictive substance. Combined with all the "worst" chemicals, which are the real sources of cancer when smoking cigarettes, it becomes a very addictive and dangerous drug.

22 Opium

Opium is a complex drug. Most drugs are single chemical compounds that can be defined with a chemical formula, but this is not the case with opium. It is not a single drug. The most potent chemicals in opium are morphine, codeine, thebaine, papaverine, and noscapine.

Opium alkaloids vary greatly in their effects. Some stimulate the GABA receptors, as benzodiazepines do, while others work on adrenaline receptors, histamine receptors, etc. The result of all these different effects makes opium a complex substance. Smoking opium can last more than 12 hours and has a greater narcotic effect than the isolated chemicals, especially morphine and codeine, of opium.

23 DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)

Most people know what DMT is. DMT is naturally produced in your pineal gland, which is weakened by the fluoridated water in our water systems. All this drug does is supply an amount of DMT to your pineal gland, and what you experience will be spiritual.

If you want to know more about DMT, you should learn about the pineal gland (third eye) and ancient history.

DMT is N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, a substance with a structure almost similar to our neurotransmitter, serotonin. It is found in our bodies as part of the metabolism of serotonin and tryptophan. DMT is only active when we are in a state of visual dreaming but can also be very active during daytime in schizophrenia patients. It is also found in many plants like Mimosa hostilis and Acacia.

While not very dangerous when smoked once or twice, frequent use can cause Serotonin Syndrome, which can lead to sudden death, or episodes of schizophrenia and paranoia.

24 Tylenol (Acetaminophen)

While it's not an addictive drug, acetaminophen can cause severe hepatic toxicity if overdosed. Chronic daily use of 5-8 grams in adults over several months or three quarters of a gram per day of acetaminophen for one year has resulted in liver damage for every patient without exceptions.

Tylenol tablets, along with all acetaminophen-containing brands, also contain phenacetin, a molecule suspected to be a carcinogen.

25 Psilocybin Mushrooms

The effects are more or less the same as those of cannabis, but they are more profound and more euphoric. I've never seen or heard of bad trips on psilocybin. This substance is legal to sell and buy in Holland, so if it were really a dangerous substance, it wouldn't be legal.

As long as you don't drink alcohol or drive, this is a safe drug. It's no less or more dangerous than cannabis.

The worst-case scenario is traumatization, but that's pretty unlikely. The drug itself is not dangerous. The potentially dangerous part is having a bad trip.

Mushrooms can cause paranoia and temporary psychosis. Some trips are totally hellish. However, they are not lethal or addictive.

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