Top 10 Ways to Improve the NFL

The National Football League is a popular sports league for football fans. However the league is very flawed and that’s especially been the case under Rodger Goodell as commissioner.
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1 Show less advertising

Seriously is there a more over saturated sport? Just go online or watch T.V. and your almost guaranteed to see something related to the NFL or football itself.

You get like the same or even more adds than actually watching the real thing!

Yes this is why more people are watching the highlights instead of the game

2 Scrap Thursday Night Football

Part of the problem of being over saturated is Thursday night football. Combine NFL college and high school football and that's 5 straight days of games. Also the Thursday games are usually horrible due to lack of rest time for the players.

3 Cut game times down

Honestly the games are too long. There's too much dead time and commercials. Why watch a full game when you could just watch some highlights on something like NFL Redzone? It's the quick and easy solution

4 Improve the game quality

Most games nowadays seem to be either blowouts or slugfests when one team tries to hand the other victory. We need more games like that Rams vs Chiefs game. That was a high quality game of football

5 Improve consistency in punishments

Greg hardy got 4 games for beating his wife while josh Brown got only one game for confessing to domestic violence. There's the Ray Rice incident. There's deflate gate. Even now with Tyreek Hill. He got nothing for allegations of beating his kid while Ezekiel Elliot got 6 games for domestic abuse allegations. The NFL has no real consistency. They need to make a standard system where if you did X action you have to be suspended for Y games and be sure to hold every player accountable to it

6 Improve the officiating

Okay I'll admit 2018 was better than the "replacement refs" of 2012 but even still there's too many costly penalties or non calls. The officials need to make it clear what is and is not a legal hit.

The officials do everything in their power to make sure the Patriots win the super bowl every year. Remove the Patriots bias and hire new refs.

7 Embrace already established fanbases

Cleveland in the mid 90s, St Louis, San Diego, soon Oakland. All of the teams in these cities had loyal fan support through and through. By moving to other cities the NFL has lost these cities.

8 Stop playing in London

If you're going to go international why not Canada or Mexico? London is too far away so there's the Time difference and not as loyal of a following. If they want to give London a game why not the Pro Bowl?

9 Improve player safety

The NFL needs to find another way to improve player safety. CTE is a real thing and Rodger Goodell has only hurt the game trying to find a solution. Ridiculous fines and penalties aren't the answer

10 Get rid of ties

Nobody likes ties. If two teams are in a deadlock let them play until one team beats the other. Maybe after the first drive have them be forced to go for it on 4th down. Also let both teams get the ball. Mahomes could have won the AFC championship if he just got a chance

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11 Stop player holdouts

So remember that Le'Veon Bell situation in 2018? Well now we have other players doing it as well. Melvin Gordon, Ezekiel Elliot. Who knows who's next? Just play and if you have issues with your contract wait until the end of the season then you can negotiate. All these holdouts accomplish is angering people who own these players in fantasy football

12 Add Puerto Rico to the main cart
13 Avoid controversial finishes
14 Ban commercials after kickoffs
15 Make an NFL Stream
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