Top Ten Worst Drugs

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1 Methamphetamine

Don't do it. PERIOD! Especially if you have kids. I don't drink, smoke or do any other drug. I started this just to get me through long hrs of work. Then I needed it just as much as I needed food to live. Once you're off of it, life is boring, meaningless, depressing. This is the stage when people start to relapse. I was in this stage for 7 LONG months! Never EVER want to go through that again. What did I do? Started coaching my kids teams. That was my rehab. Still have urges for the stuff everyday. Been off for 1 1/2 years. Still hasn't gotten any easier. So when does it get easier? Find joy in doing things with your family. It helps just enough.

Watch the Australian Ice Destroys Lives commercial. People get fired. The guy attacks his mother after she pleads him not to buy more meth after stealing from her purse or his wallet. And the poor little girl. She sees it happen. It's traumatizing. It doesn't just effect the user, it effects family, friends and other people. But the part where the guy goes psycho in the hospital. Imagine how scary it is. The poor people and cops. Never do drugs, they take over and destroy your life. It's unforgiving. And you always remember that you did them. People always remind you. You can also relapse. And withdrawal doesn't always last a week or 3. It can last your whole life, like with Heroin. It's called PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome). Methamphetamine is way worse than Krokodil and Heroin combined. At least both can be used as a medicine in their right form, not the infested street form

One of the worst drugs : Yes. The worst drug : No. If you've never done heroin, believe me, you don't know what you're talking about. Methamphetamine ( speed, ice, crystal meth ) is very addictive but the withdrawn is not life threatening. If you stop taking heroin you have to take alternatives ( methadon, clonidine together with benzos... ) because " cold Turkey " can be very dangerous. Methamphetamine users do not experience a physical withdrawal syndrome, per se, but a kind of drug rebound which is something like a unpleasant hangover rather than a true withdrawal. I have done both drugs and I'm on a maintenance of methadon now ( this is for my whole life because of my old age ). My advice, don't do meth or heroin, but since we're talking about worst drugs here, I can tell for sure that heroin is way much worse than methamphetamine.

I'm a long time alcoholic and heroin junkie. Quit everything for about a year and decided to start using meth just to get by for a little while. I didn't like it very much so I wasn't worried about being addicted. Yet here I am jumping at every noise I hear. Severe jaw pain, hurts to eat, anxiety attacks so severe that I'm going to lose my job and I won't stop. The really sad part is I still don't like the drug and never really enjoyed the high. It just seemed slightly better than reality I suppose. I can honestly say I wish I had just stuck with heroin and stayed a drunk.

2 Krokodil (Desomorphine)

People need to learn about this now if it is so far down the list. MIT should be at the too wayy above heroin and everything else.
It rots people's flesh from he inside out. People taking this drug have a life expectancy of 1-4 years depending on how much they do it. If they are in the poorer parts of Russia where they can hardly get real heroin at all, they will use this more and rot and die sooner. Others who only use it when they can't get their usual heroin will live up to the four years maybe but the effects are still there using it even once and you will still rot.
It is ghastly. And just recently may be in the US.
It is codeine mixed with gasoline, lighter fluid, eye drops, and some red phosphorous stuff. In Russia Codeine is over the counter so it's easy to obtain a a much, much cheaper than heroin.
Codeine isn't so easy to get in North America so hopefully that will deter it from being an epidemic here as it is in Russia. Only time will tell. First documented ...more

I'm doing a report on drugs in my Health class and me and my partner did ours on Krokodil.

It's crazy to think this drug was once used for medical reasons (like cocaine once was).
Since it is much cheaper to make this has become the broke man's heroin. And this has become a major problem as it seems to be spreading, even across the ocean, in the past 14 years since it's been out. There have been cases in Russia, Asia, Europe, and North America (3 states here in the United States that I know of).

This drug has the absolute worst effect. There is paint thinner, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, iodine and the red phosphorus from matchbox strike pads mixed into Krokodil. The best case scenario is that the skin around where the injections are turns a pale green color with patches of black and hardens like crocodile skin (hence Krokodil). Another name for this drug is the "zombie-drug" because it literally eats your flesh where it is injected and the surrounding areas (if taken ...more

The effects of this drug are disgusting! I always wonder what sort of frame of mind must A person be in to take this stuff in the first place? as well as Heroin & other drugs the person must be really messed up in the head to take it knowing how addictive these drugs are & the dangers of using them & just what they do to your body. I generally feel sorry for all substance abusers & I hope 1 day drug abusers will gain the strength & will power to turn down these drugs & not to take them in the first place. Also I hope 1 day every drug dealer will stop praying on these weak, desperate people & help them instead of shoving drugs in there hand because they want there cash. I hope they will stop being so greedy & look at the bigger picture of just how many lives they are destroying daily.

Why does this even exist?

The real answer is that it is about 10% the price of heroin for heroin addicts with the same addiction affects, and, don't get me wrong heroin never be taken as an addictive drug, but this has some awfully nasty side effects...

This is what you put into your body from Krokodil:
Codeine (The addictive stuff)
Gasoline-I'm sorry, I have to comment on this one. Who in the UNIVERSE would ever think gasoline is a good idea to put into your body?
Hydrochloric Acid-HYDROCHLORIC ACID!
And last but definitely not least, Phosphorus from matches-I'm done.

The effects are horrendous too. Constant addicts survive from a year to two years, and the death is caused by too much SKIN LOSS. I've never heard of another drug to do this to people. This was made in Russia but can be found in the USA. When you do find it, if you take it, prepare to suicide your life with one dose. If the drug resistance programs would teach kids about ...more

3 Heroin

I know several people who have died due to this horrible substance. One of the worst aspects of this drug is that it is cut with cheaper/more potent drugs, leading users to miscalculate their dosage. This isn't seen as much with meth or cocaine. Coke is typically cut with substances that look like coke... Lidocaine is a prime example... It's bad, but not to the extent that heroin is. Meth typically isn't cut on the street because it's found in shards. The problem with meth is worrying about the overall purity of the product's cook or the substitution of research chemicals. Heroin is far worse when it comes to gauging dosage. This is why so many people die from it. Heroin is also extremely addictive. It is far more physically addictive, and almost as psychologically addictive as meth. People sell sentimental items from their childhood to get their fix. This is the worst drug there is.

Just watch the Australian Ice Destroys Lives Commercial. Heroin might be super addictive and harmful, but at least you're not a psycho. Most Heroin crimes are for dealing the drug. Most Meth crimes are for using the drug, Methamphetamine-induced crime, Psychotic reactions and dealing the drug. And at least Heroin can be used as a medicine. The reason it is more addictive is because of the substances put in it. Even Cocaine is put in it. Ever heard stories about Morphine Addiction. It's the same with the Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) addiction when it was first made. All drugs are bad, but Ice is the worst. It's even worse than Krokodil. So Heroin should be ranked third.

I've been a recreational drug user since I was about 15. I've used pot, alcohol, psychedelics, cocaine, crack, meth, benzodiazepines, opiates, and heroin. Of all those substances I have found that heroin is the hardest to refrain from doing and is the only drug I have ever been dependent on besides marijuana. The withdrawals from heroin are absolutely the worst feeling in the world as well. I will never try heroin again. When I started using drugs I decided that I should try everything at least once, and it worked well for every other drug besides marijuana (which I love and believe the benifits out weigh the risks so I do not see using as something detrimental to my health), opiates, and heroin. If anyone were to have this same mentality I would strongly incourage them to never try either.

Everyone listen. I used to smoke weed. I've done coke and meth but that is it never tried any other drug. The reason why drugs like weed and alcohol are so high on the list is because they effect so many more people. And yes weed can cause cancer. One joint had 2 times as much cancer causing elements than one cigarette
Just that most people that smoke weed smoke cigs. Also weed is truly a gate way drug. It was for me but not saying it is for everyone. Now I don't do any drugs anymore and I never have been am addict. Not even close to one. But how many people does anyone no that does coke, meth, herion or any other hard drug that didn't do weed first. If I was never exposed to weed I never would of been around meth or coke and that is a fact. Weed and alcohol are do high because they effect so many people. That is all

4 Alcohol

This proves that people have no clue... Alcohol and nicotine are one of the worst drugs. They should be both on the top 5 following cocaine, heroin and meth. I can't believe Marijuana is on top 3, when it has been proven that not a single human has died from its consumption, and Ecstasy on top 6, when most people that supposedly die from it, actually die from dehydration (if you're on x you tend to dance, so you begin to sweat a lot. You can not blame the drug because of not drinking water, when you were dancing all night). If you would count the number of dead people because of consuming alcohol and nicotine (legal drugs) it will be still much higher than the one of people who had died because of world hunger and thirst, traffic accidents and wars put together (FACT)

Alcohol tastes too strong when you first taste it but then you continue to taste it and then you begin like it and if you drink to much when you do something it can get even worse. Why are people so addicted to it when it can kill them I will never no. A few shots of liqour are better then your life? No way. Why do people even consider this a good thing and overcomercuelize it, because it is cool and tough.

Alcohol is one of the reasons my dad may have died, and him dying caused bad effects.

I hate alcohol. My father was a heavy drinker and he ruined my mother's life and I had 8 sisters and 3 brothers who's life he also ruined. Some in my family became heavy drinkers but I have never drunk alcohol. I cannot understand why it is made to look harmless in the media when in fact it will eventually kill you if drunk to excess and one drink will always lead to more potent alcohol like whiskey, rum, vodka etc. In the media they drink it like water and everything is wonderful with happy smiling people, they don't show the after effects. I had a school friend who I hadn't seen for quite a few years, he tracked me down years later and he had 2 sons, one aged 11 and the other 9. He invited my wife, myself and our son to his home on a Sunday and he telephoned at 10am on the Sunday morning telling us not to come because his 9 year old son had been going for the Sunday papers on his bike at 9am when he was hit by a drunken driver. The driver was 18 years old and he put the boy's bike ...more

I never understood why alcohol was ever legal. It does more damage than marijuana ever could. Many people die of it, lose control of themselves, and most importantly lose themselves. Once into alcohol, or even an overdose, you feel like your old self is trapped in a little lock box and you feel as if you can never find a way out.

5 Cocaine (Crack)

My baby brother tried it for the first time at 16 years. He's just been released from prison earlier this year and is now on his way back to serve a third sentence. Friends have come back to my family to report they've seen him gushing blood from his head while walking down the street. Once he was found passed out on an elevator and mistaken for dead. He's stolen from me, my kids, lied to husband and said I was having an affair just so he could trick my husband into trusting him. This drug got him to give a rap career with Lil Wayne. My brother is now 37. If it weren't for prison, he'd be dead.

Horrible drug so addictive all it took was my first hit and I have been chasing it since. 9 years and I was able stay clean 4 years only to relapse much worse. I have slept outside done anything and everything to get more tried to clean up so many times. Chronic relapsed I have abused lots of other substances including prescription opiates, benzos alcohol though I am an alcoholic, meth, regular coke, weed and this is by far the most addictive drug I've done. Alcohol usually starts a relapse but then I get crack and that takes over it's my drug of choice

The worst. Top problem with drug/sex trafficking. Makes me sick how you have a label for being trafficked the rest of your life and how you try to turn your life over to Christ at ten years old and bam still a target because your childhood wasn't a hundred percent perfect. So now young Christians are drowned in their guilt thinking they are bad because of what someone manipulated them into and they jump off buildings or go towards "Crystal" thinking it is the lesser of the two evils and all know when it comes to drugs, there is NO lesser evil.

Cocaine can be really harmful but it's not as bad as other drugs. Crack is way worse than the normal Cocaine powder. P.S, it's a party drug. Same with Ecstasy but Ecstasy is way worse. Recently this guy took it and he keeps shaking and stuff and the doctors don't know if he'll ever recover.


This drug is relatively safe when used responsibly at the right dosage. The trouble is that the recreational dose is very very close to the lethal dose so even if you know what you're doing it could kill you.

I've personally tried several times before. It does carry risks and you need to be careful, but it's not nearly as dangerous as rumor says it is. It's no more dangerous than alcohol.

People have died with one hit. Do not do it there might be worse long term drugs but this is a short term drug as in your dead if you try it.

This drug changes a persons outlook on life itself. It is very bad for your brain, and is easy to overdose on. My friend died because of it

7 Bath Salts

This is definitely in the top 3. Also well known as the "Zombie Infection" after its outbreak with a man on bath salts eating a mans face off. This will ruin your life completely. Maybe fun for a little bit, but ruins your lifetime.

A woman chopped her baby in half with a sword she had hanging on a wall and ate her child. A guy ate a dog after taking these. People on these need 4+++ people just to hold them down. It's like steroids on steroids with insanity mixed.

Bath Salts is Methylenedioxypyrovalerone ( MDPV ). It's a molecule close related to MDMA ( it's benzene ring ) and Methylphenidate ( it's derivative of the piperidineamine atached to the benzene ring ). It 's effects are closer to methilphenidate ( Ritalin and 3 time more potent ) than MDMA. It's in fact very dangerous if you know that Methylphenidate has the power to stop your heartbeat at high doses.

This drug doesn't effect the user as bad as others but it effects other people worst than anything on this list. Like Iamgine if you are walking inthe street and suddently a user comes and eats your flesh. If you Imagine it you notice why I have a grudge on it

8 Devil's Breath (Scopolamine)

By far the most dangerous drug. It's not something people use recreationally but if you get a whiff of this stuff you will be a zombie. You'll do everything anyone tells you to do. That means if someone drugged you with this and told you to kill your whole family, your do it willingly. Absolutely terrifying.

This drug in itself doesn't have as bad of effects on the body or mind as something like korkadil or bath salts, but it is a lot more dangerous because it turns you into an obedient zombie that would kill your own family and Rob your own house if you were told to. Pretty messed up drug

AH! This drug is straight from a nightmare. I can't even believe it exists. It turns people into obedient zombies, AND they don't remember...

This shouldn't be a Drug, It should be a weapon like who would try to do this it takes Control of your mine who would do this that's what I think!

9 Tobacco

Where I'm in (Switzerland), smoking cigarettes is allowed at 16. So is alcohol. Honestly, now, so many people in the world smoke these days. It's hard to see an over 18 without a cigarette these days. When smoking is nothing good:
It costs a lot, first of all. It's like taking a handful of cash and burning it. And you spend all that money just to poison yourself. And you get addicted to poisoning yourself. It also stinks. And don't even talk about lung cancer. Sooo... don't try tobacco.
And if you're with a cigarette while reading this, I'd suggest Nicorette.

Probably one of the worst things out there, despite its popularity, actually did you know tobacco is more dangerous than heroin and cocaine? If it was illegal people would probably do the things you see meth heads do to get there next hit. I say all this yet I still smoke, maybe just not start.

Tobacco is actually not the most dangerous drug (as defined by both tissue damage and addictive potential). It's not alcohol (that's number 3). It's refined sugar. Dr. Atkins was right. No substance has caused more degenerative disease and premature death in the last 100 years than refined sugar.

Lung cancer caused by cigarettes killed more people than most drugs. Tobacco in itself isn't the problem, neither is nicotine by itself, but with all the toxic chemicals they add to cigarettes, they become pretty deadly.

10 Alprazolam

Benzodiazepines are, by far, the worst drugs out there. They are extremely addictive, cause immense damage to the body & brain, & are nearly impossible to get off of- in fact, like alcohol, the withdrawal process can cause seizures & death if not done correctly. Doctors over -prescribe benzodiazepines all the time & keep their patients on them when they should be used for short periods of time (2-3 weeks max/not months to years on end). The protracted withdrawal symptoms can last for months, even years & have more symptoms than any other drug by far.

I was put on Xanax when my sister was dying of ALS. It took me 4 years to regain my physical and mental health after going off of it. It's not taking the medication that's a problem, it's when you stop taking it or when your body goes into tolerance withdrawal that the real problems start! I never abused it and took it only as directed. When you start having withdrawal symptoms, doctors just tell you that you need more, or replace it with something else. If you're one of the percentage that has withdrawal, God help you because it's the most horrific experience in the world. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of us who experienced the mental and physical affects of full-blown or tolerance withdrawal. It's no joke. It works at first, but beware, this stuff ruins families, careers, relationships, and lives. When you go through withdrawal, you'll just wish you had your old anxiety back. When you're the unlucky one that has withdrawal affects, even though it was ...more

It WILL make you do things you wish you'd never have. I previously abused these and struggled coming off of them. I made mistake after mistake and used xanax to cope with everything wrong. It took a near death experience for me to realize the real effects. Too many will make you OD, I was almost out and barely fought theough. Never wanted one again. Weed has taken its place as my anxiety medicine and I'm slowly reclaiming my life. Don't sit by and let your friends abuse xanax, I used to and nobody ever tried stopping me.

Alprazolam is a short-term benzodiazepine ( brandname Xanax ) and is less addictive than long-term benzodiazepine like for instance Diazepam ( Valium ). So if you make a list like this,just say benzodiazepines in general or make some actually research which molecule of benzos are the most addictive. Like I said, there are long-term acting benzodiazepines and there are short-term acting benzodiazepines and alprazolam is in the category of short-term benzos.

The Contenders
11 LSD

There's a bunch of idiots in here for some reason, LSD kills brain cells then you trip for ever, just wow I don't know what to say. You can use that with any other drug drink to much and you will be drunk forever smoke to much and you'll be high forever there's no one on this planet tripping forever it's a myth. And one guy said LSD is like playing roulette with your life, LSD has killed no body a big fat zero, the only time its dangerous is when you have predisposition to a mental disorders like psychosis, if you don't its no were near as bad as you say its, its one of the safest things out there not safe safest. And you also said LSD is the only drug to do damage to you a short amount of time? What LSD does zero damage to the physical body and if you have no mental illnesses than LSD won't created one so how is LSD a bad drug? And also it doesn't trigger psychosis and other mental illnesses unless you have it before hand even then it's rare, and it doesn't kill brain. Cells, I've ...more

LSD isn't very addictive and if taken in low doses and once in a while it can be called even a safe drug. The truth is that when you beginning to abuse LSD there's another whole story. One of the unsafe and very dangerous effects is the alteration of Adrenaline wich will produce Adrenochrome. The Adrenochrome high will produce schizophrenia psychosis with extreme thought disorder. When the body is producing too much Adrenochrome effects will become irreversible and lead to madness. One of the best known victims of this is Pink Floyd's first singer-songwriter of the sixties ; Syd Barrett. Safe, yes when moderate but extremely dangerous when abused.

LSD is not dangerous. It's almost impossible to overdose on and not physically harmful if you use it responsibly. It's also not addictive and can allow people to have profound and meaningful experiences with minimal consequences. It shouldn't even be illegal. Go do some research before voting for one of the least dangerous drugs in the world over something like korkadil which rots your skin. How ignorant can you be?

Too many misinformed people. Lsd is one of the safest substances commonly used today. Only reason its illegal is cause of Nixon's prejudice against his political opponents. In certain situations it could be harmful but much less so that most other substances. the LD-50 (rate at which 50% of the population would die) is much safer than even a lot of otc drugs when taking dosage into consideration. Most of the people who voted this higher than other substances and stating that it can kill you are probably confusing actually lsd-25 with something that was being passed off as Lsd which are not only more lethal but much more likely to cause psychosis. Things like bromo Dragonfly or nbome for example. The illegality of lsd is what led to the development of these more dangerous chemicals. I urge people to do proper research before making assumptions that can further hurt the reputation of benign substances. Most of the things people "know' about lsd (and many other illegal drugs for that ...more

12 GHB

Was discovered by Henri Laborit when he was asked to see why diving soldiers beneath 10 meters in water did get sometimes deadly convulsions trough the oxygen mask. He replaced the natural body substance ( in vitro ) GABA by modificate the radical NH2 with OH. GHB was born ( Gamma hydroxybutyric acid sodium AKA sodium oxybate ). It's medical use is the treatment of cataplexy in patients with narcolepsy. It has a illicit use as a " date-rape drug " because the substance is tasteless and very easy to dissolve in mixing with a drink. Every sedative for that matter can be a " date-rape drug " but because of its liquid substance often abused.

Actually pretty safe when used properly. It occurs naturally in the human body in small amounts as well. If you take too much you'll pass out hard but will wake up. Actually implicated in .02% of date rapes. It tastes awful and as such would probably be noticed if slipped. Alcohol is a better date rape drug than G.

Rito let me start with saying GHB is by far the greatest experience I have ever had on any drug.
I Never post anything like this, not am I big user of the substance by any means.
G OR fantasy is by no means the safest drug to take, but it really shouldn't even be on this list. As posted before it's a natural chemical that is already in our body, once u ingest the effects take no time at all to start coming on and last for the most a hr or 2 depending tolerance and dosage.
The worst part about the stuff is the amount needed to get high vs the amount for an overdose. It comes in either, it's precerser form GBL witch is a chemical solvant used for industrial purposes, terrible chemical taste and smell. Or GHB, either a salty thick liquid or crystized form.

In Australia GHB was banned, so people just started importing GBL. GBL doesn't have to be converted turned into H, the human body can do this for you. Hence the previous comment about the terrible taste, obviously the ...more

13 Carfentanil

This is a derivative of Fentanyl and is used only by veterinaries. It's about 10.000 times more stronger than Morphine in dosage ). 0,1 Mg ( 10 Mcg ) can kill a human and is therefor never seen on the street as a drug. Dealers are not in interested in substances that can't be cut with other drugs ( we're talking about Micrograms here! ) or that have a great potential to kill their " customers ". Useful medication for big animals, never used for people. Is this one of the worst drugs? Not really because it is used only by professionals.

I get that tobacco and alcohol kills people and are very very dangerous, but c'man carfentanil is sooo much worse. Should be much higher up

14 Ketamine

Ketamine is a anesthesia of the Cycloalkylarylamines family. It's a substance known to be hallucinogenic. It can be seen in two different forms ( the HCL powder form or as an liquid form ). By intramuscular injection the effects comes fast ( 1 to 5 min. ), snorted ( about 10 min. ) and orally ( 20 min. ). The duration of the effects are by injection 30 to 45 min. Snorted about 1hour and orally 2 to 4 hours. Great doses can cause sudden collaps and if mixed with other drugs it can cause paranoid psychose. The worst part of this drug is that it can give you unpleasant flashbacks weeks and even several months after you have taken this substance. Definitively one of the worst drugs.

I tried ketamine a few times. Still safer than alcohol because it doesn't incite violence. While it does impair memory, it does not impair judgment. Ketamine users, unlike alcoholics, know not to drive a car.

Ketomine is a life saver. Given to people who have smoked synthetic weed it sudates them, and when push comes to shove. It can be used to suppress respatory system for intubation. It does have a good side people don't see everyday.

You can't describe the feeling. It's literally never ending hell.

15 Oxycodone

Honestly I believe that addiction is a myth. I've done all of these and never had a dependence. There's been times that I've wanted to use them but that doesn't mean anything. Do these drugs if you want. It will not ruin your life like people say. I've been using Oxycodone (Stealing and buying) since I was 14 because I like it. I've went months without touching it and forgot about it. It's a good drug if you want a good time. (Like weed)

Oxycodone mixed with Acetaminophen is sold as " Percodan ", mixed with Aspirin is " Percocet ". Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid and is always administered orally. As injection, especially intramuscular will cause severe problems and sometimes even be deadly. Very dangerous when used for recreation.

Extremely addictive, provides a euphoria that makes come-downs awful, can result in liver failure. This 's hardcore

Horrible addiction! But this is with all opioids a very viscous cycle this addiction is!

16 Steroids

Every kind of steroid ( anabolic steroids, corticosteroides, glucosteroides ) has the potential when used for a long time or too high doses to make you Sugar intolerant. Many people who were treated with steroids are insuline patients now. It has a medical use ( sometimes it will be the only therapy that will work ) but if you can avoid it don't take them. People who take them to increase performances ( in sport for instance ) are really playing with their health.

An overdose of steroids is bad I watched my father in hospital for 6 moths because of an accidental major steroid does. It's not worth it if you are taking it for performance enchancing reasons. To ten people who say people who take steroids are lazy are wrong. Some people take them for medical reasons. That's not lazy that's survival

They make your skin thin and you get bad side effects such as high blood sugar. I use these for my skin but I try to avoid using them whenever possible due to my experiences.

Whoever uses steroids are lazy.

17 Tylenol

It's not a addictive drug but acetaminophen may cause severe hepatic toxicity on overdose. Chronic daily use of 5-8 g in adults over several months or 3/4 g day of acetaminophen for 1 year have resulted in liver damage for every patient without exeptions.Tylenol tablets ( all acetaminophen containing brands ) have all contains of Phenacetin ( a molecule anticipated to be a carcinogen ).

Tylenol was given to my older triplet brothers when they had twisted ankles after they fell off their scooters/skateboards (the twists happened on different dates). It made them fell better. Best, Tylenol is non-addictive.

Got to be kidding. a lot of people have try to suicide by overdoesing Tylenol. And that is bad. But! It's not worse than krokodil or Tobacco. And if you take a lot you'll probably will have a liver damage or kidney failure and end up on a wheelchair. so..

Its terrible! It cures minor body pain! If that isn't bad then I don't know what is..

18 Psilocybin Mushrooms

More or less the same effects as Cannabis but more profound and more euphoriant. Never seen or heard of bad trips on Psilocybin. This is legal to sell and buy in Holland. So, if it was really a dangerous substance it wouldn't be legal. Don't drink Alcohol, drive etc... and this is a safe drug. No less or more dangerous than Cannabis.

Worst case scenario is traumatization. But that's pretty unlikely. The drug in itself is not dangerous, the potentially dangerous part is having a bad trip.

Mushrooms do cause paranoia and temporary psychosis. Some trips are totally hellish. But it's not lethal or addictive.

Pretty much universally recognized as the least physically harmful drug. So yeah, no.

19 Spice (K2)

Spice is literally poison to the human. It forces us to use it and further inject it's toxicity into our brains. Spice is pure evil. People who have survived it's ravages have visited Hell itself on a bad trip. Never, under any circumstance, believe that Spice isn't that bad. It's a chemical made to kill.

Spice should be a lot higher. There is an epdiemic in Manchester about K2, people are using k2 to get off of heroin. Also I had a friend who tried K2 and he had bipolar, he is no longer the same person he attempted to sell his soul to the devil and he tried carving an antichrist sign on his chest with a screwdriver and he's 15.

Spice is Man made canniboids that are NOT biological engineered correctly for our canniboid receptors in our brains, its just proof that what ever created us got it right with marijuana with organic canniboids that never killed anyone! Legalize Marijuana and stop drug testing for THC!

If someone offers you spice. Or if they say it's like weed, but legal. STEER CLEAR! This should be a lot higher on the list, I'm surprised how few of people are cautious of this substance...

20 Ecstasy

Ecstasy, not MDMA is in my opinion the worst/hardest drug in existence. Ecstasy has to be cut in order to be put in pill form the three most common drugs to cut it with are all in the top 5 of this list; 1. Herion, 2. Meth, and 4. Cocaine. Beside these drugs the actual ingredient mdma that gives you the ecstacy high is pretty dangerous on its own. The last bit is that a lot of would be drug dealers sell research chemicals as "X" to make a quick buck. 9/10 times this research chemical is more dangerous especially if you don't know what's in it. At least if you go to the ER for a cocaine overdose they know what to give you but ecstacy they have no idea what drug (s) are actually in you so medicating it is risky.

All of these comments are misguided. Mdma is very safe as well as therapeutic. It's in the works to get un-scheduled 1 due to possible medical use. This drug can be habit forming but not used in excess in one sitting or over a small period of time it's side effects are slight if not none with very little long term effects. Testing your drugs solves the "cutting" problem. All this person I know's mdma is 88%+ pure. Which means it's not cut (it's impossible to have 100% fyi. Educated drug users do not become statistics my friends

Ecstasy is a derivative of methamphetamine. It's full name is Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Like methamphetamine it's exagerated for its addictive power. It's only dangerous in high doses ( like is methamphetamine ) and is not very physicaly addictive. All drugs that are illegal are exagerated by the government just to give people fear to use them. For instance, alcohol is legal and accepted by society and governments but it gives you more dammage than drugs like heroin, amphetamines and so on.

What are you talking about the bruto component formula of MDMA ( C11 H15 NO2 )? This doesn't mean anything. Substances like Butamben, Isobutyl p-Aminobenzoate, salsoline have the same bruto formula. The bruto formula of the components doesn't tell you anything about the structure of the molecule. I have a degree in Chemistry but it seems that many users on this list don't know much about molecules and drugs. Drugs like ecstasy ( and so all other drugs ) have no power as a drug itself and certainly not when you name the bruto formula. It's the component of the metabolic transformation that are the results of effects. Ecstacy ( and amphetamines, mescaline.. ) are in the category of phenylethylamines. Phenylethylamine related molecules in our body are Dopamine, Adrenaline ( Epinephrine ) and Nor-Adrenaline ( Nor-Epinephrine ). Substances Like LSD, DMT... are in the category of Tryptamines. Tryptamine related molecules in our body are serotonin. After metabobism in our body of a chemical ...more

21 Flakka

Flakka is a new derivative of bath Salts. It's alpha-phenyl pyrovalerone and not like most people think a mixture of heroin with methamphetamine. Dosages seen on the street are so exagerated ( many people who are involved on fabricating those new drugs are not aware of the potentials in dosages ) that every person who takes this are behaving like crazy maniacs.

22 Nicotine

Pure nicotine is a stimulant that interact with our natural neurotransmitters of acetylcholine trough our nicotinic acid bodyenzymes ( nicotinic acid or niacin is a vitamin of the vitamin B complex ). Deficiency of nicotinic acid causes the disease pellagra in humans and is also the source of Alzheimer. Giving nicotine will help against Alzheimer ( nicotine will stop further breakdown of the remaining acetylcholine in Alzheimer patients ). This doesn't mean that smoking cigarettes are healthy to prevend Alzheimer. It doesn't! Cigarettes have more than 4000 chemical components released when smoked outside the nicotine. Only medical pure nicotine in small doses are helpful and even nessecary if you have a deficiency of niacin. Nicotine without a deficiency becomes an addictive substance. Together with all the " worst " chemicals ( who are the real source of cancer when smoking cigarettes ) added in them, a very addictive and dangerous drug.

Nicotine actually isn't bad. Its not the nicotine that gives people cancer, it's the thousands of other chemicals found in cigarettes and chew that give you cancer. All nicotine does is cause birth defects IF you are pregnant.

Nicotine causes some of the worst diseases including lung disease, cancer and coronary artery disease. Definitely preventable but people choose to use nicotine products anyways.

Actually pure nicotine is poisenes and working with a large portion of pure nicotine would kill you if you got some on your skin, takes about 60mg to kill an adult; A Nocitine over dose can include chills, sweats, vomiting, and headaches.

23 Opium

Opium is a complex drug. Most drugs are single chemical compounds that can be defined with a chemical formula. This is not the case of opium. It isn't a single drug. The most potent chemicals in opium are morphine, codeïne, thebaine, papaverine and noscapine. But you can't call it really a set collection of all those alkaloids. Opium alkaloids vary greatly in their effects. Some opium alkaloids stimulates the GABA receptors ( as Benzodiazepines does ) while others work on the adrenaline receptors, the histamine receptors etc... The result of all these different effects makes opium a complex substance. Smoking opium can last to more than 12 hours and has a greater narcose effect than the isolated chemicals ( especially morphine and codeïne ) of opium.

Opium and Heroin are different. Opium is found in the Opium Poppy and is used to make morphine and other drugs. Heroin is a more potent form of morphine. You need a chemical called Acetic Anhydride and Morphine to create Heroin, although there are tons of ingredients in Heroin. The scientific name for Heroin is Diacetylmorphine. So Heroin and Opium are not the same

This drug got me laid

It makes me really horny

24 Cocaine

Not as bad as crack but still addictive, and very bad for the heart.

All it does is put holes in your throat but a part from that its fine. Not as bad as Love though

How is cocaine this low on the list?!?!?!

You'll never try pure coco kid.

25 DMT

DMT is N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, a substance that has a almost similar structure of our neurotransmitter Serotonine. It is found in our body as part of the metabolism of Serotonine and Tryptophan. The metabolic substance DMT is only active when we are in a state of visual dreaming but it can be also very active in daytime in schizofrenia patients. It is also found in many plants ( mimosa hostilis, acacia... ).Not very dangerous when smoked once or twice but when used everyday it can cause Serotonine Syndrome ( which can cause sudden death ) or episodes of schizofrenia and paranoia.

Most people know what DMT is... dmt is what naturally produces in your pineal gland which is weakened by the poisonous fluoridated water in our water systems... all this drug does is give an amout of dmt to your pineal gland, and what you experience will be spiritual... If you want to know more about dmt, you have to know about pineal gland (third eye) and ancient history.

Every human has this substance inside of them. It's nuts that this stuff is illegal. Even if you have a bad trip, it will only last like 30 minutes. Physically safe substance and can have good effects. A really beautiful drug.

Not dangerous. Naturally occurring. Positive life changer. Why is this even on the list? Misinformation I guess.

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