Top 10 Worn Out Video Game Franchises

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1 Call of Duty

Even though all of these games on this list are overrated, they are good. Whether it's one thing or another, they all still deserve to be where they are now. It's just that they are getting more controversy.

Just the same show every year. Next to no innovation and if somebody tries to say there is innovation, their only point would be either better graphics or different guns/maps. 0/10 would not play

Call of Duty and FIFA are pretty much the same game year after year now, whereas there's other series who really innovate and bring a lot more yet still have less sales.

I think Call of Duty still has polished gameplay. It's just that it feels too overwhelming with them releasing a game each year. This essentially turns it into a cash grab

2 Pokemon

I think Pokemon is now aiming for a younger audience.
My first game was Pokemon Sun, which I found it easy to catch different Pokemon, complete the story-line and find shiny Pokemon, even without wonder-trading. I then got the virtual console version of Pokemon Crystal and I have found it really difficult. You actually need to catch the correct Pokemon to progress through the story-line, shiny Pokemon are difficult to catch and you don't get many healing items to help you in battles. The new game, Pokemon Let's Go!, looks like it's way to easy and it seems like they're trying to start it from scratch. Don't even get me started about the Pokemon Sun and Moon T.V. Series.

For anyone who thinks that all adults who still play Pokemon games needs to stop playing Pokemon games right now and play something more mature:
Shut up!
It's okay for adults to play Pokemon games, since adults are technically old enough to do so. Being an adult Pokemon fan is not a crime against nature; it just shows that, well, the adults love Pokemon very much and are passionate about it! Plus, people shouldn't stop doing something they love to do anyways, especially if they're old enough to do so and/or what they're doing isn't destroying the environment.

Bare with me. But Pokemon isn't "strategy", you will have to actually care a lot about every element to make this game strategic. The audience which this is marketed to is kids. They won't be able to recognize these details. Even if you are a kid and recognize these details, there are still all lot of kids who will still keep on playing it. Also they hardly have room to innovate. This is why the series is overrated. It will most likely never live up to the potential, because nothing adds up. The system which they based Pokemon around is fragile, and now it's broken.

What? Are you god damn serious? It's not an abomination! They at least try to mix it up, unlike other franchises! It's far from worn out! The games are so big, there's a lot to do in them and a lot to discuss about them! They could continue making regions and Pokemon forever and nobody would try to stop them! They have side series too! And the series isn't even designed for six year olds! Have you seen the words they use? It's the ANIME which is designed for children! Your argument about Pokemon being a worn-out franchise is invalid.

3 Resident Evil

Not really worn out out because resident evil 7 got it back up for a good game so this and pokemon do not belong on this list however Sonic and Call of Duty and Sports games do belong here.

4 Final Fantasy

The first 5 games were amazing but there is way too much now.

Final Fantasy 1-6 and 9 and the only good one, and if you MMOs 14 can also be good. other than that the rest is garbage.

5 Halo

Halo 4 was such a disappointment. Bungie needs to come back if Halo is going to be good again.

Why is halo even on here? At least it changes every once and a while unlike these other games

Bungie was awesome it was 343 that ruined the series

Halo is awesome

6 Madden

It needs competition, even though I prefer American football (the actual gameplay is awesome) FIFA has better features that would be great with Madden, mainly due to PES.

7 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

I clicked on this list and knew the moment I laid eyes on it Call of Duty would be at the top. I'm sure it isn't even close, people these days. Call of Duty is doing better than any of the other top 5 items, and not just in sales, but in quality too, so didn't hit me up with that.
MW3: best gameplay in the series
BOII: best Zombies in the series
Ghosts: Favorite overall style in the series
AW: Yeah, pretty bad
BOIII: worst campaign in the series, but decent multiplayer, still not so good
IW: Favorite campaign since MW3, best ambiance in the series, best music since MW2
WW2: pretty trash
BOI: The most unique in the series, second best gameplay, pretty glitchy
I'm still very excited for the next Call of Duty

Sonic has had no good games since Sonic Adventure. The gameplay of modern games is massively inferior to the classics, the level design is uninspired, the plots are formulaic, rely on plot devices and appearingly every machine or entity in the universe runs on the Chaos Emeralds. SEGA seems to think that reintroducing 2D gameplay will magically fix everything. No, they have to hire better writers and devs in order to revive the golden age. Sonic Mania will fail for being a mere fanservice game, the same way Generations did.

To be honest, I was extremely surprised to not see this on the list, so I took the liberty of adding it. It all went downhill in 2006, the year Sonic was released on the Xbox. This game get's a lot of crap, but honestly, it wasn't the fault of the people involved. It was the producers, trying so hard to reach the Christmas season. You know what else tried for the Christmas season? E. T: The Video Game.

Woah, I must admit I'm surprised that this isn't number 1 (but I'm happy at the same time). Those who say that only 2d sonic games are good (which I think is just bull crap), just wait for Sonic Mania, then decide if Sonic should die. As for 3D fans(like myself) who got hurt by Rise of Lyric ( despite that Sonic Team DID NOT EVEN GET INVOLVED IN THAT TRAINWRECK), wait for project 2017, then decide if he should die.

8 Mega Man

The franchise is getting revived I think.


The real core issue of the game isn't that the games itself are bad, but the fact that they keep realising a new game every year with little to no updates and new features. It would be fine to maybe, I don't know, create downloadable UPDATES every year to compensate for new players, teams, etc. and the right time to make a new game should be for every generation of console. I think that this would be a more effective way of keep us, as fans, happy with the game and be more interested in the 60 bucks we bought. But, with EA being EA, this seems really unlikely. Oh well.

I recently bought the newst Fifa game, 2019, and found it to be repetitive and very unfun. Having played last year's Fifa, this newest instalment showed me just how stale each and every one of the games are. The microtransactions are also a major kick in the face, having payed 60$ for a Triple A game, and having to pay more for content that should be in the game. Not just worn out, but a joke at this point.

FIFA is by all accounts a fun game and despite a few bugs has some impressive polished gameplay, however it is becoming increasingly difficult to stomach EA'S ever growing catalog of money grabbing schemes, with the latest price ranges update on ultimate team it is now pay to win gameplay.

It's a shame that other franchises that constantly innovate have less sales then FIFA. Even Call of Duty innovates more than this! If we want to stop EA from stealing our money, PLEASE don't BUY THEIR GAMES.

10 Assassin's Creed

Doesn't need to exist beyond the 3rd game. Story was already finished. But Ubi decided to zombify the franchise to milk it

Black flag was the last good game in this franchise

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11 Killzone
12 Mario Party

Mario party was once a creative, and fun game with tons of cool mini games and overall a fun time with your freinds. And while I don't hate Mario party, its definitely run out of steam. It's wasn't terrible during the early 2000s, I feel that since the introduction of the "party car" it's become very repetitive and boring. All I can think of here is that either Nintendo gives a good, fresh new idea for Mario party, that's fun and enjoyable for everyone, or should start over, and scrap the series entirely for something diffrent.

Mario is just another pathetic series designed for young children with down syndrome to provide their feeble minds with some low level stimulation so they don't just curl up and die.

I truly dislike 9 and 10 with the whole car thing. I hate it how if you land a on a wrong space, it'll ruin the turn for the whole group, not just you. I liked being alone, and not having everybody ruining my game, and visa versa.

Since Hudson Soft left the Mario Party franchise Mario Party end up like Sonic, Halo and all the franchises going downhill.

13 Super Mario Bros.

I like Super Mario Bros, but it needs to end at one point, maybe after I'm dead. The fanbase is rabid. They always have a big mouth to insult and mock Call of Duty or Sega, but you cannot mess with their precious Nintendo or you will be called troll, hater, or Call of Duty Fanboy. This annoys me, and I don't even like Call of Duty. (But I like Sonic)

It's just the same crap every new game!

Peach was kidnapped, Mario goes to save her, she gets saved, and repeats. What goal does Bowser hope to achieve by kidnapping her?

This franchise is overrated. Back in 1985, it was good, now they just do the same things over and over again.

If the games are just "the same crap every time! ",
How would Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros 3 be the same thing?! Mario 3 had an over world map, new power ups, and new bosses. Also Mario has RPG, Racing and party games so I guess those and Platformers are the same thing. Also practically every fanbase calls haters Call of Duty fanboys. Mario's fanbase might be bad but nowhere near Sonic, FNAF or Undertale's fanbases.

The games are not all the same.
One game, it's a 2D 8 - bit sidescroller.
One game, we are in a RPG game, with Mario.
One game, we're paper.
One game, we're using water to help our journey.
One game, we're in space.
One game, we're racing.
One game, we're partying.
The Mario games are changing, in a good way. They'll only get better.

14 Five Nights at Freddy's

I think it's honestly pretty worn out, but it still makes some good fan games and is still overall a really good franchise

I bought every game to do with fnaf and the settings and a few variations of the characters were the only change though it stays as one of my all time favorite games

I enjoy this story, but four or five games is enough.

Even though I love this game, stop filling my subscription fees.

15 Grand Theft Auto

The only reason this series sells well is because of the numerous controversies it has garnered.

Grand theft auto is a CRIME, for crying out loud!

16 Battlefield
17 Fortnite

Not a franchise, but guaranteed to become one.

This is the gray revolver of video games

It's not a franchise

Absolute crap

18 Just Dance

Be honest with me. Do you really see any kids still flocking out to buy the newest yet rehashed and somehow worse than the previous Just Dance game every year that it somehow HAS to always win the Favorite Video Game category at the Kids' Choice Awards? COME ON! What kid is going to want to choose another lame Just Dance game over a new Mario game?

Ubisoft has been making the same dancing game since 2009. I used to like it. Now, I want the dead dancing to end. Rhythm gaming has faded away, and I believe that the only way for it to be cool again is a reboot of Guitar Hero, Rock Band & PaRappa the Rapper coming back. I want this milked franchise to end.

19 Undertale

I'll admit, I'll would have loved this game if it wan't rubbed into my face from the internet. it's characters are charming and the story is unique, but I've had a littler bit too much of it.

The brightest stars always burn out the fastest, as can be seen through this game's fanbase.

I still love it and you cannot stop me

There Will Never Be A Sequel

20 Parappa the Rapper

If the developers had thought just ONCE about putting Lammy Mode and a proper multiplayer mode into Parappa 2, this might not have been the case

We need a sequel.

I have no idea

21 Super Smash Bros.

Smash bros will never die
Even if there is 500 million characters and no variety I will still buy it
It will still be better than brawl

Sheesh. Ultimate is putting in all characters from previous games from the series. It basically a sign that the series is getting stale.

22 Minecraft

I'm pretty darn sure this is a single game, not a whole franchise...

Seriously, Minecraft Is Now Ruined Thanks To It's Fanbase

The fanbase sucks now, not the game.

Microsoft ruined Minecraft.

23 Candy Crush Saga
24 The Legend of Zelda

Play breath of the wild.
Then come back and think again,

I don't like it sucks Minecraft and FNAF are the best oh and Skyrim

Breath of the Wild is overrated trash

Breath of the Wild sucks

25 Roblox

This isn't a franchise

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