Top Ten Best Female Volleyball Blockers In the Philippines


The Top Ten

1 Maureen Penetrante-Ouano (DLSU)
2 Marivic Velaine Meneses (UST)
3 Abigail Marano (DLSU)

A a Great Blocker

Wala talagang wall ni tying...

4 Ma. Paulina Soriano (AdU)

She is a good attacker and a blocker.

5 Katherine Adrielle Bersola (UP)
6 Michele Gumabao (DLSU)
7 Kim Kiana Dy (DLSU)

This girl is the future of Philippine volleyball in terms of blocking. Impeccable blocking all over the place. To be more sufficient and consistent, she needs to work on more of her spikes. - crockydyle

Hindi pa niya naipapakita and best niya. But she is a great Blocker the future of DLSU.

8 Alyja Daphne Santiago (NU)

Why she's not in the top?

Your my number one

U had it all...go ja

9 Michelle Laborte (USLS)
10 Jovelyn Gonzaga (CCP)

The Contenders

11 Bea Sharmaine Pascual (ADMU)
12 Aleona Denise Santiago (NU)


I like her as a blocker.. shes full of power and dignity... the best blocker lav ya ate dindin veryvery much.!
number one blocker ka sa heart ko.

13 Pamela Tricia Lastimosa (UST)
14 Charleen Abigail Cruz (DLSU)
15 Stephanie Mercado (DLSU)
16 Joanne Siy (DLSU)

Rookie of the year because of her mazing blockes and crown as best blocker as a rookie

17 Mika Reyes

The Taft Tower, she's second or third to Marivic Meneses last season I think.

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