Top 10 Reasons Why Tom Brady is the Greatest Player in NFL History

I think it's a concrete fact at this point that Tom Brady is the greatest football player to ever live. Personally speaking, I think he's the greatest team sport athlete of all time. Yes, even better than Jordan, Ruth, Messi, and Gretzky. And I'm not even a Patriots fan or a Bucs fan. Here are the MANY reasons why Brady is untouchable in terms of being the greatest football player ever.
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1 He has 7 Super Bowl rings.

The dude has won the Super Bowl seven times. That is a record that will never be touched by any starting quarterback ever, especially in the salary cap era. He has more Super Bowl victories than every franchise in the NFL.

2 He's the only starting QB to win the Super Bowl in both conferences.

For years, Packers fans and Saints fans have said, "There's NO WAY that Brady would have the success he's had if he played in the NFC. We would DESTROY him every single year." In his first year in the NFC, he won the Super Bowl. He has as many NFC Championships as Brees and Rodgers. Brady can win anywhere with anybody.

3 He is the most clutch player of all time.

If I had to choose any quarterback to lead my team to a game-winning drive, I'm picking Brady in a heartbeat. So many clutch drives and comebacks over the years. The comeback from 28-3 is the biggest example.

4 He will retire win the most wins, most TD passes, and most passing yards for any quarterback in NFL history.

It's not only team success with Brady. He will also dominate the individual record books when it's all said and done.

5 He won without Belichick.

For years, the anti-Brady crowd has claimed that Brady is a "system quarterback," and "he's only good because of Belichick" and "any QB would be successful in New England." In his first year in Tampa, he won the Super Bowl with a team that hadn't even made the playoffs since 2007. In their first year without Brady, the Patriots finished 7-9. Belichick needed Brady more than Brady needed Belichick.

6 Quarterback is the most important position in football.

It should be a unanimous statement that Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. I think that players such as Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, and Lawrence Taylor were more limited on their impact based on their respective positions. Brady was by far the best at his position and that position happens to be the most important for the sport.

7 He has demonstrated longevity and dominance for over 20 years.

Unlike what Max Kellerman believes, Brady has never fallen off a cliff. He has won seven Super Bowls over the course of his career from age 24 to age 43. He has won in multiple eras with so many different supporting casts.

He has run roughshod over the NFL and has done things at his age that should not be possible. Forty-three-year-olds should not be able to throw for over 4,500 yards, 40 touchdowns, with a passer rating over 100. Despite his age, it feels like he has tons left in the tank to continue his career's victory lap.

8 His playoff win records.

Brady is just a flat-out winner who steps up in big games. He has played in more playoff games than any other QB ever and has won more playoff games than any other QB ever. He has won 34 playoff games and Joe Montana is second with 16. His postseason winning percentage is a staggering 75.6%.

9 He's played in 10 Super Bowls.

This is such an unbeatable record. I don't think anyone will ever touch this.

10 He played in cold weather for the majority of his career.

This is not as big of a deal as the other reasons, but it can't be understated that Brady had extreme amounts of success playing in frigid New England for the majority of his career. So many players have played in comfy domes or sunny California or Florida. Brady has achieved his dominance in less than ideal weather conditions.

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11 He won a Super Bowl at 43 years old.
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