Top Ten Best Films that Girlcool Likes, but Most People Don't


The Top Ten

1 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

This film is so awesome. Batman and Superman are great main characters and Lex Luthor is a really entertaining villain. - girlcool

2 Alice Through the Looking Glass

Most people dislike this film, but I love Johnny Depp's Hatter. Plus the visuals are masterful. - girlcool

3 Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfette is so adorable and cool! - girlcool

It's not a bad movie - BoyGenius234

4 Suicide Squad

Lots of fun. - girlcool

5 Foodfight!

Mr. Clipboard is 1 of the best villains ever! - girlcool


The fact you didn’t like Coco, but you liked this really bathals me

This film is terrible.

6 Inappropriate Comedy

1 of the funniest films ever. - girlcool

7 Yoga Hosers

So weird it's good. - girlcool

8 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure
9 The Comedian
10 Norm of the North

This movie is awesomne, and I mean it, I'm not one of those haters, I love this movie. - darthvadern

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