Top 10 Greatest Progressive Rock Albums

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1 Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd

I love progressive rock with all my heart! I think it's the best genre of music. It's just perfect. My favorite albums of all time are progressive rock albums. I'm gonna vote for The Dark Side Of The Moon because it deserves to be number one on whatever list it's on. Now, many people will say, "it's only number one because it was the most successful." And while I agree that a lot of successful bands weren't that good, Dark Side Of The Moon is still a masterpiece. It's the album that got me into progressive rock in the first place. And while Pink Floyd were one of the most successful bands of all time, they were still excellent musicians and deserve all the credit that get. Other progressive rock bands being very underrated is another story. Yes is underrated, Rush is underrated, Genesis with Peter Gabriel is very underrated, King Crimson is very underrated as well. But that doesn't mean Pink Floyd is overrated. Pink Floyd is right were it deserves to be as one of the greatest bands of ...more

There may be other albums "as great", but nothing surpasses this work's enduring perfection.

By ways the best prog albums, and even the best album ever! Tokyo Hotel is a big joke, in comparison of bands as Yes, King Crimson, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Genesis and especially... Pink Floyd! In my humble opinion they're the best band ever, and if you don't think so, listen to Gilmour's wizardery on guitar and Waters's poetry on "Time", "Brain Damage/ Eclipse" or "Breathe", and Wright's sensibility on keyboards in "The Great Gig in the Sky" and "Us and Them"; as well as their sense of melody on the hit "Money" and experimentation in "On the Run"and "Any colour you like"!

Not even close, the greatest album of all time. Easily, the greatest in any genre. Tokio Hotel is awful compared to Pink Floyd.

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2 In The Court Of The Crimson King - King Crimson

This is the first album I purchased with my pocket money Still playing it to this day

Okay, the Tokio Hotel thing at the top is hilarious. I'll admit. But this album is the king (ha! You see what I did there?! ), the one that every symphonic prog album that came after it is indebted to. It defined symphonic prog and prog in general.

King Crimson is more than a band. It's a way of doing things. In The Court Of The Crimson King is an album that continues to impress 40 years after it has been presented. For me, no album will ever be better, and I certainly hope the new King Crimson incarnation of 2014 will live up to it's expectations

This is the record that started it all really. Lush orchestration paved the way for Yes, Genesis & Spock' Beard. Mellotron can be heard on modern Steven Wilson tracks. Flowing riffs and time signature changes form the bedrock of Dream Theater & Tool. One of the most influential albums of all time.

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3 Close To The Edge - Yes

Dark Side of the Moon is amazing. One of the best albums ever. But not enough prog-rock for me. It's more of an experience that the real Prog-Rock thing. Close To The Edge is the perfect example of what Prog-ROCK is. Not the best as an album, but as a Prog-Rock album, YES (No pun intended).
I had a hard time choosing between Close To The Edge and Selling England By The Pound. And a lot of others, like Wish You Were Here. - MaxPap

Nothing against Rush, but Close to the Edge is one of the most brilliant albums ever made. The same goes for ITCOTCK (which I think should be first since it basically invented prog rock). I love Dark Side but Pink Floyd weren't necessarily a progressive rock band and were more experimental. But the albums are still very great nonetheless. I'm also surprised that Lamb Lies Down isn't in the top 10. But this is all just my personal opinion so don't knock me.

Pink Floyd were progressive. The fact that they were experimental is just another reason of why we love them. Many of their songs had deep lyrics with long instrumental passages, mood shifts, genre shifts, time signature shifts... - RalphSaad

In my opinion, Yes out did their selves with this pre Dark Side album. It inspired not only all Progressive Rock, but all music in some way, shape, or form. They all collaborated in the band and wrote in my opinion the greatest album ever made. Close to the Edge is an amazing album where every lyric connects to you. Truly amazing.

Why is tokio hotel at number 1? This album is amazing! Three of the best songs of all time on one of the best albums of all time. Come on people!

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4 Selling England by the Pound- Genesis

This album so does not get the merit it deserves. Every song on this album is flawless and the fact that it is only # 9 and it is the only genesis album on the list disappoints me. in my opinion, I know Pink Floyd is the best prog band by popular vote, you cannot argue that Genesis has a much more diverse selection.

Genesis is my second favorite band but I wouldn't call them more diverse. Their style, though original, was always the same during their prog years. Pink Floyd on the other hand gave each album a certain style and atmosphere, they were much more diverse. I would also put Pink Floyd before Genesis because they didn't move to pop. A lot of people actually don't know that Genesis were once a great prog rock band. Pink Floyd on the other hand are by definition a progressive rock band. Finally, a great thing about Pink Floyd is that each live show offered a different version of their songs, especially in the 60's and 70's. They could actually be better live than studio while improvising, which is no easy task. A 5 minute song could turn into a 10 minute one. I've watched many videos about Genesis live and they're great, but they don't offer anything different than what you hear on the album. Now, in my opinion, Selling England by the Pound is slightly better than Dark Side of The Moon, but ...more - RalphSaad

It's the best album in my opinion. I don't think it deserves to be higher, #6 is right, but it's perfect album - from first to last song it's got some idea, hundred of great melodies and true, deep text singed by one of the best musicians!

What? The greatest art rock album isn't in top 10! Remember the songs "Dancing with the Moonlight Knight" and "The Cinema Show". Absolutely great key intro in "Firth of Fifth". Beutiful Gabriel's guitar and Peter's vocals. And what about Phil's divine drumming.

When the album moves into After the Ordeal and then onto Cinema Show, it is probably the most beautiful 15 minutes of progressive rock, comparable with Side A of Crimson's first and Side A of Ommadawn.

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5 2112 - Rush

This list is a hard one. Not because it's close... Because it's different. Rush and Floyd are two completely different kinds of rock, although they are both still prog rock. Rush is more focused on melody, harmony, etc, while Floyd is more experimental. For me, Rush wins this battle. However, they both have members with a high level of musical talent, although the Rush lineup is possibly the most talented lineup out there. Dream Theater is relatively similar to Rush, but also more heavy metal. They are #2 on this list for me. They are the only band with what I find close to the incredible talent of Rush. Yes and King Crimson are two other prog rock bands that are very musically talented.

On the other hand, Tokio Hotel is:
A. Not rock
B. Not talented
C. Not respectable

HOW CAN ONE COMPARE SUCH AN AMAZING, INTUITIVE, MUSICAL BAND AS RUSH TO A POPPY BAND AS TOKIO HOTEL? I came to this list expecting to see many bands, but certainly NOT Tokio Hotel. Yikes.

This is by far the greatest progressive rock album ever created. This album was so far ahead of its time, and it explored new ways to make music. Most bands even today don't come close to making something as epic as this album. The opening 20 minute piece tells an incredible story of a man standing up against the rest for what he believed in. What other band do you know of that made a bad ass song about The Twilight Zone? The amount of musicianship put into 2112 is absolutely impeccable. These 3 guys are the best at what they do.

Everyone raves about the 20 minute title track that takes up the entire first side of the album, and while 2112 the song is simply amazing and unreal, the lesser known songs on the second side of the album are great too. Bangkok is one of Alex Lifeson's best performances. The Twilight Zone brings the perfect mood to an incredibly dark album. Lessons is a personal favorite of mine, and incredibly underrated. Tears is ok, and something for nothing is deep, loud, and a 3 minute helping of rush at their hardest. Pink Floyd cannot compare to the amazing musicianship of Rush. They will always be the best

For me, Gentle Giant is the most musically talented prog band, but Rush fares well in this category, too. Geddy Lee's singing and bass, Alex Lifeson's guitar, and Neal Peart's drumming all win their categories frequently in votes. Although I like Rush's first 2 albums best, no one else seems to agree. I do agree that this one is excellent.

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6 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

No album to date could match the mastering of music as wish you were here has achieved. Every second is part of the "must live", pink floyd experience.

Every note on this album is perfect. A masterpiece

The best Pink Floyd album. Therefore the best Prog album. - Lemonjelo

Shine on you crazy diamond is the best song. I like this album than The Dark Side of The Moon cause this album is the climax of progressive rock by Pink Floyd

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7 Animals - Pink Floyd

Even if your not a fan of the floyd how can you not love this. Its nasty, deep prog, with massive amounts of suspenseful energy and blasting grungy distorted guitar with so many massive and dirty solos all wrapped up in that melodic plodding style of floyd that sucks you in to thinking that this is a nice (sic) sugary album only to find yourself ripping into the air guitar all the while singing to yourself in the vain of johnny rotten, ozzy and robert plant.
Its fair to say I love this album.

Floyd's heaviest and best album. Unrivalled guitar work by Gilmour and awesome keyboards from Rick.

The Dark Side of the Moon does have several progressive elements but the definition of Prog. Rock is that a song needs to be long, include the use of a synthesizer, and needs to have a middle section. The songs from Animals meet all those standards. I would say Animals should be ahead of Dark Side and WYWH.

Whilst I prefer wish you were here as an album, the list is for best prog rock albums and this is it. It points out, with cynicism, the holes in society and is filled with excellent lyrics, rythme and texturing that only the Floyd can deliver with such energy

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8 The Wall - Pink Floyd

Not really prog. - MaxPap

Not just another brick in the wall...

Great album, but this is not progressive rock people! - fractaled45

Best progressive album forever! By the way why the hell here's a Tokio Hotel? Tokio Hotel suck!

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9 Hemispheres - Rush

In my opinion, Hemispheres is much better than 2112 and somewhat better than Moving Pictures. I wouldn't exactly call 2112 a progressive album though... The only thing close to progressive on the record is the title track, which isn't exactly prog either - more like a long hard rock song.

Hemispheres is definitely Rush at the top of their game, lyrically and instrumentally.

The whole first side of 2112 is an amazing prog rock song (possibly the greatest), but as far as the album as a whole, the rest was more of 70's hard rock with some prog mixed in. This, however, was pure progressive rock, in music and lyrics. It was the last fully "progressive" album they did, and is definitely the best.

All Rush needed was four songs to prove they were the best at progressive rock... 2112 is amazing, but when you look at the sum of all the songs on each album Hemispheres definitely takes the cake.

Every song on this album is a masterpiece. This album comes on top of the 19 Rush album and also on top of the thousands albums ever made by any band.

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10 Moving Pictures - Rush

Moving pictures is number two on my personal list. You gotta have Pink Floyd at number one because it's Pink Floyd, but this album is easily Rush's best album and easily the best album of all prog other than the Dark Side of the Moon. The whole thing is just amazing song after amazing song after amazing song. The first four songs in it are all four of Rush's best songs, three of them easily being top-10 Rush songs.

Every single song on this album is pure magic. Between drumming, keyboards, and the guitar types, this is a must have progressive rock album. Plus, there's some bass solos on it! One of the best albums of all time!

simply amazing, full of complexity, virtuoso musicianship.. and the greatness of RUSH -

Moving pictures not #1... Ok, that stinks. Rush not #1... Ok, that stinks. People thinking Tokio Hotel is better? What has happened?

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11 Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull

So amazing, soothing, catchy, pleasant, light-hearted, memorable, diverse, intelligent... A beautiful experience front to back. - JoLeKosovo

This album is the definition of what prog-rock should be - MaxPap

Ian Anderson stands out in prog-rock world as a very versatile artist: frontman, showman, composer, instrumentalist, and lyricist.
This album sees him in top form in every aspect of his artistry.
Not so pretencious group like the others, always with a sense of irony and (sometimes bitter) humour - it is my favourite band and favourite masterpiece of prog-rock.

Should be in the top 5. Side 1 is one of the greatest prog-rock masterpieces ever made. Side 2 is great too but a little more experimental. - MaxPap

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12 Fragile - Yes

Why us tokio hotel even in this list? Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis and King Crimson are progressive rock at its best, and this album is beautiful, how is it 20th? - fidelcanojr

Everything Steve Howe touched turned to gold.

This is what they call perfection. - arbeZameniC

Where is blue öyster cult. I think the list is fine, but I miss some BÖC album here. Some people say that böc isn't "a prog band", but many of they have never listened to the blue öyster cult. "secret treaties" and "agents of fortune" are great album for this ranking.

13 Red - King Crimson

Top ten worthy, probably my favorite prog rock release or at least for classic prog that is - cjWriter1997

Red is heavy, ambitious and very Complex. Every piece of this 40 minute is Epic. Every song is memorable and amazing in a different way. Its heavy guitar riffs, it's poetic lyrics and writing, great vocals and use of saxophone with jazz fusion influences, amazing drums parts especially on " one more red nightmare " by Bill bruford, amazing combination of Mellotron and Guitar... It all creates a Masterpiece record that is perfectly engineered and sounds amazing.

Prog rock, sure, but Red is basically its own genre. Nothing else sounds like it, a 40 minute nervous breakdown of an album.

Red is one of the heaviest Prog records of the 70s. Not to mention one of the most interesting. Seriously. Red and King Crimson deserve more recognition than what they get!

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14 To Our Children's Children's Children - The Moody Blues

CANNOT believe that this album is not rated way, way higher on various prog lists.
This is the Moodies' magnum opus, and is designed to take you on a transcendent trip through space and time.

With some of the best Mellotron-driven cosmic rock of all time, this album pairs up VERY nicely with Hawkwind's "Warrior On The Edge Of Time" for back-to-back listening.

I'm the Old Stone Ranger. You can TRUST me...

Truly an epic masterpiece. I am a huge fan of the Moodies:) That, Genesis, Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd and King Crimson...

The most haunting, atmospheric album of all time.

Incredible album, my favorite part starts with Beyond, and carries to the end! Maybe not as proggy as albums like Tarkus, Selling England by The Pound, and Thick as a Brick, but certainly as good as them in my opinion. Very underrated album, and band.

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15 Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From a Memory - Dream Theater

Metal IS rock but better

This is Progressive Metal, not Progressive Rock - Gamefreak23788

Best ablum ever made

Nothing got close to this album for me, except Karmakanic's Wheel of life and maybe Pale Communion from Opeth. Never quite got into Pink floyd. Don't know why.

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16 Tales from Topographic Oceans - Yes

It is a little experimental. And it's maybe not for everyone : Some people hated it. And even Rick Wakeman, the keyboardist of Yes, hated it so much that he left the band after recording this album. And yes, some parts may be boring.

But this album is what you call real Progressive Rock. A 2LP album, 1 song per side. Throughout the album you can feel the whole theming of it. It is amazing. And that cover, it's so great and puts you in the mood... Adventure in oceans. Tales from Topographic Oceans. I love the cover so much it's my desktop wallpaper right now on my computer. Close to the Edge may be a better album, but since Tales is only 16 I had to vote for it. Second best Yes album and third is Fragile.

I really love this album. Might not be the best, but I love it. - MaxPap

I agree with much of your opinion, and here's mine. Tales is twice as good as the endlessly overrated Close to the Edge, or Fragile; in quality as well as length. I'm tired of hearing how Rick Wakeman disliked this album. Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, and Alan White loved or liked it. I love Tales, and consider it to be Yes' best album. - Crwth

After the lamb lies down on Broadway this is my next favourite. It's bonkers as all good prog rock is. Its John Anderson's interpretation of Hindu scriptures over two slabs of vinyl that rings with some of the most out there expiremental music ever recorded. Some people say it's a difficult album to listen to and I can understand that, but I have always loved it and get some rich rewards every time I listen to it. And the cover art by Rodger Dean is incredible my favorite cover art ever.

Expansive to be sure, but that is part of the key to its success. By stretching their canvas out to such a degree, the music has more room to breathe, making the melodic underpinnings more elusive at first listen, but so much more rewarding in the end.

Many Yes fans, myself included, consider this to be their best album, and their greatest work. It consists of 4 complex songs, each about 20 minutes long.

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17 Foxtrot - Genesis

Peter Gabriel greats, "Supper's Ready" and "Watcher of the Skies", on the same album!

"Watcher" was actually written mostly by Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. "Supper's Ready" and "Get 'Em Out By Friday" are unmistakably Gabriel tunes, though. His quirky personality and signature wit are all over them - musicman4

Supper's ready_!

The best Genesis album forever and ever


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18 Brain Salad Surgery - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Classical/Jazz/Rock fusions. Hell, fuse in lots of other stuff too. The genius of Keith Emerson permeates this album. I thank ELP for introducing me to classical music! From here I discovered Beethoven as a child.

As an entire album, I prefer Tarkus, but since this is higher than tarkus, and Karn Evil 9 is easily my favorite song of all time, this works! Love Toccata and Jerusalem as well! Not a big fan of Benny the Bouncer. Still you turn me on is alright.

This should be in the top ten, awesome album!

A masterpiece and as part of the ELP early albums a cornerstone on which Prog Rock was built... It never gets old. ELP took risks, But they defined power the intricacy and precision on which the entire genre was built...

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19 Mirage - Camel

I just discovered Camel. I love it so much I listened to a lot of their albums in such a short period of time...
To any rock / prog rock fans, you NEED to listen to this album. It's practically flawless. No wonder Camel is known at an eargasm band. Their music is so goood.
Yes, it's 70% instrumental but the instrumentals they do are better than almost any other prog band out there, with the exceptions of a few like Genesis. I mean, they are both symphonic but very different. Let's check out the songs of Mirage.

Freefall : That 3/4 time part is pure bliss. Probably my favorite part of the whole album. So simple, yet gives chills to a such awesome melody.
Supertwister: : Gives good vibes. Great flute but I mostly love the keyboards on this one.
Nimrodel : Great, a song about the Lord of the Rings! This is a prog classic. Absolutely flawless. Love the mellotron in some parts. The solo at the end is different from anything they made ; it's so unique and I love ...more - MaxPap

One of the best Camel's albums! Everything is here: melodic bass lines by Ferguson, Andy Ward powerful and very precise drumming, Bardens symphonic and dynamic keyboards solos (after his departure no other keyboards players would be as good as him) and especially Andrew Latimer emotive, sensitive and powerful guitar work and... His beautiful flute on "Supertwister". From the cool opening "Freefall" to the mystic "Nimrodel/The Procession/White Rider" Camel is excellent and signs his all time masterpiece: the superb "Lady Fantasy"!

Insanely underrated. Brilliant album.

Without a doubt! Mirage is the most undervalued album of progressive rock but one of the essential parts of this style. An album of worship that very few people can be seen in its full dimension. Simply unbeatable!

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20 Fear of a Blank Planet - Porcupine Tree

This gives me man bonder

I'm in my 50,s and lifelong Rush fan with over 50 times live and a personnel plate even thanks to my wife. PT and Fear of a Blank Planet is my favorite album all time... From opening track to end simply the best...

Fear of a Blank Planet, the name itself has a arcane and mystical feeling to it while the compositions add to the feel. Guests like Alex Lifeson(Rush) and Robert Fripp(King Crimson) have graced the album with their spine chilling solo performance. Steven Wilson with his compositions accompanied by the ambience mastermind Richard Barbieri, jazz infused bass playing elements incorporated by Colon Edwin and of course, the man from a blank planet, Gavin Harrison showcasing his drumming prowess and seems a bit too much to take for us, the resident of Earth.

21 A Farewell to Kings - Rush
22 Asia - Asia

Good prog rock band, very underrated. - MaxPap

Though the tracks on this album are all under 6 minutes long, the band packs a myriad of dazzling moves into each song. Exquisite works from masters John Wetton, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes, and Carl Palmer. - Crwth

23 The Yes Album - Yes

Update from the other comments I did on Yes albums here : I thought this album would be overrated but turns out it's underrated. Starship Trooper is for sure one of their best songs, but Yours is No Disgrace and Perpetual Change is just as good. Amazing album, all songs in there are just so good! For now, it's my third favorite by yes, after Relayer and Close to the Edge. - MaxPap

I cannot handle the fact that this always falls behind Close to the edge. Every track is a class act except the Clap.!

Why except the Clap? Because it's not complex enough? It's a great guitar piece. It doesn't need the accompaniment of other instruments to be a masterful work of art. - Aweso

I do agree with putting Close to the Edge higher than this, since Close to the Edge is much more progressive, and in my opinion, better. But even with that said, this whole album is amazing as well. - Songsta41

Taking King Crimson one step further. Melody and progressive music can exist!

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24 Meddle - Pink Floyd

Echoes is perfection, which for me Pink Floyd never surpassed. - LuckyTown

36? This album has One of these days and of course Echoes! It should be in the top 10. - RalphSaad

Meddle is simply amazing, pure progressive. It includes Echoes so it should be top 20. Question is, wheres atom heart mother


25 Relayer - Yes

The Gates of Delirium is amazing! Not an easy listen, but once you've heard it a couple of times you'll start to really love it.

As for side 2, I can't tell yet. - MaxPap

Update : While Sound Chaser and To Be Over are very experimental and not for everyone, I find them great tracks considering how complex they are. - MaxPap

My favorites are Dark Side of the Moon and Close to the Edge but seeing Relayer so low, I had to vote for it. The Gates of Delirium is amazing. - MaxPap

Relayer is my favorite album along with my favorite song, "The Gates of Delerium". This album is a masterpiece, and contains a great depth of musicalness, strong technique, beautiful melodies and harmonies, and most important of all, a vast amount of emotion. The music is engaging and complex, but in an orderly manner. If you do not enjoy this album, you are probably still lacking high musical understanding, and do not worry, with learning, experimentation, time, and practice, you will reach a point where you can enjoy this album. And oh, boy, will you enjoy it...

I totally agree with you, Relayer is my favourite album by Yes not to mention Fragile, the yes album and Going for the one which should also deserve high ratings.

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26 Aqualung - Jethro Tull

Fantastic concept album...this is Ian Anderson's Magnum Opus without doubt..

Do the people on this page even know what Progressive Rock really is? This album is just as important to the Progressive Rock movement as Dark Side Of The Moon, In The Court Of The Crimson King, Close To The Edge and countless others! Songs like "Locomotive Breath," "Cross-Eyed Mary" and let's not forget the title track are some of the best Progressive Rock songs out there! Seriously people, this album deserves to be at least in the top 5!

I agree, I know this album since 1978 an it is still one my favourite album

So underestimated and underrated. Jethro Tull definitely should be in the first 10, if not 5, with Aqualung and/or Thick as a Brick.

Top Five (not necessary in that order) DSM, ITCOCK, Aqualung/Thick as a Brick (preferably Aqualung), Close to The Edge, and Lamb Lies Down/Selling England/Foxtrot (though one here).

27 Permanent Waves - Rush
28 Tarkus - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

This album is excellent and contains a catchy brilliant opening song followed by great tunes that leave a satisfying conclusion. Overall one of the best albums of prog rock.

The 20 min of side 1 Tarkus is to me THE greatest progressive rock song ever. Great keyboard, drums, vocals and guitar.

I think this album is just a masterpiece. Even though side 2 is just mediocre, side 1 is just the opposite. If you have never listen to the prog rock magnum opus Tarkus, you shouldn't be considered a human.

Opening track is one of the greatest prog rock songs ever.

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29 Caress of Steel - Rush

The most underrated album in history is either this one or Queen II - dlbk03

Listen to it and you will like it

Very underrated album

30 OK Computer - Radiohead

Their last truly great record. It was all directionless noise from there

This is prog!?

So many good songs on this album...
Paranoid Android
No Suprises
Karma Police - Ziffe

31 Images and Words - Dream Theater

A phenomenal album which showcases Dream Theater's true proficiency and skill as a progressive metal band.

Master piece IMAGES AND WORDS is perfect creation of mankind

It s the best. why this album is after Green Day is an insult to the Dream Theater one of the best prog band in the world with Pink Floyd, yes, Genesis... Etc BUT NOT Green Day, they are the opposite of DREAM THEATER. For justice vote this GREAT ALBUM (Pull Me Under, Another Day, Take The Time, Surronded, Metropolis PT. 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper, Wait For Sleep, Learning To Live) If you are insicure listen this album. I think this album should be in the first position. Sorry for my English but I m Italian.

Even though OK Computer is probably better, it is NOT progressive rock. This is a mastpeice from start to finish, something very rare, and deserves to be up there with Dark Side and Close to the Edge

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32 Seventh Sojourn - The Moody Blues

New horizons is a revelation!, a son's ode to a dead father

33 Blackwater Park - Opeth

Yes, into death metal. But drawn with progressive elements. A great album.

34 A Passion Play - Jethro Tull

People praise Thick as a Brick, which is indeed a masterpiece, but A Passion Play seems to be forgotten. I think it's as good as Thick as a Brick. It's a masterpiece. - MaxPap

35 Every Good Boy Deserves Favor - The Moody Blues
36 Misplaced Childhood - Marillion

Fish at his best vocals and lyrics work, Rothery as a guitar master, Kelly finding great keyboards sounds, a good rhythm section Trewavas-Mosley, lots of melodies... This is Misplaced Childhood!

Every note at its best, hard to listen only 5 times in a row.
A real masterpiece.

Inspired cycle of songs that seem to discuss one's journey through life. Misplaced Childhood music is firmly grounded in 70's Symphonic rock but adds enough new spices (punch, adrenaline, scottish folk, etc). Lyrically speaking it ranks on top of the prog rock genre: romantic disillusions, freudian analyzed family issues, pheromonial adolescence, life on the road, drugs, political doubts, despair with human kind and hope in the end! There's no childhood's end, we have friends, life is not so bad after all. The author raises an independance flag. Imagine there's no countries, just the pride of being ourselves, of respecting and following our own hearts.
The album accomplishes so much with prog rock it should make Johnny Rotten feel like a fragile infant holding a lollypop.


37 Black Holes and Revelations - Muse

Not the best of muse albums but come on this is muse they are amazing absolution and origin of symmetry should at least be in the top 20 it is really hard to get far here from epic bands like Pink Floyd and rush

I love muse but never thought of them as Prog, I guess some songs are - DeadAsian

Not my favorite album, but it has Starlight, Take a Bow, Knights of Cydonia... amazing album.

Top 20s for sure.

38 Lark's Tongues In Aspic - King Crimson

That was the future way of the Progressive!

Number 41? Really? It should be in the top ten.

The most progressive album ever made. Every song is a masterpiece, especially Exiles and the Two-Part title track.

Light years ahead and still feels "progressive" rather than the easy target for jokes most "progrock" has become.

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39 Pawn Hearts - Van Der Graaf Generator

On Man-Erg, one of my favorite songs ever, Jackson plays 2 saxophones simultaneously! But the album also has "Lemmings" and a "Plague of Lighthouse Keepers"!

Totally agree with you but most people do not know about VdGG, is it because of the dark soundscape, or the fantastic but rather special voice of Peter? They are not well known but those who know about them rate the albums highly, just check the reviews on ProgArchives. But over to the album, and the music. VdGG had a rather special orchestration and used flute and sax instead of guitar most of the time. Lemmings is the "worst" song on the album in my opinion but I would give it 4/5 for the Voice and special soundscape. Man-Erg is incredible and starts with piano and then an Electronic organ comes in until Peter starts singing, a crazy middle section comes in and 2 saxes scream Wildly. The song becomes more cacaphonic. 5/5 A plague of lighthouse keepers is a long epic filled with epic parts. 4.5/5. I think it is a masterpeice, and Peter Hammil, Jackson (Saxophone, flute) Banton (organ) Evans (a insane drummer) and Robert Fripp on guitar makes this album a must in any prog collection. ...more

Wow! Only 21? This is one of the most important prog album (and there is important prog albums! )! Hammil chnaging voice on "Lemmings (including Cogs)", sometimes playing piano as on the beautiful "Man Erg", Jackson's screaming saxs which can be handsome on all songs, Banton's pure organ parts trying to create new atmospheres, Evans's complex drumming... And as it wasn't enough Robert Fripp plays an excellent guitar solo at the end of the magnificent "A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers" a dark 20 minutes piece dominated by the great Hammil!

This is a brilliant, highly innovative album. Sadly, it's hevily underrated...

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40 Nothingface - Voivod
41 Illusions On a Double Dimple - Triumvirat

German band in the style of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. One of the fanciest albums that you'll ever hear.

42 Machine Head - Deep Purple
43 Godbluff - Van Der Graaf Generator

An essential for any prog fan. Godbluff captures the spirit of eclectic bands.

Great LP but the real deal is their first 4 Lp's

44 The Snow Goose - Camel

One of the greatest. Best Camel album tied with Mirage. - MaxPap

Not the best album ever but a great listen nonetheless. Everyone out there should listen to this instrumental album, it's better than anything kraftwerk put out

Amazing instrumental - RalphSaad

The live version is even better.

45 The Divine Wings of Tragedy - Symphony X

This is the culmination of what "prog" and "rock" really mean. Symphony X brings mastery of every instrument and mastery of complex compositions to the table.

46 Black Clouds & Silver Linings - Dream Theater
47 Turn of the Cards - Renaissance

"Mother Russia" and "Running Hard" on the same album! - roncohp

48 Breakfast In America - Supertramp

"The Logical Song" is my favorite song by Supertramp!

Classic pop prog of the best.

49 Octavarium - Dream Theater

Octavarium definitely gets my vote.



50 Secret Messages - Electric Light Orchestra
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