Top Ten Favorite Disney Princess Movies

So many wonders made by one company. Wonders like Snow White and sleeping beauty. Then going further into background with little mermaid and aladdin. Some may even be disappointing like brave others may be underrated like Mulan or princess and the frog, some are newer like tangled but whatever they are we all know that most of them are amazing

The Top Ten Favorite Disney Princess Movies

1 Beauty and the Beast

This is the best, and Aladdin is a close second.

I have to agree here. I took a long time away from this film but going back to it, it made me realize how good this movie really was, and not on the standpoint of being another princess film from Disney, but on being a well-written and produced animated film in general - Mcgillacuddy

Belle is the best Disney princess and beauty and the beast is amazing. amazing songs and a memorable moral to a movie you get the perfect movie and the movie I’m talking about is beauty and the beast that perfect movie. - Dinglehopper

2 Aladdin

This is how the list should have gone in my opinion

14. Brave - the story is cringe and it was a bad movie for Pixar

13. Sleeping beauty - the characters were not developed

12. Moana

11. Cinderella

10. Snow White

9. Pocahontas

8. Princess and the frog

7. Tangled

6. Alice in wonderland

5. Frozen

4. Mulan

3. The little mermaid

2. Aladdin

1. Beauty and the beast

Robin Williams was halarious now he’s in a better place do I need to say more. - Dinglehopper

3 The Little Mermaid

Little mermaid saved Disney from basically drowning becuase of stupid movies after the jungle book. Also the little mermaid saved Disney. Not only from that way is also contiuned a 30 year Disney princess gap so it proved that princesses are not makeup and pink. Ursula is definitely my favorite Disney villian and the songs are amazing in this movie same goes for the stunning affects and animation style - Dinglehopper

4 Mulan

Mulan is very creative both movie and character. Mulan is one of the best Disney princesses becuase she has a sword and she I kind. She literally almost died for her father the ending scene was very sweet I cried and to be honest every one did. - Dinglehopper

5 Tangled

Tangled was a fun movie based on the fairy tale rapunzel. Rapunzel was always one of my favorite Disney princesses and mainly becuase of that hair and the frypan becuase I don’t know what the movie would have been like without the frying pan. - Dinglehopper

6 The Princess and the Frog

I live this movie so underrated. The characters and music and story are fab - Froglamb

I feel like this movie is so underrated. I LOVE the storyline and the twist after she kisses Prince Naveen (the Frog prince.!

Princess an the frog was very creative introducing the first black Disney princess and the first Disney princess who actually has a job. The moral is really well demonstrated with the life of Tiana and her dreams. If you don’t what the moral is it is you got to keep your sight on what’s important and I liked how they showed the experience Tiana is going through - Dinglehopper

7 Alice In Wonderland

Sorry now but Allie in wonderland is not a princess movie just because she is female doesn't make her a princess - Froglamb

Alice in wonderland is considered a Disney princess movie isn’t it well it is know. This movie was very random and in the best way possible. The songs are forgettable and other than that there is no problem. Alice is relatable, she is very imaginative like me and it is a relief to know that I’m not the only person who day dreams in class. - Dinglehopper

8 Frozen

To be fare it's still a good film over all - Froglamb

Let it go yes let it go let frozens hate go away becuase it is in the past now so just let it go - Dinglehopper

9 Pocahontas

Colors of the Wind is such a powerful song

Whoa I was about to put brave at this spot but then I remembered that I was forgetting a movie an I finally remembered what it what it was it was Pocahontas other than it being boring I liked the music what made it a good movie right away - Dinglehopper

10 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The best Disney movie ever!

The Contenders

11 Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty is not exactly memorable with the main character only having 18 minutes of screen time and lines. But other than that I liked it better than Snow White and Cinderella. Also Moana is not really good so I chose sleeping beauty over Moana - Dinglehopper

12 Moana
13 The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
14 Brave
15 Cinderella
16 Cinderella (1950)
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