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21 Deep Space 69

A show basically about sex but in the most weirdest ways possible kind of like dick figures humour

22 Fred

The first YouTube series to end, but thankfully got a sequel on that other channel that airs episodes rather occasionally.

Hate me all you want, but I think Fred is hilarious. - PizzaGuy

On YouTube it was kind of tolerable. On iCarly it wasn't all that bad. The Nickelodeon T.V. series made me want to crap my pants in agony.

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23 Rucka Rucka Ali
24 How It Should Have Ended

It's an animated version of movie's and T.V. shows in how they should have ended

25 Retarded Policeman

Guys Mother: Hi Officer.
Retarded Policeman: Whats happening hot stuff! HAHAHAHAHAHA
this guy deserves 1st on the list! - lyere1

He is a cop and he's learning impaired. He's the retarded policeman.

26 banalbrothersTV

Like... This channel just doesn't have "viewers" just because it's portuguese... but YOU LIKE RONALDO, but you can't remember he is portuguese. Just check this channel on youtube and you'll see what I'm talking about. no kidding, this is sh*t, but the good sh*t! BanalbrothersTV (BBTV) RULES!

oh man, I've watched this guys once and now I'm a true fan, they are the most funny peeps around youtube... a vote in them is a good vote :D
i think their only problem is actually having portuguese languaged videos :P but their always great!

Why isn't this in top 10!? I mean... Banal Brothers TV is way better than "Fred"! If you want to check with your eyes just look for banalbrotherstv on youtube! IT'S GREAT! - joaocarvalho

I challenge you to comment on the videos. if you dare muahah

27 Honest Trailers

Honest opinions about movies remade into a trailer spoof for the movie

28 Knox's Corner
29 Rhett and Link

Funny as heck and very clean so almost anyone with a good sense of humor can watch it anywhere

Rhett and Link are clean and awesome. Worth checking out. - PizzaGuy

Super Funny show! I love Good Mythical Morning!

Should get a top 10 spot! - GREATEST

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30 Top Ten Football Celebrations
31 skydoesminecraft

Sky I agree is pretty funny I guess squid: Hey me: No go away squid: I just wanna be your friend Me: Do you have a off button? Squid: yea wanna try and find it? Me: GO AWAY squid: Neve- AHH How do you know my weakness! Oxygen! Me:... Ok and BUDDER Squid: can I have some BUDDER? ME: NOT AGAIN squid: Find my off switch! Me: I HAVE BEEN tHOUGH ENOUGH

Come on sky army we can defeat Smosh!

32 Fat Guy Sings Numa Numa

Not a series, but still hilarious. - GREATEST

33 CinemaSins
34 Afro Dance
35 Indiana Hijackers
36 RWBY RWBY RWBY is an American 3D web series created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth. The show is set in the fictional world of Remnant, where young people train to become Huntsmen and Huntresses to protect their world from the creatures of Grimm.

The series is still new and in the making, but so far the trailers are amazing. The animation is extraordinary and the music is so well done! I definitely recommend it!

RWBY is just such a fun and emotional series, with awesome characters, jokes, and plot

Super cool and voiced by amazing actors

37 Video Game High School (VGHS)

Really good series, as the characters are dynamic. I find I always enjoy every episode, I can't wait until they release season 3 next year.

This needs to be at the top. I love every episode and so should you.

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38 Sports Bloopers
39 Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?

One of my friends used to really like this. I didn't know it was real. Lol gotta check it out! - GREATEST

Man! I used to be OBSESSED with this show. - MoldySock

40 TheCoachandRhino

Rhino is hell a funny

Panda man is funny as hell

The Coach is my favorite

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