Video Game Series That Have Gone Downhill

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1 Sonic the Hedgehog

My Mini History With Sonic
1995-Started Playing

2001-Pleased With The Addition Of Shadow As Sonic's Rival

2005-Disappointed By Shadow's Game But I Thought It's Just One Meh Game, It Won't Hurt Sonic.

February-November 2006-Had A lot Of Fun With Sonic Riders On My GameCube

November 14 2006-One Of The Worst Days Of My Life,Sonic 06 I Was So Excited For And The Way It Turned Out Shocked Me,It Was Atrocious, I Got So Pissed That I Stopped Playing All His Games Entirely(Even The Good Ones)

2009-Started Playing The Good Sonic Games That Were Released Before 06 Again And Had Fun

Here is how Sonic went downhill.
1. Sonic R
2. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was released during Sonic's 15th anniversary, and that was bad.
3. All of Sonic's new games have not been very good.
People say that some Sonic games are good, but not good enough to forget about the bad. You know what else is bad? Sonic Boom. The game came before the T.V. Show. That was another fail by Sega. Sega, listen up & don't ignore. End the Sonic series right now! NO MORE SONIC GAMES!

Come on Sega we don't want Sonic Boom Fire & Ice we want Sonic Adventure 3 make it good! Oh how about Sonic Advance 4 or Sonic the Hedgehog 5 or Sonic The Hedgehog: Return to 06----not that one anyways make great things with Sonic don't make him go down hill make him great don't care if you do Sonic The Hedgehog Maker or something like that JUST MAKE THE GAME AWESOME!

Sonic's an old favorite of mine, but it's no doubt that the series has been doing badly nowadays. At least the music has been consistently good.

2 Call of Duty

After Modern Warfare 3, that's where it all started going downhill. Modern Warfare 3 was the last good Call of Duty.

Well, you could argue that it was never really uphill...

Ever since black ops 2 came out call of duty died.

3 Halo

Wanna know how it happened? Microsoft just couldn't leave the then-perfect franchise alone, and had 343 just ruin it.

4 Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed was getting so bad around Unity and Syndicate were awful and boring and ugly. Origins and now Odyssey have changed the franchise and brought AC back to where it was early on in the franchise.

To me, it never went downhill. I personally don’t care what they do. People complain too much.

5 Crash Bandicoot

Activition! you know better than to just remaster every crash bandicoot game except the one I actually want to be remastered and call it a new game!

Everything went south after Naughty Dog stopped doing the Crash games.

Went to good to mediocre

6 Mario Party

Noe it's the other way around, it has improved with quality and innovation with the newer games, heck, even Hudson Soft (original creators of old mario party) thought the originals were kinda repetitive and they didn't have any new ideas for new installments

My ratings:
Mario Party: 67/100
Mario Party 2: 34/100
Mario Party 3: 56/100
Mario Party 4: 67/100
Mario Party 5: 68/100
Mario Party 6: 69/100
Mario Party 7: 68/100
Mario Party 8: 76/100
Mario Party 9: 76/100
Mario Party 10: 43/100
Super Mario Party: 101/100

Why the "everyone in one car"? Mario Party is about competing, not cooperation. The car only worked in Bowser Mode when everyone was working together.

9, Island Tour, and Star Rush were mediocre. 10 and the Top 100 were pretty bad. Hopefully the switch version gets it right.

7 Spyro the Dragon

Activision and Skylanders made it go downhill. However, many say that the series went downhill as early as 2002 with Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly due to the many glitches the game has.

8 Pokemon

After gen 5 was released and got heavily criticised for trying to change the formula (And very successfully in my opinion), game freak has devoted itself to not be innovative. Pokemon games are just shat out in less than a year with the same models, animations, gameplay and basic storyline just in time for the holiday season

Guess genwunners did have a point lol. Pokemon is going downhill nowadays. After Gen 5 it got worse.
X and Y is like a children's game that can be beaten by a 4 year old.
ORAS is a pisspoor excuse of a remake.
Gen 7 was a step up but doesn't hold a candle to the first 5
Let's Go is just a cheap cash grab that caters to genwunners.
And please. Don't get me started on the atrocity that is sword and shield. Not only because of the dex cut but it amplifies the bad features of modern pokemon by 100%

It's because of the trimmed Pokedex in Sword and Shield, isn't it? That's why it's on this list?

The only good pokemon game since the gba so far is let's go

9 Pac-man

Pac-Man never quite achieved the same success as Mario after his Arcade debut, despite their best attempt at bringing Pac Man to 3D It never quite worked out.

Five words: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

10 Mario

Mario didn't go uphill. It went downhill by quite a bit throughout the 2000s. Remember, I don't hate the Mario franchise as a whole. But it kinda gives me the feel of straight-to-video sequels of Don Bluth films.

Mario isn't going downhill, the new artists that design the wii you games are brillient, super Mario 3d world got almost perfect ratings!

He's Still Amazing Unlike The Overrated And Bad Sonic

The Contenders
11 Mega Man X

You mean Mega Man?

12 Turok
13 Mega Man

Why did Keniji Inafune left Capcom? There were too many Mega Man games. With him leaving Capcom, four Mega Man were cancelled. I am a fan of Mega Man, but I believe that his series has gotten to many sequels.


Mega Man -> Mega Man X -> Mega Man Zero -> Mega Man ZX -> Mega Man Legends


Mega Man Battle Network -> Mega Man Star Force

These are good, but I believe this is enough. Keniji Inafune has created Mega Man's spiritual successor, Might No. 9, so there's a good chance his legacy will still be remembered. Meanwhile, Mega Man has joined Super Smash Brothers, and we were happy. It's still best that the Mega Man series should end, and make room for Beck, the Mighty No. 9.

14 Resident Evil

It was great until resident evil 5 and 6 were released then it was all for the look I love resident evil 3 and 4s story it was great but they wanted more now it bad story, decent graphics, and were leon gone the greatest character in 3 and 4. I have to be real through people are probably going to argue that biohazard sprang it to life, true but 5 and 6 ruined it

I think Re7 saved the franchise from doom

15 The King of Fighters

It's only selling on name recognition and the "classic" characters that are only still included in newer games to play on people's nostalgia. Meanwhile, SNK in its current state is too lazy and too chicken to try making a whole new series instead.

Stopped being cool when they stopped naming it after the year it came out. Not that having the year in the name made that much of a difference but it does make it easy to pinpoint the exact moment the series lost sight of itself.

Same with its sister series, "Fatal Fury". Though that one seems to have actually ended with the game that took it downhill. "Garou Mark of the Wolves".

How is this series even still a thing? The last truly good one was KOF '98, and that was 11 years ago!

16 Angry Birds
17 Just Dance

Just dance is really going downhill since just dance 2017 was released. bunch of features where taken out and the game developers started getting lazy. The tracking is horrible and they released just dance unlimited and there own mobile app. Them releasing new just dance games is unnecessary now and a waste of time. Just dance 2019 was announced and jesus the game looks a hot mess the background has so many bright colors and things going on I couldn't pay attention to the coaches and the menu layout is so bland. Sorry for going on a rant lol

I don’t know which game started the series to get bad, but whenever the case, this game has definitely gotten bad somewhere after JD4.

18 Fallout
19 Twisted Metal
20 Final Fantasy

The "final" is because Squaresoft (way before the merger with Enix) was on the verge of bankruptcy at the time so made what they thought would literally be their final game not knowing how popular it would become let alone that it would get so many sequels and spinoffs. That said, the series has indeed gone downhill; the last really good game was X, and that was over a decade ago.

This series needed to be put to bed YEARS ago. It's devolved from the illusion of freedom to final hallway

Final means the last. Why are there more than one?

21 Battlefield
22 Street Fighter

Capcom themselves have gone downhill. Not only are they now overdoing Street Fighter and doing little with any of their other games, but they've also become more reliant on crossovers with other companies than ever. Even Ryu and Mega Man appearing in Super Smash Bros and the cameos in the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph reek of Capcom waving their arms and screaming that their still here and still relevant.

Oh, definitely. Once a great fighting franchise, now it's just a shell of itself, thanks to Capcom basically hanging themselves.

23 Tony Hawk Games

Go to hell, Robomodo. You put the final nail in the coffin of one of the best franchises of my childhood. How dare you.

24 Madden
25 Five Nights At Freddy's

It wasn't great to even begin with. Yes, the first game was good, but after that, it was just quickly butchered.

Yeah fnaf 6 is really rushed the jumpscares are not even foucused and creative its like fnaf 3 but drained out the good things

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