Top 10 Greatest Progressive Rock Albums

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161 Erotic Cakes - Guthrie Govan

One of the most versatile instrumentalists out there today. Deserves some recognition on the list.

Lol guthrie govan is not prog rock

162 The Power and the Glory - Gentle Giant

This is the best album ever. With "So Sincere" and "Cogs in Cogs" on the same album, what can top it!

I agree with this review and In a Glass house is neck to neck with it

163 Remember the Future - Nektar

Nektar's best album - not only for the music and musicianship, but they also had the best light shows of anyone!

164 Fillmore East, June 1971 - Frank Zappa and the Mothers

This live album was a concept album about gigs on road trips. Zappa at his best!

165 Monster Movie - Can

One of the key protogynists in what became Krautrock and what a brilliant debut to start the ball rolling

166 Phantasmagoria - Curved Air

The song Marie Antoinette is a classic progressive rock song. The story is of the French Revolution, and their female vocalist is a rare treat in progressive.

Criminally underrated band and deserve the same accolades that are afforded tot the likes of yes,genesis and all the rest

167 Moving Waves - Focus

The song Hocus Pocus is probably the only progressive rock song in history that includes yodeling. It is a classic.

168 Magician's Birthday - Uriah Heep

Has many great songs - Sunrise, Spider Woman, Sweet Lorraine, and The Magician's Birthday.

169 Warrior on the Edge of Time - Hawkwind

The low rating figures, since they aren't real popular and crossed the lines from space rock, but this album has "Assault and Battery", "Opa Loka", and "Kings of Speed". Their light shows are awesome, too! - roncohp

This is one of Hawkwind's best albums.

170 Birds of Fire - Mahavishnu Orchestra

A fabulous jazz fusion album that crossed the line into progressive rock (see genre on Wikipedia). John McLaughlin is a guitar virtuoso, and Billy Cobham cannot be beaten on drums. Besides bass and keyboards, they even have violin! - roncohp

I would rate this as Mahavishnu Orchestra's best album.

171 Romantic Warrior - Return to Forever

Chick Corea's band was known for jazz fusion (progressive jazz), however at least this album crossed the boundary into progressive rock. See the genre for the album on Wikipedia if you don't believe me. - roncohp

172 Islands - King Crimson

The title track alone, is one of the greatest accomplishments in musical history. It's a shame how unknown it is. This is a great king crimson album that is highly underrated. Definitely a keeper. Wondering why this wasnt already on the list.

173 Clockwork Angels - Rush

The fact that I had to add this album to the list just proves how overlooked Rush is. It's their twentieth album and they're still at the top of their game. It's no moving pictures or 2112, but it can still stomp anything by Pink Floyd into the ground.

174 Bitches Brew - Miles Davis
175 Smile - The Beach Boys
176 Love Over Gold - Dire Straits
177 Crack the Skye - Mastodon
178 On the Sunday of Life - Porcupine Tree
179 Up the Downstair - Porcupine Tree
180 The Sky Moves Sideways - Porcupine Tree
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