Best Things About Bowflex Home Gyms

The Top Ten
1 It Really Works!

Since this is the ultimate goal of any piece of gym equipment, this should be number one. The Bowflex really does work. Combine having a large number of exercises so you don't get bored with the smooth resistance so you get a good burn and the free range of motion so you get a more complete workout and you get a home gym that is great for building muscle and losing fat.

2 Save $500 by Purchasing Online

I got mine online from the Bowflex site, saved $500, and had it show up on my front porch within a couple of weeks. Since I couldn't have fit the thing in my car anyway, it was a perfect win, win scenario.

3 Easy to Switch Exercises

Go from squats to bench press to preacher curls to leg extensions with no problem.

4 No Need to Visit the Gym

Save time and money, work out from home.

5 Number of Exercises Available

The Ultimate 2 claims over 95 exercises but because of the free range of motion, I've been able to incorporate a few more that aren't even in the manual. Basically, if there is something you want to work, you can do it.

6 Smooth Resistance

Momentum won't help much here. You are going to feel the resistance through the entire exercise.

7 No Need for a Workout Partner

You're not going to drop the bar on your neck no matter how much weight you put on. In fact, you'd have to try something pretty boneheaded and work pretty hard at it to hurt yourself at all.

8 Squat Station

A lot of home gyms let you do leg extensions, but the workout pales in comparison to doing squats. You'll feel it all up and down the front and back of your legs.

9 Lightweight

Drag it around by yourself with no problem. Where other gyms weigh a ton because they have the combined weight of the plates plus the equipment, depending on the model, a Bowflex only weighs around 200 pounds.

10 Small Footprint

Nice and compact. It's not going to take up too much space.

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