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121 Yosemite Sam (Looney Tunes) Yosemite Sam (Looney Tunes) Yosemite Sam is an American animated cartoon character in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The name is somewhat alliterative and is inspired by Yosemite National Park.
122 Professor Membrane (Invader Zim)

I don't know if he's on this list yet, but it's another gem from Rodger Bumpass. As well as being hilariously superpowered and eccentric, he gets some of the best lines in the show. I dunno; I guess Rodger has this ability to make anything he says funny, and he does it with brilliant dialog inflections and superb comic timing.

123 Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove) Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove) Yzma is the royal adviser of Emperor Kuzco in 'The Emperor's New Groove'. She is also a mad potions master and after being fired by Kuzco, she tries to use her potions to get rid of him and instate herself as empress.

She's probably the funniest Disney villain ever.

124 Black Dynamite (Black Dynamite)
125 Bruce (Family Guy)
126 Pumbaa (The Lion King)
127 Scott (Total Drama)
128 Marvin the Martian (Looney Tunes) Marvin the Martian (Looney Tunes)

! Wheres the kaboom? There was sposed to be an earth shattering kaboom.

129 Nikki Wong (6teen)
130 Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life) Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life) Rocko is the eponymous fictional character of the cartoon Rocko's Modern Life and the comic book series of the same name.
131 Iago (Aladdin)

This constantly frustrated, flustered time bomb of a bird has some of the best lines in the whole film ("l bring the guns, the weapons, the knives... And how about this picture? I don't know, I think I'm making a weird face in it.") as well as in the T.V. series ("Wow, you need a permit for everything these days.") On top of that, he's a really complex character who's moral compass is not so much shaky as completely haywire. He loves being evil, and was a really good villain, but once he joined the good guys, he still lets his conscience get the better of him. Overall, he's an entertaining, larger than life villain-turned antihero. Is it any wonder this angry bird's popularity rivals the Genie's?

132 Mr. Hollywood (2 Stupid Dogs)
133 Gorgeous Gorillawitz (Droopy D)
134 Kinnikuman (Kinnikuman)

He's an oddly charming goofball. Though loud and obnoxious, he's a good guy.

135 Ralph Wiggum (The Simpsons) Ralph Wiggum (The Simpsons) Ralph Wiggum is a side character in The Simpsons. He is the son of Chief Wiggum. Ralph is not very smart at all. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. Some episodes such as I Love Lisa and This Little Wiggy have him as a major character.
136 Tom Green (Clone High)
137 Shellsea (Fish Hooks)
138 Jesus Alzamirano "Soos" Ramirez (Gravity Falls)
139 Michelangelo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
140 Rigby Rigby
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