Top 10 Family Guy Season 8 Episodes

The Top Ten
1 Road to Multiverse

Why don't family guy have a twist in it like what if Lois had a secret sister in one of the episodes

2 Something, Something, Something, Dark Side
3 Go, Stewie, Go !
4 Quagmires Baby

Quagmire is the biggest jerk as well a horrible father to his own daughter. The lady who gave him a baby (after she had made out with him) must be a horrible mother. And yet, he accuses Brian for being a jerk.

I love it anna lee is adorable

5 Hannah Banana

Hate this episode!

6 Big Man on Hippocampus
7 April in Quahog

Peter is such a huge bastard in this episode, especially towards Meg.

8 The Splendid Source
9 Dial Meg for Murder

I like the scene how Meg beats up Peter. He got what he deserves.

One of the greatest episodes ever!

10 Quagmire's Dad

Great episode!

The Contenders
11 Dog Gone

Brian's so cute when he cries!

12 Spies Reminiscent of Us
13 Brian & Stewie
14 Partial Terms of Endearment
15 Brian's Got a Brand New Bag
16 Jerome Is The New Black

This is the first episode where quagmire tells Brian he hates him.

17 Business Guy
18 Family Goy

Peter was actually pretty funny in this one.

19 Extra Large Medium
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