The 10 Worst Draft Classes in NFL History

The Top Ten
1 1992 NFL Draft

My top choice... has got to be the 92' draft name me a player in the first that was good, but lasted a decade? This is one of the few drafts where Colts owned both the 1, and 2 selections, and in both of those were used on the defense both were epic misses, and sent the team spiraling to suffer in the 90's.
Stars: Jason Hanson (When a kicker is all I can think of who could be a future hall of famer there's a problem here)
Busts: Steve Emtman, Quentin Coryatt, David Klingler, Tommy Vardell, Eugene Chung, Derek Brown, Johnny Mitchell, & Tommy Maddox who revived his career later, but still Denver's failed replacement for John Elway.

2 1984 NFL Draft

Another weak class, mostly because of competition with the USFL. The 1984 NFL supplemental draft included USFL stars (and hall of famers) Steve Young, Gary Zimmerman and Reggie White.

Back to the main draft: #1 Irving Fryar had a nice, long career; Boomer was also solid; but almost everyone else failed to pan out. I barely recognize anyone in that class.

This draft has no hall of famer, but one that probably should be one day while the 1st round is found with much unknown at the time.
Stars include: Boomer Esiason
Busts include: Mossy Cade, Ricky Hunley, Jackie Shipp, Ron Faurot, Clyde Duncan, & David Lewis.

3 1986 NFL Draft

The draft that headlines the one they call Bo Jackson. Unfortunately for Bo though is he screwed Tampa's future up, and came back for Oakland instead.
Stars: Bo Jackon, Charles Haley
Busts: Anyone not named to the pro bowl (1st round)

4 1987 NFL Draft

Oh now we get to just cringe drafts especially the 80's there were some mostly bad ones like the 87' Draft where there's way more busts than booms.
Stars Include: Vinny Testaverde, Rod Woodson, & Cris Carter (played for Vikings 3 years later wow philly)

Busts include: Alonzo Highsmith, Mike Junkin, Kelly Stouffer, Reggie Rogers, Shawn Knight, Danny Noonan, D.J. Dozier, John Clay, John Bosa, Jason Buck, & of course ''The Boz'' Brian Bosworth.

5 1991 NFL Draft

The worst crop of the 1st round in any draft in history sorry Herman Moore, my god this draft class is just ugh.

Notable Stars include: Herman Moore, Brett Favre, & Aeneas Williams
Notable Busts: Anybody not named to the pro bowl pretty much.

6 1977 NFL Draft

Before my time, and most of your I'd say. Only one sole hall of famer (Tony Dorsett) in a very forgettable draft class overall. No need to list all the busts since majority of the class didn't last any longer then to fade away either quickly or in the 80's.

7 2002 NFL Draft

Notable highlights include The Vikings missing their pick the first time ever in history.
Notable Stars Include: Ed Reed, Julius Peppers, Dwight Freeney, Brett Kiesel, & Brian Westbrook
Notable Busts include: Joey Harrington, David Carr, Mike Williams (the First of Buffalo), Ryan Sims, Wendall Bryant, & Patrick Ramsey.

This class was pretty forgettable and disappointing. It's really saying something when a third round journeyman (Josh McCown) had the longest career.

Only one hall of famer (Ed Reed) so far, though Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeney should join him.

8 2013 NFL Draft

The second worst first round groups of players I have ever seen so bad that NFL Network refuses to show you that first round in its entirety. The only thing this does right is how great some of the lower end players that should of been taken within the 1st round stars that include: Sheldon Richardson, DeAndre Hopkins, Xavier Rhodes, Lane Johnson, Travis Frederick, Zach Ertz, Darius Slay, Le'Veon Bell, Kawaan Short, Travis Kelce, Kennan Allen, & David Bakhtiari.
Notable Bust Include: The top three selections, Picks 6-12, EJ Manuel, Jarvis Jones, Bjorn Warner, Datone Jones, & Matt Elam.

9 2009 NFL Draft

Rated the very worst ever by a DVOA analysis, and by some other sources.

10 1999 NFL Draft

Its not a bad draft, but seeing the comparison to the other ones what could I end up more with. Moments include Donovan McNabb getting boo'ed unfairly. Mike Ditka trades the entire stock of his picks for Ricky Williams, and that's really it.
Notable Stars include: Edgerrin James, Torry Holt, Champ Bailey, & Antonie Winfield
Notable Blunders include: Tim Couch, and Akili Smith of two quarterbacks taken in the top three. Cade McNown the 3rd bust QB in this draft, two 1st round Lions busts, A pair of defensive lineman, and Matt Stinchcomb.

The Contenders
11 1982 NFL Draft

I may have to blame the strike this season for most of these player's bustdom. Half of the first round (including #1 Ken Sims and #4 Art Schlichter) was gone by 1990.

HOF players: Marcus Allen, Morten Andersen, Andre Tippett, Mike Munchak

Good players: Jim McMahon, Chip Banks, Jeff Bryant, Mike Quick, Steve Jordan, Gary Anderson (borderline HOF)

Misses: Ken Sims, Art Schlichter (compulsive gambler), Darrin Nelson (more of a return man), Lindsay Scott, Anthony Hancock

12 2005 NFL Draft

Another weak draft class, as half of the first round was gone by 2012. Aaron Rodgers, Frank Gore and maybe Demarcus Ware will be in the Hall of Fame.

Biggest busts: Troy Williamson, Matt Jones, Alex Barron, Travis Johnson, Mike Williams (WR from USC)

13 1974 NFL Draft

I have mixed feelings about this class.

Good news: The Steelers drafted four Hall of Famers (Mike Webster, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth and Jack Lambert). Tight end Dave Casper is the only other HOF player, though Randy Gradishar and Too Tall Jones are borderline.

On the other hand: Five of the top 10 picks didn't make it to the 80's, including all-rookie John Hicks.

14 2012 NFL Draft

Most of the Top 10 is either a backup or out of the league by this point. Andrew Luck, Stephon Gilmore and Luke Kuechly were the only true stars in the Top 10.

15 1972 NFL Draft
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