Top 10 Gemstones That Should Be In Steven Universe


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21 Tephorite
22 Apatite

A apatite is beautiful, has a great scence of humor, insecure, but bitter when others try to mess with her friends! She is also female

23 Iolite
24 Heartstone

That's not a real gem.

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25 Crystal Quartz

She was the first gem to be made. - TeenTitansGoSucks

26 Garnet

There's already a Garnet but Garnets come in many different colors.

27 Lazurite

Either a Lapis fusion or another gem who cares about Lapis, like a mother.

Gems don't have biological family's...

28 Chrysolite

She'll be like Peridot's mom.

29 Forsterite
30 Peridot

Why not two? The one we have already and another one.

One that comes from Meteorites!

31 Ulexite

She'll be like a messenger gem.

32 Topazonite

It is similar to topaz, with more of a brownish-yellow tinge instead of orange. - ruJILLous

33 Amethyst

Amethyst is a funny and a fun team mate why can't there be another one and they can be sisters!

34 Turquoise

I love turqoise I feel that she needs to be on this list

Turquoise is a permafusion of Lapis Lazuli and Peridot. Very similar to Garnet, a permafusion of Ruby and Sapphire.

35 Amber
36 Chocolate Pearl

Think about it! A pearl that's not racist! A BLACK PEARL!

37 Chocolate Diamond
38 Obsidian

The ultimate gem that is a rock.The Leader of All the Gems in the world has 10 Jasper Soldiers,30 peridots, 5 pearls,and 25 ruby soldiers.The best gem yet all powerful.But He likes to be preferred as Black Quartz.He can't stand to be threatened by fusions of any kind.Finally he has 500 bismuth workers to make his weapons for battle with the crystal gems for shattering pink diamond.His weapon is a huge,sharp,shining axe made of betrayed gems.Should be in Steven Universe at the finally episode.

39 Tanzanite
40 Peanut Wood
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