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1 Karkat Vantas

Karkat is the reason I kept reader the comic throughout every act. Future me is an idiot and past me is The memos alone were legendary

Oh my god yes. The minute I started the we comic, I couldn't wait to see one of the trolls. After waiting through four acts, with a couple glimpses of Karkat here and there, I couldn't wait to see an appearance from him again. Finally, once the update with act five was uploaded, I was ecstatic when Karkat Vantis came to the screen. Every time he curses at anyone I want to squeal and giggle, he is the best character in Homestuck, no doubt.

With Karkat you're guaranteed for some laughs one way or another. Apart from that he cares a great deal for his companions and does what he can despite being one of the weakest characters in terms of abilities on the battlefield. It's an aspect that is probably what makes the character so popular.

I am in love with Karkat Vantas, his whole story and personality are able to attract the reader somehow. For me in every aspect. The Knight of Blood is one-if not the best- characters of Homestuck.

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2 Vriska Serket

She’s a terrible person but a great character and I love her with all my heart

Sorry, but me no like this overpowered troll. Overpowered person (s) is not good. no. mind-controlling can be very helpful for some, but if someone like a Vriska is messing with your brain, it is possible she could blind you or kill you girlfriend.

While she wasn't liked by many at first, I looked deeper into her character, and in my opinion, she has had one of the best developments. She is very relatable in the aspects of putting on a mask to hide self esteem issues and guilt which I'm sure we've all done before (just not to the extreme) and overtime she became very lovable and appreciated. Besides, her sassy attitude and confidence was always just so cool.

One of my favorite characters, though I hated her at first. She can be very mean, uncaring, violent, murderous and insensitive, but she has reasons to be all of those things. She is a very well-developed character, and gives us a unique view on troll culture and its positive outlook on death and insanity. She is a very interesting character.

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3 Kanaya Maryam

(FR, pardon my English)

I wont let Vriska be below Vriska. Yes, Vriska is more iconic. But I don't care. Look, I won't explain why kanaya is perfect, just try to improve her, you won't succeed (when she cut Gamzee in two so perfect). I will just criticize Vriska instead. Firstly, she is horrible. She lie to herself temporarily to make discussion turn at her advantage. I mean, she broke Tavros legs and she know that's her fault. But her subconscious think that's really the tavros fault. And his handicap really made her upset and cocky. She is really good at be mad like she was right even when she know that's a lie. Because her subconscious think that is right and it's anger legit. This isn't a capricious child, because she don't let theses lie blind or influence her. And don't use them to motivate herself, justify or rationalize. Because she don't need justification:she is better, more important and smarter.

She has some qualities, yes. But that make just her more ...more

I love kanaya but I think shes treated like a Mary sue(if in which case people see her as a perfect lesbian fashionista vampire when she has flaws herself). Everyone sees her as perfect when absolutely no ones perfect and kanaya herself has flaws and no one is as gorgeous as Aphrodite herself. I don't even believe in Greek gods. but stop treating her like a Mary Sue, gosh. I love kanaya, again, but she's not perfect. No one is.

In my opinion, people under-rate every character until they can prove themselves worthy. Like how nobody liked her until she was bad-ass enough to be a rainbow drinker who came alive and bamf'd some noses, kicked some tentacles, and had sunglasses descend on her face. Personally; I found out I was a Virgo and decided to give Kanaya a chance. She then became the best character I ever knew I can't even describe her correctly. She is probably the glue to almost every character. Showing Vriska's manipulative side, a side of Karkat that's calm, and probably more I can't name off the top of my head.

Shes fabulous and organized and she wrecked. By the way chainsaw is also my fave weapon and I'm a Virgo too

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4 Terezi Pyrope

She is so quirky and loveable and I just...
haha I'm crazy

My favorite character. She is extremely well-developed, and has several unique attributes that add to her interest, like her love for dragons and the color red, as well as her pride in being blind. She has been through a lot, and suffered many insecurities, but I think, if you stripped all the powers and fancy weapons from everyone, Terezi would be one of the strongest characters. Though she is one of the few characters who haven't reached god tier, and she doesn't have much faith in her powers as a Seer of Mind, she is still a very powerful character. Her development and actions at the end of the pre-retcon timeline, as well as in Terezi: remember have definitely made her my favorite!

Terezi is just... just amazing . Her character is simultaneously cute and morbid, which is pretty funny sometimes. And for some reason, I really like her quirk. ? I also feel that I have something of a personal connection to her, because out of all the characters in Homestuck, I think she and I would get along best.

Terezi is best girl no question

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5 Dave Strider

Most quotable character

Dave Strider is a character with so many things hidden, under his facade of irony. It's personally endearing every time he goes on one of his awkward rants, and he looks too cool to not like. I also like that he's not the "main" character, (John is) and his quotes, like so many other's quotes, are to die for.

I warned you about stairs bro! I WARNED YOU BRO!

There's a lot more to Dave than being one hell of a cool dude who tells it like it is and is chill with most things. That being said, he's a pretty cool dude.

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6 Aradia Megido

Aradia is an adorable character with how she traverses through the story. When you see her at first, she's this mysterious character that seems to have an unusually okay outlook on life. Then she goes to a character you can relate to upon how she wants revenge on the person who ruined her life! Finally she shows her heart and ascends to God Tier in order to help and protect her friends. She even cared enough to stay with Sollux in his wounded state! This is a lovable character right here.

Aradia is one of my favorite characters of all time! She's had such a tragic past, dying TWICE, and she still comes out of it smiling and adorable. And the whole dead people thing is really cool! I just love her

Aradia is stunning and managed to transform in a way that no other character has in the comic. Believable, like able, and surely the nicest of the trolls too.

Aradia is so adorable and has such a huge heart for everyone, but still very relatable and I just love her!

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7 Nepeta Leijon

She was unbelievably underused and underdeveloped, if the hive bent story had been expanded, she could have been developed as an even more adorable and fun character, with prominent role in the story. Not only was nepeta one of the most lovable characters overall, but she had amazing potential as well!
She is completely and utterly PURRFECT

Nepeta is the best and I will physically injure anyone that says otherwise

Highly underlooked character. As a leo, I stuck to her as a character because we have the same sign and shared similar personality traits. Plus cats are great and she has literally 0 negative traits. Great friend and great character. Oh yea also shes ADORABLE

What's not to love!?! She's sweet, funny, cute, fierce, independent, and just plain awesome! I really admire her and she's like a big sister to me. We miss you Nepeta

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8 Jade Harley

I don't know why, but I really like Jade. She was an interesting character right from the start, what with how she seemed to be able to see into the future. I also really like her design, especially when she's a God Tier. She's so enthusiastic about everything, and watching her try to deal with John's weirdness on his 15th birthday was hilarious.

From the very beginning, Jade was both fun-loving and smart. She was silly, but not stupid. She was smart, and shown from the get-go to be one of the most powerful characters in the entire webcomic. She grew up on an island in the middle of nowhere, by herself, with only her and her dog, and she manages to be the total badass she is today. Jade is amazing.

Jade is absolutely one of the best homestuck characters. Not only did she grow up without an adult(or not a human one at least) she also had to go through seeing the stuffed carcass of her Deceased Grandfather. She lived on the island for quite some time with only a dog as her companion. Also she is super cute and wayyy smart

Jade is so sweet, innocent and POWERFUL!

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9 Sollux Captor

-Sollux is awesome. His powers are some awesome and the way he always treats everything like a pain is so funny and pretty deep when you think about it. He is the mage of doom - meaning he can foresee calamities and deaths and depressing events and even hear nonstop the imminently deceased. That what makes him so depressed all the time, and that is pretty sad. But despite all that, he never did anything bad, he never paralyzed someone like vriska, he never went crazy and killed people like eridan, he only was moody which didn't cause any harm. And when everyone died and he went blind, he became a bit more cheerful, that was because he couldn't foresee any more calamities or deaths or hear the imminently deceased because there wouldn't be any anymore(for him), that reminds us how sad was his whole life.
-Also, lets not forget about his awesome telekinesis power and his laser eyes which are so powerful that it makes him the strongest troll before sburb and I bet one of the strongests ...more

He's funny and actually is sometimes a relatable character. Wait. That's all of them. Well I like him the best. I find him cute.

He is the best. I mean, his powers are just pure AWESOMENESS

He's just funny somehow and pretty cute

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10 John Egbert

I would die for him

John brings an amazing mix of both cheerfulness and seriousness to the comic, and it works perfectly with the scheme of things. He's silly, smart, creative and upbeat, which makes scenes with him super fun to read! Plus, he's super pure and kind, and you can't help but wish you knew someone like him in real life. He's like the one kid in the class who is everyone's acquaintance, and no one has anything bad to say about him, other than the fact that he's a just a silly ol' dork. Windy boi deserves the world :3

If you met him in real life youd hit it off instantly. that's how rad he is

Very funny, for some reason whenever he waved his arms around in an endless loop or something I played Vocaloid music. I'm new to the Homestuck fandom, and I already enjoy him.

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11 Eridan Ampora

Eridan is a really complex character that really deserves more love. It's a shame the fandom portrays him as desperate to fill quadrants and nothing else. He learned a lot of military history at a very young age, keeps wands in his fridge (which is pretty adorable if you ask me! ) and the reason he wanted to kill landdwellers was because they kept littering in the ocean! I love Eridan Ampora okay

I honestly really like this character. He did terrible things, sure. But I just really loved how his character was written. The fandom tends to portray him as simply an overdramatic ass who wants to fill quadrants and buckets, and that's about it. Sure, he is overdramatic, and can be an ass at times. But I just really love this character, okay? I don't know how to describe it, but I just LOVE THIS CHARACTER.

Eridan is SUCH a good character, the things he did were despicable and will never be forgotten, but he did them for a reason. He was raised to act like he was better, but he can be civil. He's a complex character and he really deserves a lot of love.

It's a shame how low on the list this guy is.

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12 Roxy Lalonde

Roxy needs to be much higher on this list. She is easily best human. Bad ass, compassionate, hilarious, smart, relatable, beautiful, loves her friends, struggles to conquer her flaws but eventually comes out victorious- literally what more could you want out of a character?

She is so good

Roxy was actually the first homestuck character I've seen before I even read the comic. After I read it, she's one of the strongest characters I've seen aside from Terezi. Even though she drinks, she still manage to (probably) stop the habit of drinking and protect her friends. She needs to be number 1, in my opinion

She is badass, amazing, and she keeps her team together! Like seriously, why is she not number 1? She's quirky and sassy and amazing at so many things. She really does love her friends and protects them as best she can. I love Roxy.

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13 Rose Lalonde

I can't read roses text but I think shes good

I believe there is no character as intelligent, intriguing, well disposed, or mysterious as Rose. She immediately grasped my attention with the way she talks, thinks and acts. I also think her hobbies and interests are silly and adorable. Even though this is a flaw on her part, something that is ironically lovable about her is the fact that she doesn't realize how much she loves and cares for someone until they're gone. When she realizes how much she cared for Jaspers and her mother, I came to adore her even more. She may be a capable character, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her weaknesses, and flawed characters are the best characters. ( All Homestuck characters have flaws though and that's awesome.) She is number one on my character list for sure.

Rose is such an important character to me. When I first read Homestuck, I saw a lot of myself in her: smart, sarcastic, tense relationship with her mother. In addition, I had just come out when I started reading, and it was amazing to find such a great character who was also a lesbian. I love Rose with all my heart!

She really is an awesome character! She's very smart and loves to give her friends advice! I can relate a lot to her because she loves to knit and she loves reading. She is also a Derse dreamer, which I am as well! If someone told me to pick what character I could relate to the most it would be this amazing girl.

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14 Meenah Peixes

Pure ambition and lust for power. Redeemed Pisces.

Fish puns, fish puns everywhere.

I honestly loved her from the minute she appeared! :D Her sass and fish puns are awesome!

She has much more character depth for a dancestor I don't know why she is so low on this list

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15 Equius Zahhak

Best boiii ever

best boy

He is extremely underrated. Every time I talk to someone who likes Homestuck, they always say Equius is ugly or weird. Personally, I think otherwise. I think he's very attractive, and he can put a dent in your skull with a flick of him finger.

He's usually looked past and hates but ya know, people like that are usually really awesome like he is

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16 The WV

Man the Mayor is like the best character ever. Yo if you don't like the mayor, we gonna have to take this outside. I'll fight anyone for my boy the Mayor.


I don't care about any other characters in Homestuck, only the Mayor. I have a shrine to him in my bedroom. My mom called me crazy for worshiping him but I don't care. It is my lifelong dream to be a citizen of can town. God bless the Mayor.

Mayor of cantown

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17 Dirk Strider

Dirk is one of my favorite characters because I can relate to him. He has arguments with himself and tries his hardest to fix things. He will sacrifice himself for all his friends and will blame himself for not being good enough, even if he is doing everything he can. He might have that untouchable style, but that's only to cover up his true feeling; he's afraid that if he opens up people won't like him. Dirk loves Roxy, not romantically, but he truly wants the best for her because she thinks she deserves the world. Overall, I think he should be higher up because of what a great character he is.

Dirk is one of, if not the most, internally conflicted people in all of Homestuck. There have been only a handful of times I've really taken Homestuck seriously (and I've read the whole thing, thus far), but of all of those moments, only Dirk talking to the Auto-Responder really made me stop and think. Damn he's a layered character, and the one that I identify with the most. It's a crime for him to be this low.

Dirk shouldn't be this low! He's fantastic. He doesn't like Roxy as more than a friend, but he cares about her and he even feels bad he can't feel the same way about her. Dirk also cares about Jane, and he'd be right there if she needed any sort of help. And Jake... Jake and Dirk had an interesting relationship. But Dirk is very sweet and if you mess with his friends, your game is OVER.

There's no character in anything ever I relate to more than dirk (yes we're both heart players). is it how we're born that defines who we are, or the choices we make each day? can we even change at all - what's the point if you hate yourself? and what is one's "true self", if that even exists? all really fascinating questions that surround his arc that have been so important to me. top notch dude and deserves to be higher up for all he's struggled with.

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18 Gamzee Makara

I think of his philosophy of life as the most logical



Gamzee should be higher.. Why?

You guys do realise later on in either Act 4 or 5 he seems to be the main plot of the story right?

Who doesn't love a funny ass troll that doesn't care what people think of him. He's all chill when Karkat says he hates him, it's like bread and butter. The bread is always saying he's the leader and the butter doesn't care and rolls with it.

Later on, Gamzee turns into an extremely insane killer. That was the main plot for awhile and finally Gamzee was in charge. He probably killed at least 7 trolls in the process. And he only used CLUBS. And a few other weapons..

This guy is underrated and he needs more attention.

"SuP mOtHeReR.." -- Gamzee

That's HOW CHILL HE IS. 100%

He is the best character in my opinion

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19 Tavros Nitram


Like how is he not higher up the list? do not get me started in the new recton timeline, how he was so nice to jake even though jake thought no one was his friend after being such an oblivious doofus (he isn't now huehuehue) in the old timeline. He gave him the best advice on how to be more confident even though in the old timeline he himself didn't have any. That literally proves he at least had SOME character development overtime. And he didn't say "OkAY to be confident you need to do this, and do that," he said that since he's immortal he literally has forever to realise his potential and confidence. hell, if Tavros was real I would've taken that advice and give him millions of nuggets for that act of kindness and support. Tavrosprite was not a waste, I'll tell you that. Without him, the alpha kids would still not be his friends. I'm so proud of him and he really deserves to reach his potential. BOTH jake and Tavros.

I feel like the little hazelnut needs more love. I don't think he ever did anything wrong, except kill jade's grandpa.

He's an innocent cinnamon rol who deserves better

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20 Jane Crocker

Think otherwise and she will stab you with her trident

Very underrated. - SamuiNeko


21 Kankri Vantas

Kankri is very cute and he states his opinion all the time, and he has likes his personal space and boundaries. The cutest thing about him is his sweater though. I love Kankri Vantas.

I thought I was the only one who thought Kankri was just a cinnamon roll! I love him so much!

I can't believe he's here. no, don't think the negative way. Kankri's also my favorite character but I thought a lot of people hated him. I mean, A LOT. I'm just...GLAD

22 Bec Noir

Need I say anything. A first guardian, DOG!

I just find him really badass.

23 Feferi Peixes

Feferi it's a underrated character. She was against all expectations and even being a fuschia blood, she is kind and sweet. Qualities that are lacking in many other Homestuck characters

She was wasted. Please give justice to her. I feel sad for Feferi, a powerful troll thrown away like that. Why?! I am not going to rant a lot, since I ranted on most underrated character. But, her character was the most wasted. Yet, the most enjoyable, and gave hope for a world that was falling down.

Feferi has so much depth that was never explored, and everyone hates her for absolutely idiotic reasons. If you take a minute to stop and look at her personality and past, you can't see why ANYONE would hate her at all.

I believe Feferi has been one of the most underrated characters by the fandom, if people actually took their time to stop looking at the surface, she could possibly be in the top 15 characters. But no, most of the fandom just skips over her. Look at Eridan, he is a emotionally unstable troll yet people forgive him for the actions he has done. Even though Feferi was one of the first characters to die, doesn't mean the has to be forgetten by most of the fandom.

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24 The Sufferer


He's done so much to stop the blood spilling of other trolls and even died doing so. He had a very admirable and depressing story. R.I.P Signless

Troll jegus

25 Bro

He's just so cool. You wish that someday you could be as chill as your bro

26 Davesprite

If you care about Davesprite, you should care about Davepeta. Vote Davepeta. - Acamaeda

So kawaii

27 Mituna Captor

I love him so much

He need more love

I'm pretty confused why Mituna is so under rates on these charts. I mean like, what's not to love about him?! He is a super adorable character that deserves a lot more love then he currently has.

Mituna is a great character I don't know why he's the 27 favorite even know there so much left of this comic I think he's a amasing character

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28 Davepetasprite



yes. - WolfiNight

Undertale refrence, cut, adouble, and most importantly ses her worning.

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29 Spades Slick

Eel-man here to tell you that SS deserved better.
In a way, his fate is the linchpin for why I thought the ending was unsatisfying.
I would go into more detail,
but writing an essay about a Homestuck character would just devolve into me being angry about the ending.

(Spoiler alert for the whole comic! )
In spite of losing all his friends (Midnight Crew), his city (Midnight City), and the fact that most of his body had to be replaced with cybernetic parts, he kept fighting to avenge that casino. He (presumably) DIED before he gave up on it. If this isn't determination, I don't know what is.
Spades is the perfect balance of badass and silly. If you've read the Intermission, you'd know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, go read it, you silly! - Feltri

(Spoiler alert for the entire comic! You have been warned.)

Spades Slick is the best character in the whole comic. Although he seems like an a-hole at first glance, he actually cares about people. For example, he comforts Karkat when he's crying about the death of Sollux ( s=6&p=004372 ; this is as sincere as he gets when he's not interacting with Ms. Paint, just trust me on that one). In addition, when discovering Lord English hit Ms. Paint, he says this: "You say he did WHAT, why I oughta! ". This makes it obvious that Slick cares about her, especially when you consider that Hussie wrote this on the same page: "You obviously make an adorable couple... That's it, I'm calling it. I'm declaring your ship to be officially canon."
Not to mention his funny attempts at quips, one of which is this gem:
"Hate to chop all of your heads off with this sword. Real sorry about that. My bad."

Now to carefully ...more - Feltri

30 Andrew Hussie

Andrew Hussie created Homestuck, and we all love Homestuck! Without Hussie we wouldn't have this unless someone else was smart & crazy enough to think of this. This is someone who should be higher on the list.

He's the creator of the indescribably complex and beautiful world of Homestuck, so hell yeah.

Other then him stepping on a Lego brick causing him to kill everyone, this man is awesome!

Everyone secretly worships Hussie, we all know it's true.

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31 The PM


37th place? How could this happen! Mail is justice!

Why is she so far on the list? She's so awesome!

32 Caliborn

Responsible for some of the funniest dialogues in the comic. He's rude, immature, "perverted", stubborn, conniving, violent, impatient, and I love him for it. Also the most badass- chewing his own leg off, facing the most deadly denizan, and beating a single player dead session against all odds. I don't care if a character is evil, stupid, or wimpy, as long as they're interesting and entertaining. Just because you wouldn't want to meet them in real life doesn't mean you can't enjoy them as exactly that- a fictional character. Caliborn is a wretched, insufferable brat, and it is not in spite of this but BECAUSE of this that he deserves more love from fans.


Because he's awesome, go LE!

Most badass. most weird. most best.

33 Cronus Ampora

Honestly, I guessed he would be this low, but he still deserves SOME love. A troll having the guts to be a humankin is pretty cool. His character design is one of my favorites, it's easy on the eyes, and his backstory is pretty much a spinoff of Harry Potter. He's also relatable, at least to me.

I love this guy and honestly he's pretty popular when you rp as him

Cronus is a greaser! So hot. Swooon!


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34 The Mayor

In the words of dave "he's full of surprises"

The mayor. Come on. It's the mayor! I don't know why he's all the way down at 112, as he needs more love. You can't not love the mayor.

EVERYONE LOVES THE MAYOR. I would vote for The Mayor; everything would be great if he were our leader

Mayor of can city?!

35 Latula Pyrope

She is the most radical troll to ever be created life wouldn't be the same with out her. why is she down here they probably made a mistake, I mean seriously she is amazing and I think she should be the first one not that stupid ass karkat

Th1s g4m3 g1rl 1s th3 b3st 1n th3 world


Karkat bae anyway latulas cool

36 Calliope

She's awesome and she should be higher on the list.

She deserves to be higher than that. She's so cute!



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37 Lord English



He’s da best

38 Casey

Casey the salamander
Blub blin

Casey can summon dead salamanders with a necromancer staff plus he's super funny when they animate him


Casey/Viceroy bubbles von Salamancer is so cool. Viceroy Bubble Von Salamancer is the best! Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamancer deserves to be supreme ruler of the universe because Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamancer is the kindest, most amazing, inspiring soul who ever lived. Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamcer deserves to ascend to the top of this list and sit on the golden throne of being the greatest character in homestuck. (Every time you vote Casey/Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamancer, a Salamander in the Land Of Wind And Shade finds a glowing mushroom and blows a bubble in euphoria.) So don't Vote for those other losers; Vote Casey (Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamancer) Today!

39 Post-scratch Dave

This is the best Dave, he looks awesome

40 Damara Megido
41 Jake English

Jake is probably someone who a lot of us can relate to. Over the internet, he is excited about meeting actual people, and can communicate easily, but when he actually meets his friends, we find out that he's not really good with human interaction, like most of us. Also, he has a charming personality, and he isn't rude to others. I think people should appreciate him more.

Love him! Especially when he kissed Lil Hal's head on the volcano (at least, I think it was Lil Hal.)

42 Autoresponder

Lil hal is pretty cool, honestly. not as a character dirk just programmed him well. if I could vote for both him and dirk I would but hal is pretty low

43 The Condesce

Come on peeps! You must OBEY and get her! She's pretty great.


44 Crowbar

Just one more rank until he's 77, please, for ironies sake people! - wowthisisstupid

45 Redglare

Best ancestor per screen time in my humble opinion


46 Erisolsprite

Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make dead characters alive again

Liking this for that Su reference


47 Doc Scratch
48 Jaspers
49 Rufioh Nitram

Best character in homestuck don’t @ me

50 Clubs Deuce
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