Top 10 Throwback Uniforms NFL Teams Should Bring Back for the 2022 Season

Recently, the NFL got rid of a rule dating back to 2013 that NFL teams could only use a helmet of one color. It meant lots of teams couldn’t use some of their best throwback uniforms. Fortunately, now we will get to see some of these again starting in the 2022 season. Anyway, here, we are looking at the top ten throwback uniforms that NFL teams should bring back for the 2022 season.
The Top Ten
1 Creamsicles (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

This one is without a doubt the one most NFL fans want to see again. They are pretty much universally loved among NFL fans, and it's a shame we haven't gotten to see them in almost a decade.

Can you imagine Tom Brady wearing this? I feel that would be so fitting. Few uniforms are as good as the creamsicles.

2 Kelly Green (Philadelphia Eagles)

The Eagles uniforms are fine right now, but wouldn't it be great to see the Kelly greens again?

3 Oilers Uniforms (Tennessee Titans)

I'm honestly shocked the Titans have only worn these a few times. They can pay homage to their days in Houston. The Oilers uniforms back in the day were amazing, with a blue similar to the Chargers uniforms that everybody loves.

So many great players in Oilers/Titans history have worn those uniforms. Wouldn't it just be cool to see Derrick Henry channeling Earl Campbell while donning these amazing uniforms? This should be done.

4 Pat Patriot (New England Patriots)

Now these ones are cool. I don't really understand the hate the current Patriots uniforms get, but I agree that these are definitely superior. The white helmet and red jersey just go so well together. When the Patriots did wear these as throwbacks a decade ago, they were so clean. I'd expect these to make a return.

5 Red Helmets (Atlanta Falcons)

I'm not really a fan of Atlanta's current uniforms, so maybe they can throw it back to when they were actually great. The red helmets and the black Falcons logo looked amazing.

6 Blue D Helmets (Denver Broncos)

Ah yeah, these ones are so cool. Would be a nice throwback to the prime of Broncos football and the John Elway days. I like their uniforms now, but the blue helmets with the D logo and the orange jerseys were great.

7 Silver Helmets (Seattle Seahawks)

A part of me kind of wishes Seattle still had these as their main uniforms. Anyway, these just look so good with the silver helmets, dark blue jerseys, and the stripes of light green. They just look so good.

8 White Helmets (Dallas Cowboys)

When I think of these, I think of the Terrell Owens popcorn game. The Cowboys' current uniforms are good, but this throwback would be even better.

9 1990s Uniforms (Buffalo Bills)

I've always liked the red Bills helmets of the 90s. Now, it's possible they will be making a return.

10 Air Coryell Uniforms (Los Angeles Chargers)

These are kind of underrated, but these 1980s throwbacks would look great on the Chargers of today, who generally have the better uniforms in the NFL.

The Contenders
11 Blue and Yellow (Philadelphia Eagles)
12 Yellow Helmets (Pittsburgh Steelers)
13 New York Titans (New York Jets)
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