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1 Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) Homer Jay Simpson is the protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.

Dad of the family

Funniest character ever stewie just threaten to kill his mom

Funniest character I have ever since both in the real world movies and animated ones

Love his doh

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2 Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) Stewart Gilligan "Stewie" Griffin is a main character from the animated television series Family Guy. Obsessed with violence and matricide, Stewie is the youngest child of Peter and Lois Griffin, and the brother of Meg and Chris Griffin.

This baby puts a smile to my face whenever he talks! FUNNIEST CARTOON CHARACTER EVER!

That just seems so correct. Stewie swears. He's got drunk more then a few times. He's gotten high. He's pretty much done everything an adult of 21 has done, and then some... but he's one. LOL.

Family guy is probably the funniest show in history, and stewie along with the hilarious griffin family and aquaintist really make the show

1. Stewie
2. Eric Cartman
3. Peter
4. Butters
5. Herbert

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3 Patrick Star (Spongebob Squarepants) Patrick Star (Spongebob Squarepants) Patrick Star is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is voiced by actor Bill Fagerbakke, who also voices numerous other characters on the show . Created and designed by marine biologist and cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg, the series creator, Patrick more.

Remember when SpongeBob said patrick, your genius is showing and patrick said where! Where! Spoiler alert: It is a dirty joke.

"is mayonnaise an instrument? ", "FINLAND! ", etc, etc, etc.

He should be in the top 5

"Hello, is this the Krusty Krab? " "No this is Patrick."
"Hello, is this the Krusty Krab"? " NO this is Patrick! "
"Hello, is this the Krusty Krab"? NO THIS IS PATRICK! "

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4 SpongeBob SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants) SpongeBob SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants) SpongeBob SquarePants is a fictional character and the titular character and protagonist of the American animated television series of the same name.

Laugh out loud! My fave show!

He's more funny than every family guy character.

To me SpongeBob would be #2 just behind Stewie. Never thought he would be at #15 - westofohio

5 Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) Bugs Bunny is an animated cartoon character, created by the staff of Leon Schlesinger Productions (later Warner Bros.) He is one of the most famous cartoon characters, and he is in the show Looney Tunes. His famous quote is "What's up doc?". He is a gray colored bunny with big teeth and big feet. His more.

he is so original and extremly funny

I love bugs bunny! Laugh out loud

The most hilarious cartoon character ever

He is the wittiest! love him!

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6 Eric Cartman (South Park) Eric Cartman (South Park) Eric Theodore Cartman is one of the main characters in the animated television series South Park, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and voiced by Trey Parker.

This character is completely unafraid of anything. He does what he wants, however he wants, whoever he wants, with nobody to stop him. This kid is one of the all time masters of manipulation. And the best thing is how unpredictable he is. How his plans and schemes suddenly take an unexpected new direction; and you don't support him, you just laugh at him whether he fails spectacularly or not. This character is larger than life in every way possible, and that's what's so funny.

Screw you guys I'm going home.

Cartman is to funny to handle. RESPECT MY AUTHORTAIH


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7 Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Pinkie Pie is a major character in the 2010 show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, based on Surprise from My Little Pony G1, She represents the element of Laughter.

One of most funniest characters I had ever seen ever.

That is all what irony says - Neonco31

This pony is absolutely hilarious. She is unpredictable as hell, and can break the fourth wall at any moment.

She's the second funniest character on the show, behind Discord.

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8 Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes) Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes) Daffy Duck is an animated cartoon character produced by Warner Bros. Styled as an anthropomorphic black duck, the character has appeared in cartoon series such as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, where he usually has been depicted as the best friend and occasional arch-rival of Bugs Bunny.

He's the original "We are this guy" character. And no one above him on this list is EVER going to change that. He's frantic, he's fun, the timing in his cartoons is hysterical, and at times we just feel a bit bad for him, especially in the Chuck Jones cartoons. And best of all... he never wins. All the characters above him are those smug sociopaths/idiots who win everything. But Daffy? He's the guy we all ARE.

He provides two kinds of laughs: crazy, wacky laughs from his nuttier days (why he was called "daffy" in the first place), and malicious, disturbingly relatable ones from his later days to now. He remains relevant for good reason, and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. - FuzzySlippers

Daffy Duck is so funny

I cannot find Tom, so this'll have to do. My list: 1. Tom (Tom and Jerry) 2. Daffy 3. Goofy 4. Homer 5. Johnny Bravo 6. Yakko 7. Eric Cartman 8. The Genie (Disney's Aladdin) 9. Freakazoid 10. Squidward.

9 Cosmo (Fairly OddParents) Cosmo (Fairly OddParents)

He is so awesome and an idiot that he is hilarious and funny.

Cosmo always cracked me up as a kid


10 Richard Watterson

His stupidity is hilarious


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11 Cheese (Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends)

Laugh out loud I love his obsession over Chocolate Milk and Cereal

Funniest kids cartoon character ever.

12 Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Peter Griffin is the main protagonist and titular character of the American animated sitcom Family Guy.

"Meg... Who let you back in the house? " he's by far the funniest, though Homer is still up there.

He's funny and stupid he's just the best lol

None of the characters on this are funny except for Peter. - Celestius

"I like to eat a big bowl of berries before I go to sleep" - YOSHIA2121

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13 Bloo (Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends) Bloo (Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends)

Because for perfect and funny storyline adventure Bloo is the best!
He always pranks people and comes up with really funny and catchy words

14 Roger (American Dad)

Best character on any show always brings something interesting to the show, and the best and funniest episodes contain him" *dive on in*

He just has a very interesting personality that can make anyone laugh no matter what mood you are in.

One of my favorite characters of all time

best ever

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15 Bender (Futurama) Bender (Futurama) Bender Bending Rodríguez is a fictional robot who is a main character in the animated television series Futurama. He was created by series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen and is voiced by John DiMaggio.

Bender is one of the most obnoxious and rude cartoon character of all time, which is hilarious because that is the opposite of what all robots are imagined as. He is a dark humoured, arrogant bastard...And that is why we love him.

Bite my shiny metal ass


His so bent

16 Jake the Dog (Adventure Time) Jake the Dog (Adventure Time) Jake the Dog is, along with Finn the Human, a fictional character and one of the main cast in the American animated television series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward.


Jake is the best he should be 1. making bacon pancakes like a boss Jake, like a boss.

I love the bacon pancakes song

He's awesome - Goatworlds

17 Herbert (Family Guy)

Herbert the Pervert - YOSHIA2121

he is good

18 Ned Flanders (The Simpsons) Ned Flanders (The Simpsons)
19 Bart Simpson (The Simpsons) Bart Simpson (The Simpsons) Bart is the oldest child in The Simpsons. He was created by Matt Greoning. His hobbies are pranking people including Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson. V 1 Comment
20 Gir (Invader Zim) Gir (Invader Zim)

OK, I'm sorry. HOW is this guy only at number 24 right now?! GIR is, without a doubt, the funniest cartoon character of all time! His random & spontaneous quotes are the main reason half the people who watch Invader Zim love the show so much in the first place! He destroys the entire city on a taco-run, keeps bees in his head, & forgets what he's doing halfway through screaming in terror to sit down & watch cartoons! The Doom Song ALONE should put him at number 10 or higher! How in the name of the Almighty Tallest is he so low on the list?!

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