Top Ten Game Series by Konami that Need to Be Revived

Because Konami doesn't care about most of their established franchises, here are their game series that needed to be properly resurrected.
The Top Ten
1 Ganbare Goemon

Because there hasn't been a new installment for this long-forgotten franchise since 2005's DS game (barring pachinkos), it's a real shame. This series was HUGE back in the '80s and, especially, the '90s with so many releases on the Super Famicom, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, and the PlayStation. Yet, it saw very few titles on the newer consoles.

Absolutely, plus the Ganbare Goemon series has a lot of games that still need to have more than a Japan-only release. Let's at least start with those getting a Western release.

2 Silent Hill
3 Contra

Barring mobile phones (and again, pachinkos), there hasn't been a proper installment since 2010's Hard Corps: Uprising. Like, come on, who doesn't want to run around blasting the ever-loving crap out of aliens in a post-apocalyptic city?

4 Castlevania

Not counting the Lords of Shadow reboot (or spin-offs/remakes), the series hasn't had a proper installment since 2008's Order of Ecclesia for the DS. (Yes, I am aware of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, but that's beside the point).

5 Zone of the Enders

Only two games and a spin-off (as well as two animes). There's a lot of great potential for this obscure series, and with the announcement of The Second Runner M∀RS, there may be some hope... possibly.

6 Gradius

The last game in the series (barring Gradius: The Slot or Gradius ARC) was 2008's Rebirth for the Wii, which is a shame because this is a really fun scroll shooter.

7 Boktai

It's a nice handheld RPG series that utilizes the Solar Sensor (using sunlight as an advantage). It only saw four releases (one of which is a Japan-only title) with the last game released on the DS in 2006.

8 Bloody Roar

Konami has bought out Hudson Soft with their IPs and hasn't done squat. This fighting game series last saw the light of day with the mixed 4th installment in 2003.

9 Rocket Knight

This was Konami's answer to Sonic back during the Genesis days and has never seen the light of day since 2010.

10 Bonk

This is yet another series bought from Hudson Soft and quickly faded into obscurity. The last game in the series (barring the mobile phone releases) was (albeit Japan-only) Cho Genjin 2 for the Super Famicom, released in 1995.

The Contenders
11 Snatcher
12 Frogger
13 Rumble Roses
14 Dance Dance Revolution
15 Sunset Riders

This was an underrated classic. It deserves a mention.

16 Metal Gear Solid
17 Suikoden
18 Rakugakids
19 Kid Dracula

Very underrated Castlevania spin-off.

20 Beatmania
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