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101 Baman Piderman

Why isn't this number 1? Its hilarious, Fred is just stupid, so is the Annoying Orange, who would actually sit down to watch Fred or the Annoying Orange? - Piderman

This is THE BEST. It even has it's own holiday show, you have to watch this. Don't know where to begin? Start here:

Baman Piderman - Find the sandwich (episode 1)

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102 EverymanHYBRID
103 Will it Blend
104 Game Grumps

Probably deserves to be higher on the list. Egoraptor is pretty funny; and while JonTron may be gone, Danny is just as funny.

105 We Are Young Money
106 Black Nerd Comedy

Black nerd is well basically that a black nerd. but he is funny and a great reviewer of anything in the nerd universe.

108 Rolling Into Rocks
109 Boxxybabee
110 iHasCupquake
111 Kuledud3
112 Misterepicmann
113 The Online Gamer

Series by Reckless Tortuga! Entertaining for all Call of Duty players & Gamers

114 HowToBasic

Eggs, toilets, fish, baby dolls, chickens, sh, legs, and even blowup sex toys!

115 Riley Rewind
116 Chunk Dirty
117 Fail Army

Fail's of people

118 Inside Gaming - The C**t Life

I wanna be an actor

119 Hillywood Show

Parody's to movies done by 2 talented girls

120 TechRax
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