Funniest Memes in 2020

Obviously it's a bit early to judge the funniest memes of this year so we will be going with the funniest memes so far past the year. Also since the exact origin of memes are a bit hard to find, we will be judging their humor level in relevance with 2020. With that being said, this is a list of funniest memes in this year. Vote for what you think are the funniest memes of this year.

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World War 3

I volunteer to be a shield - Manlypants

it's fine - CrypticMemory

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda is literally the meme of the decade

eW wht is that green monkey?

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa
Entered Baby Mode I have. Crap my pants I must.

Australian Bushfires
Say No More

he is a loner - hcraw17


Pewds is so funny when it comes to these scams. - TheHabsFan

This is an entirely accurate meme here

Fitness Is My Passion

Me: Skinny and doesn’t exercise
My friend: Fat and exercises a lot

Fitness is my passion

Me: (Eats a salad)
Fitness is my passion

I see nothing wrong with it - CrypticMemory

I like this one - hcraw17

Mixed Signals

This meme looks like a Christmas tree

Golden Globes 2020

That's actually funny

Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

Wasn't this an older meme? This certainly isn't new. - galaxyfox

Raid: Shadow Legends

I'm gonna tell you why this was a great meme, but first, a word from our sponsor, Raid: Shadow Legends - PeeledBanana

Let's play Raid Shadow Legends - Monsterz

The Newcomers

? Why Am I Still Getting Hate!? - Keemstar

Leafy did a big epic

The Contenders

A Man Has Fallen Into the River in Lego City




we all know cats a powers - hcraw17


Bernie Sanders “I Am Once Again Asking You for Your...”
Exquisito Papu
UNO Draw 25

This one is okay - Randomator

lol that's smart - hcraw17

Throw away the crystals or draw 25


Call an Ambulance but Not for Me

I’m gonna I am the first to start this new game again I love it haha 😆 is a time for

Hoes Mad

Leave Byleth alone. Erdrick is REALLY to blame here for this meme

When Byleth was announced for Smash! - Kefka

CAnCeL ByLeTh!

Queen Elizabeth II is Immortal

Boss: why were you late for work? Me:

Kobe Bryant Death Memes
That's How Mafia Works

Yes that’s how mafia works

British Royal Family

More like Meghan Markle. - RogerMcBaloney

Jeffrey Epstein
almost 2020
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