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41 I Rigged It - Mabel
42 Mabel: I'll use my jelly power! Maid : I have to clean up the wall now

I know what you are trying to quote and I love this quote... But the only thing right with it is Mabel said the first thing.

Bad quoting skills but I get it

I go vacuum the walls now

The "Maid" is Soos's grandma FYI

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43 Razzle dazzle, my friends! It's me, the Razz Dazzler! - Toby

Would anybody really want to ruin their life by wearing a bedazzled leotard.?

Toby should be called Phoby considering I have TobiaPhobia. (Toby Phobia)

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44 I make the rules suckers! Boosh! - Wendy

Wendy is my second favorite character! (After Bill obviously.)

Thug life

45 Not as scary as Dipper's web history! - Mabel

OH DID HE SEARCH -blocked content- I bet he did!

God you perv probably searching Wendy in a creepy way I can't type...

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46 It's the nights that are the hardest - Pool Vent Kid
47 OH MY GOSH A PIG! - Mabel

How to get out of a conversation

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48 That sounds like a dumb idea for poopheads. - Mabel

When anyone tries suggesting anything to me... - AnonymousChick

I'm a huge The Flash fan, and I love Mabels sweater in this episode!

49 Time travel, man! Why you gotta be so complicated?!?! - Mabel

I sure agree with Mabel Mabel is so hilarious

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50 Can I pay you to pretend that never happened? - Pacifica

Hey you got to hide your love away- the Beatles. Love you so much great-grandpa John

The typical millionaire daughter...

The best excuse not to get shipped with a brunette 12 yr old


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51 And you controlled your uncle. I must say, you're a lot more evil then I remember! - Gideon

I like this quote because it's basically saying that there getting more hard core. Taking drastic measures and doing things against other people's will.

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52 Super power ninja turbo neo ultra hyper mega multi alpha meta extra uber prefix COMBO!!!! - Rumble V 3 Comments
53 I've been to prison in three countries, I once had to chew my way out of the trunk of a car! You think you have problems? I have a mullet Stanford! - Grunkle Stan

We'll, Ford has tunnel vision.. So he can't really help but ignore his family...

How can you chew your way out of a car? and ford needs to be nicer to his family, like seriously

Yes, just yes

54 Tickling, is no laughing matter - Bud
55 I have three Y chromosomes, six adams apples, pecs on my abs and FISTS FOR NIPPLES! - Manotaur

LOL! You should only have one adams apple...

56 Sorry. We don't serve miners. - Bouncer

You know what I don't understand? How Alex managed to slip kids using fake IDs to get into a bar past disney. - AnonymousChick

57 I decapitated Larry King - Dipper

Don't judge me for asking if Larry King did the voice of Stan I commented that when I was new to the show

No, Stan is voiced by Alex Hirsch, the creator. And this is the funniest quote ever.

Larry King did play himself (well, his wax self) in that episode. - lavashooter


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58 Bud Gleeful: I have coffee imported from Colombia. Stan: Colombia! I went to jail there once!

Stan, don't tell your niece's worst enemy's father where you have been to jail!

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59 Dipper: Maybe that old guy was crazy after all. Mabel: He did use the word scrapdoodle.
60 For glory, my children, CHARGE! - Manly Dan

Manly Dan is amazing, and so are his children; there is no such thing as too much plaid.

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1. Homework Is Whack and So Are Rules Tucking In Your Shirts for Fools - Rapper
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