Top 10 Greatest Sonic The Hedgehog Games

The best from everyones favorite anthromorphic speedy blue rodent!

The Top Ten Greatest Sonic The Hedgehog Games

1 Sonic The Hedgehog 2

This is the single best Sonic the Hedgehog game ever, without a doubt. It expanded on its predecessor's levels by replacing tough puzzles with absolutely thrilling sections.

EMERALD HILL - Short, but sweet, and isn't the Green Hill rip-off people make it out to be.
CHEMICAL PLANT - I was stuck on Act 2 for ages! Its music is addictive and you should try out the remake of this zone in Sonic Generations!
AQUATIC RUIN - If you want a good run in this zone, then AVOID THE WATER! Just saying.
CASINO NIGHT - Fun, inventive, and paved the way for all future casino-like Sonic levels. (Well, OK, maybe Spring Yard did that in Sonic 1, but whatever. )
HILL TOP - Not the best Sonic zone ever, but I remember that rising lava section!
MYSTIC CAVES - Loads of traps, so beware! I liked playing 2 Player Mode with this zone!
OIL OCEAN - Really gets across that foreign feel, and sometimes I would just keep jumping across the oil!
METROPOLIS - A mega three-act zone, this is a ...more

I remember my Dad picking me up from school in his army truck and telling me he had a suprise for me and my stepbrothers and sister and that we had to share turns.
Instantly I knew what it was and lo and behold it was Sonic 2.
This game holds a special place in my heart. It reminds me of happier times but the game alone is worthy in a top 10 greatest games.

Sonic looks better, plays faster finally ( on Pal ) and the introduction of Tails was the icing on the cake.
The design is fantastic and worlds look amazing. And that was before we discovered the special stages... WOW!
All topped off with incredible music and sound effects.
In fact typing this has made me realise games like this exist, and perhaps I should stop playing first person shooters and crime games.

Today and can play it and enjoy it but my age makes me not as crazy for it.
So I have passed it on to my Daughter who absolutely adores Sonic and she too will have the memories and joy I had.

My first video game was a SEGA Genesis, and the game that was played the most was Sonic 2. Very nice level design, fun Robotnik battles, ADDICTIVE music, and incredible special stages. The introduction of Super Sonic helps your cause, plus it introduced Miles "Tails" Prower, my favorite Sonic character, into the games. Really set the bar for how to make a memorable Sonic game. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

My favorite zone is Casino night I get stuck in certain places in the Casino night zones 1&2 but I will always love playing the Casino on two player and the other two zones but I hate the special zone

2 Sonic Generations

THIS IS FOR THE CONSOLE VERSIONS: I personally think that Sonic Generations is the best game ever. My comment will be kind of long, but by the time I am through you will understand why I think this.

Sonic Generations is the best game simply because it is for multiple generations of Sonic the Hedgehog lovers as the title implies. The inclusion of Classic Sonic was magnificent as he felt just like his Genesis self. His levels felt more "classic" than any game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The physics were amazing and the graphics were stunning. Modern Sonic was just as amazing, and to be biased, my favorite version. I love boosting through the levels and the platforming of each level.

SEGA did a really good job of making this game a platformer. I truly see this as platforming to the max while keeping the speed aspect of the game. While there are some levels that aren't too reminiscent of the game that they were in, they maintained the playability. My personal favorites ...more

Generations is good, but saying it's the best game ever is being way generous, in my opinion. I think Sonic 2, and 3 and Knuckles are way better games. - SonicFan4Life

Traveling through time, all the best Sonic games made into 3D and 2D, a massive trophy room, the level of nostalgia is OVER 9000! I love this game, from the level design to the re-playability, its pure epicness. Get it now, or my lazer sharks will find you. It's got mechanics both old and new. Even if you haven't picked up a controller for years, this game will convince you otherwise. Perfect difficulty ramp, amazing graphics, and Green Hill Zone, Act 1, is redone perfectly on the 3DS version.

All I have to say is sonic 20th anniversary, AND THERE IS 2 SONICS. How awesome is that? And it makes bad sonic games look epic due to remastering

I remember wanting to play this game as a kid with my brother because the two Sonics told me the game was gonna be multiplayer. And then I found out it was one player and was pretty disappointed. Over time I grew less interested in the game. Then, I was 14 or 15 years old, and I heard a lot of good things about it. I decided to try it out, but I didn't have the consoles it was on. Eventually, I was at a friend's house, and he had "Sonic Generations". I tried it out, and I spent a third of the night playing it. Thinking about how much I enjoyed it, I'm pretty sure it's my favorite game of all time, and definitely my favorite Sonic game.

3 Sonic Adventure 2

best story and 6 playable characters and 180 emblems and lots of unlocks. Chao garden very good.

This game is amazing. It beats Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations by far. The Hero and Dark Story is an amazing idea. I played Hero Story first when I got the game, but in the game's story the Dark Story comes first. Speaking of the story, the story in this game is amazing. I mean, in Sonic Adventure it was just a mutated Chao is transforming into a super Chaos creature. In this game, a hedgehog named Shadow who is claimed to be the ultimate life form breaks free from a base on Earth and teams up with Dr. Robotnick (no I am not calling him Eggman) and a secret government spy named Rouge to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds to activate the Esclipse Canon and shoot a giant laser at Earth and destroying everyone on this. When the military find out about this hedgehog he mistakes it with Sonic. I am one of the few people who don't think it's a stupid mistake to make. The footage of Shadow was shaky and there hasn't been another 3'7 hedgehog looking for 7 magical gems ever, in San ...more

The story, the voices, the music, and most especially the gameplay... Greatest Sonic Game ever.

Don't listen to him! Sonic Adventure 2 is awesome! HE owes YOU an apology! - deltanine

Sonic Adventure 2 was the best Sonic game I played in all my childhood and I still enjoy it. The Chao garden. The introduction of Shadow the Hedgehog. And most of all, the story mode is loads of fun. You can play them all the time and get stuff for your Chao for them to evolve. Did I even mention the Chao school? The Chao school is where you drop off your Chao for them to learn lots of talent. And you can have them at the doctor for a check up. and the Fortune teller will give your Chao a name and then the black Market. It is where you can buy fruit and eggs for your Chao garden. And there are 3 Chao Gardens. The Normal Chao garden, the Dark Garden, and the Hero garden. These are all reasons why I love Sonic Adventure 2 and why I will always play it.

4 Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure is the best game of all time. Anyone who refuses to look beyond the unavoidable camera glitches and bad voice acting is a fool. This game contains excellent music, a great story, CHAO, awesome level design, and the soul of SEGA.

It's no where near the best game of all time, but it's still a great game nonetheless. - MKBeast

One of the most ambitious games of all time, there's this sense of pure passion surrounding this game. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and E-102 are all really fun and well-realized. The story is interesting even if the cut-scenes are a bit dated. It's not perfect, but this game has great energy.

Dude who says "I'd prefer Mario (insert Sonic title here) more"

SHUT UP. Mario is known to have many great games (which are now just remakes of the original games)

Complain about these on 4CHAN.

This has the best story in sonic in my opinion, this game was my childhood and gave me the nostalgia that made me want to be a little kid again, I love this game!

5 Sonic Heroes

This game was... Fun for the most part. I mean, Sonic Heroes was meant for little kids, but I know adults whom enjoy the game vastly. But, aspects of the game are boring or slow. Such as with Team Chaotix, in the Haunted Mansion, they have to locate the same object in the second part of the stage which could take over 9 minutes if you aren't a person for exploration. The tutorial level with Team Rose was just a waste of time. But, I'm not one of those people who just find the faults with the game. The graphics weren't bad for a 2005 GameCube game as well as PS2. The gameplay was a little "spotty' at times but for the most part was done well. The music... THE MUSIC... Was just amazing! The one song I constantly listen to in the game is "What I'm made of". Overall, I think Sega did an amazing job with this game. Let's just hope we don't see another Shadow the hedgehog game see the light of day... Unless the play testers or Sega make it so much better. Sega... You all have ...more

By the way, it's gonna be a long one, so sit tight...

Sonic Heroes can be summed up with one word: innovative. This game gives us so much to work with, starting off with the story. I found myself having to summarize the plot, and even that took a while to explain (and yet some people think it's too dumbed-down... please.). My favorite part? Definitely the Metal Sonic twist, along with the question of whether or not the Shadow that was in Team Dark was a clone or the real one (however, Rouge does mention that "Shadow is a robot," along with Omega saying "the original must exist somewhere," making more of a compelling story line). Overall, the story is probably one of the best "simple" stories of Sonic games (some may say that the ending part of everyone teaming up to stop the plot twist villain was overdone and migrated from SA2, however this is only the 2nd time they've used this ending battle, and the part used in Sonic '06 made it overused, for ...more

If you like the gameplay, why should it be at the bottom of the list? - DCfnaf

The game was great. The storyline was good, and exciting.
The gameplay was very good (Except some missions with, team Chaotix)
The levels was great, with a good soundtrack ( The best one is Seaside hill, in my opinion.
The dialog was really good, and it was always good to hear some comments from the characters while playing.
The game is really great.

This game is defiantly my favorite in the series! Great gameplay, characters, and story(s)! I don't understand why people can dislike this game; it's amazing!

6 Sonic the Hedgehog

The original, not the best, but my favourite. It was My first Sonic game and like many I was instantly hooked. The music, stages and bosses were all of the best quality. The exploration, the platforming and the speed. This game had it all and was only a sign of the brilliance to come.

One of the best Sonic games I've ever played. Despite some glitches, it's introduction to Silver the Hedgehog and option to play him with his psychokinetic ability as well as Shadow the Hedgehog and everyone else was great!

Sonic came bundled with my megadrive.
By the time I had mine I had already played it and Sonic 2 on my dads.
But it was great to own my copy.

Sonic the Hedgehog is still a beautiful game to play even to this day.
Wonderful use of colours and music make this game almost hypnotic.
Unlike its sequel though this Sonic had a few puzzle elements ( not many ) which at the time were good but years later they seem to stop the flow of sonic.
This isn't a bad thing just a minor gripe.

I recently hooked up my megadrive to my 32 inch hdtv. Most retro game systems don't fair well on my TV, however Sonic looked absolutely gorgeous. just to note I was using RGB scart.

The greatest game of the classic series by far.
Green Hill: Absolutely brilliant level design that Emerald Hill tried and failed to replicate.
Marble: Designed as the antithesis of Green Hill, shows you another take on Sonic gameplay.
Spring Yard: Eh, just ok. Like Casino Night and Marble cobbled together.
Labyrinth: WHY DOES THIS ZONE GET SO MUCH HATE?!? A fantastic zone, Labyrinth is basically Marble Zone, but underwater. A good zone.
Star Light: A nice lull after Labyrinth, Star Light is a great zone. Because it is only inspired by Green Hill, it fares a lot better than the ill-fated copies living in Green Hill's shadow.
Scrap Brain: Almost as good as Green Hill. Provides a fun and FAIR (*cough cough Metropolis Zone*) challenge and is quite a fun zone.
Sonic 2: A decent game, but all the zones blend together and the decision to go from 3 acts to 2 was a horrible idea. The spin dash is an overrated move and some zones like Oil Ocean and Metropolis were just ...more

7 Sonic CD

Better than Sonic 1, it improved on it's predecessor in almost every way. It's just unfortunate that the game that ended up being called "Sonic 2" ended up being one of the best games ever made.

The best Sonic game in my opinion. It has the best soundtrack of any Sonic video game and it's graphics are superb. It has original boss battles, Metal Sonic included, and a nice opening.

Both soundtracks are good, extremely good level design, good graphics and music EPIC SPECIAL STAGES really really good story METAL SONIC IS awesome! And those robot making things you have to destroy in the past UHH! THEY ARE ANNOYING but that's what made this game good not to mention the really cool time travel gimmick, going to the bad future would either be REALLY SCARY OR REALLY awesome! Plus those hidden pictures (what were they thinking) and the difficulty is well... Fair unless your going for the good ending then its hard OH! AND I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART the EPIC animated intro and endings they are so awesome! ! TOOT TOOT SONIC WARRIOR CONQUER SPACE AND TIME TOOT TOOT SONIC WARRIOR YOU CAN EVEN FLY (this is the epic part) NOTHING CAN SURVIVE THE WILL TO STAY ALIVE (oh boy! ) CAUSE IF YOU TRY (ah! ) YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! (YES YES YES YES! ! ) YES YES YES YES! THAT SONG NEVER GETS OLD ITS SO EPICLY EPIC! ! ! ! If you haven't played this game you should go play it now the ...more

You must love this game :3 I hate it just kidding this game is creative in every single way - spodermanfan1000

This game is fun I beat it once, I remember getting stuck on metal sonic boss for a long time - trains45

8 Sonic Colors

I think this was the end point of making sonic great again, and generations and lost world came out just after, then it got confused again. But that's not the point. The point is that this is my favorite sonic game, yes unleashed seems to have helped sonic, but this is what made it proper. I like the gameplay obviously, the wisps were a nice addition, although I feel like they could have done a little more with the laser wisp. I also like the game, it's fast in the 2 sections, and faster in the 3d sections. I personally like the 3d sections a little more, but both were nice. I feel that this games areas are also pretty neat, my favorite is probably asteroid coaster. Also the music in this game was great as well, although reach for the stars is one of the weaker main lyrical themes. I also like the voice of sonic compared to the other previous voice actors in previous games, it fits his personality better then the other games. Also it's a small thing, but this game made me laugh here ...more

A refinement of the Unleashed formula, this game has almost no sour moments.

Need I say more? This is truly Sonic's comeback game. The graphics are HD-quality. You would never suspect that a Wii had this much power but there you have it. The game also lacked the boost to win issue with Sonic Unleashed. - ktm095

Sonic colors needs to be AT LEAST 4th place AT LEAST 4TH. THE GAME IS JUST AMAZING

9 Sonic Unleashed

A breath of fresh air for the franchise, the daytime levels are incredibly fun, and the Night levels aren't bad at the very least, although they could have been better

Werehog powers are really useful in some nighttime levels and the killer combo moves make sonic makes him look a character from mortal combat

I always was curious about this game, ever since Sonic Colors came out, Which I pre-ordered and liked. Colors really made me want the game as previously mentioned, so guess what was under the Christmas tree in 2011 by total surprise. SONIC UNLEASHED FOR THE XBOX 360 YEAH! (I had already played Generations, it was even better than Colors) So I gave the game a shot and it wound up being my favorite Sonic game. Everything from the amazing soundtrack, graphics, game play, story, and voice acting all added up for this to be the best Sonic game yet. I was so happy

My lord why is this game given loads of heck? It's a MASTERPIECE, for petes sake.

Unleashed was ahead of its time for Sonic. I mean, have you SEEN the opening? But, that aside the game is absolutely amazing. The Werehog doesn't slow the game down at all, its actually fun to level him up and collect button-mashing comboes that he just pummels through with ease.

Being my first Sonic game, I may be a bit more biased towards Unleashed, so just know in advance I do appreciate and agree with the above list as well as this game.

The game has stunning graphics and visuals with a perfectly fitting soundtrack to boot. Not to mention the lovely jazz you get in every night stage. And sure, harass WereSonic all you want, but his levels as stated before are just as fun (if not more) as HedgeSonic. I think it was a great change to the normal "Gotta go fast" motto the blue blur lives to.

The game just blew me away with said graphics and visuals. It puts even Forces to ...more

10 Shadow the Hedgehog

The real favorite is adventure 2. (Well, duh. The chao garden by itself trumps every other sonic game I've played.) This will receive my vote due to being both underrated and overhated. Mostly overhated. The only thing holding it back is all the gosh dang swearing and disgustingly bad plot. The gameplay, however is very solid. The guns were a fun addition, the only exception being limited in what weapons can be used based on the near-by enemies. Buying this game years after it came out, with all the bad reviews and complaints plaguing the Internet I expected many glitches, as well as choppy and slow gameplay, only to be surprised with a smooth, fast-paced shoot 'em up. This game deserves to be #10 at least.

Even at #12, this game is underrated. No offense, but the dark stories in games are always the most engaging and addicting ones. This goes for all the dark sonic games. And who cares if you don't need guns to play. That's not the point, the point was that the use of guns fit shadows style. Just getting a gun and shooting it at all was fun. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that if Sonic can go through 50 different games without using a gun, then chances are that Shadow can, too. I'm also Perry sure that people who say this are hypocritical and still use guns anyway because it's fun shooting stuff. - MottScurry

Not my favourite game (Although it does star my favourite character, another reason to get my vote), but this game is far too underrated and deserves more votes. Guns, vehicles and a tad swearing is no real reason to hate this game. The sonic series always had guns, G.U.N has these all the time and plus, they're optional. Same for vehicles. So what if he swears? Grow up. If you can't handle someone even saying "Damn" and "Hell", then I'm sorry but I can't take you seriously. This game has a really deep story telling. Shadow is a confused and misunderstood hedgehogs, trying to get answers to his past. He is, however, desperate because of how long he's been waiting for answers to get recieved and goes to extreme lengths to achieve it. The player will then choose his path. Will he end up believing that he is an android? Will he get his revenge on the humans for what they did to him and Maria? Will he defeat Black Doom and show regret for all his past actions? Or will he put the past ...more

Also how come people complain about violence and cursing here but not in the Japanese dub of the anime? - myusernameisthis

The Newcomers

? Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Oh god this game. It's terrible, I know; glitchy gameplay, too dark of a storyline, bad cgi models... But overall, I believe out of all the sonic games I've played, I had the most fun with this one. It's weird and kind of stupid but I always loved the plot itself, it's too dark for a sonic game, and incredibly confusing in an almost homestuckish way, but I don't know, I just really enjoyed it :) As for my play through of the game itself I really didn't have any issues, sure the mach speed sections suck, and shadow should never need to use guns or operate vehicles, but hey, it was partially optional and didn't really affect the plot unlike the godawful Shadow The Hedgehog. Overall Sonic 06 is a guilty pleasure for me that I will occasionally play in fits of boredom, however, if anyone caught me playing it, I would be liable to throw the controller at them.

Me: time to play sonic games

3 hours later...

*Every one is in my room*
My head: wow my family sure like sonic games

Sega is awesome thanks for all of your games I love them sega

I'll never understand why people hate this game. It's one of my favorite games of all time for so many reasons! We got introduced to a new character, there were 3 separate story lines that were epic, the hub worlds were fun to explore, some of the cutscene graphics were SPECTACULAR (you know which ones I'm talking about), practically all of the characters were in there (and you could ACTUALLY BE all of them), etc. !

I think people disliked this game because of the glitches and the romance between Sonic and Elise. I can't believe people are so whiny over the glitches, I've beaten the game so many times, why do they even matter? It's just an extra challenge if you ask me! Even I admit the romance between Sonic and Elise sucked, but can you blame either of them? Elise was a beautiful princess with special powers, and Sonic is a nice guy who had saved her so many times!

I don't care what people say, this is the best game ever.

I love it a lot it's my second favorite my first sonic unleashed for 360. The only things I don't like about it is I run into stuff to much with sonic and shadow. My favorite boss is solaris. But that one dude is right it is a bit to dark especially the end of the world and mephiles could be creepy for some people and iblis is another name for a demon. I like the story line too. I don't care about the romance between sonic and elise or the glitches. I like it for is sound track but not end of the world and the action and going through time and all of that stuff. So you guys who don't like this game don't blame sonic blame the dudes who rushed. There was supposed to be a rainbow gem to where you could go super be they scrapped and rushed. -_-

? Sonic the Hedgehog 3

This game is definitely my favorite game of all time. It's the roots of the series and on whole other level than the first two. Let me give a quick review of this masterpiece. First of the world you travel through in this installment is just massive and their is much to be discovered. The level of multiple routes and secret areas is astounding. Just think even today I'm finding secret rooms with extra lives hidden away. The variety in the levels have also improved. The basic green level than lit on fire. A ancient garden that crumbles before you. A desert that ghosts terrorize. The floating Death Egg also returns as the epic final zone unless you count Doomsday which I will get to later. As I said the levels are varied and now more than ever with I think 14 or 15 in total. Next I'll talk about characters and abilities they each possess. Sonic once again back with the spin dash and now has the insta shield which is actually very useful plus fun. Tails also can use the spin dash like in ...more - Heatnix23

To me, the best sonic game of all time. Sonic 3 introduces the Elemental Shields. With one you are immune to fire and lava, and you can fire yourself rapidly in whatever direction you wish, as long as its left or right. With another you can't drown underwater, and you can slam yourself onto enemies. and with a final shield, you can double jump, and it acts like a ring magnet, taking any rings near you, into you. It also provides the most zones for any sonic game, and in my opinion the best level designs. Just look at how you start Ice Cap Zone! The music is also very good, and its rumored Michael Jackson himself helped compose some of the songs. Another aspect, is introducing the character Knuckles. he can glide, and climb walls! He is very fun to play as, and he can explore his own areas of the many stages. As a final note, this game was so huge at the time, it couldn't fit on a single genesis cart! They had to take half of the game out, and name it Sonic and Knuckles. This is my ...more

Easily the best Sonic game of all time. The level designs, the characters (Just the hedgehog, the fox, the echidna and the mad scientist. None of the crocodile, the chameleon or the rabbit? ). The best music of all time. Everything was perfect in it and everything.

The bonus level was excellent also, Blue spheres was good also. Plus the verses mode was so much better than in Sonic 2. Super Sonic was much better also and is still one of the best games to unlock him.

Give this game the title it deserves as closer to the top. If you've never played it, I suggest downloading a rom and trying it. I promise you'll like it.

Best game ever made. 2/2.5 campaigns, multiple paths, plethora of zones with different (phenomenal) music for each act, gorgeous sprite work. I could go on.

The Contenders

11 Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

This is like my favorite game cube game! I cannot say that it's better than the original but I can say its AWESOME! I highly recommend this game.

One of my most favorite games of all time. This game was genius, I wish Sega can make a comeback game after this one. Sonic is another flawless game, in my opinion Sega has lost their touch after those games... Sonic Generation was good

Better than its Dreamcast version, especially the Japanese version.

This game fun, I played it on gamecube ps3 and pc, has a good story and the chao world is fun as well - trains45

12 Sonic Rush

Extremely underrated! I think it got a lot of hate because sonic had a bad run before this game but this was a true return to form for sonic!

Sonic Rush was my very first introduction to Sonic, and it was worth it. It is personally my favorite Sonic game of all time, despite the rest. The game mechanics are smooth and reasonable, making it fun to play. The music isn't edgy like in the newer games, but upbeat and remixed which perfectly matches the speed of the game. It's a 2d side scroller, perfect for fans of the original games. The only wish I have is for more levels, but otherwise highly recommend this game!

The boss fights were difficult in my opinion, but it gave me a sense of victory and accomplishment when I beat them, unlike Mario bosses who die when they get hit 3 to 5 times

Fave game I love the story line and playing the game and they came out with blaze

13 Sonic The Hedgehog 3

This game was far ahead of its time. It made the best of the Genesis system. The graphics, the music, the gameplay, and especially the storyline, which was given much more focus this time around. Plus the special stages were good too (MUCH better than Sonic 2's). There are also different music tracks in each act, and each act has a transition according to the plot. Additionally, there is a boss in each act! And of course, we are introduced to Knuckles, who can PUNCH SONIC OUT OF HIS SUPER FORM!

This game featured excellent level design, music composed by Michael ' JACKSON, excellent graphics for its time, the inclusion of 3 playable characters, and overall, it's just perfect.

Sonic the hedgehog 3 should be higher on this list first of it has THE best soundtrack in any sonic game like hydrocity ice cap zone and it's the first time they introduced knuckles and sometimes the game has 3d effects that are good for 16 bit also Michael jackson himself composed the music that's cool and there is absolutely nothing and the special stages I liked them much more than sonic the hedgehog 1 and 2 and on this one you can actually save your game you couldn't do that on any other sonic game at that time

Adds a lot to an already amazing formula, encompassing great special stages, the power-shields, a great soundtrack, unique level design that allows for more control from the player, and not to mention three ways to play when the Sonic and Knuckles cartridge is attached. I'm surprised this takes an additional slot, given that Sonic 3 and Knuckles was an option, and a highly praised one. Great game.

14 Sonic Mania

Improves on Sonic 3 and knuckles, the Sonic 4 we never got on the Sega Saturn. The only 2 flaws are: 1. Mostly reused levels
2. Lack of attention to detail with the cutscenes, but this got fixed in the DLC (on top of 2 new playable characters!)

Sonic Mania a classic game that should be number two. Classic Sonic is a boss! Modern Sonic just makes the franchise boring a bit.

It's better than the original trilogy of sonic games. Just look at those clean animations and the new zones are very creative while polishing and introducing cool mechanics to the old zones. They even remixed the music of old zones when you get to act 2! The special stages are that perfect balance between easy and hard and are also a very nice tribute to sega saturn's graphics. What amazes me the most though is the fact that sonic mania was made by the fans, for the fans. You've got people like Christian Whitehead (Remastered Sonic 1, 2, and even CD for mobile devices) and Headcannon studios who worked on this game. It's such a shame though that in the same year, this game got shat on because sonic forces released which made many people uninterested in sonic again. It makes you wonder about sonic team and their incompetence to make a proper, fun, and cool sonic game nowadays. Maybe sonic team should put a little more time, love, and effort into their projects like what had happened ...more

How is Sonic 3 above this? This is literally the definition of greatest. - Kerbiman123

15 Sonic Advance

I'll strangle Amy Rose big time for her Piko Piko Hammer!

I prefer Knuckles with the Piko-Piko Hammer anyways.

The whole Sonic Advance series is underrated. I would consider them to be just as good, if not better, than the original trilogy for the genesis. Please, vote for this game.

Sonic Advance 1 Review

Graphics: A
Soundtrack: A
Story: B
Characters: B
Gameplay: A

Sonic advance 2 Doesn't qualify.

16 Sonic & Knuckles

This has the right to be in the top ten as it was a continuation of Sonic 3.
Originally, this game and Sonic 3 were suppose to be combined as one to form a massive game. However, they had to split them up due to the amount of time before launch.
Some might consider this game downgraded from the last title, but I however think it was designed with the same quality.
Music was great, introduction of Knuckles as a playable character (obviously) and levels were challenging. Lock on technology allowed people to choose Knuckles as a playable character, awesome!

This is a great expansion pack for the Sonic the Hedgehog series, but the game itself, despite being another fun Sonic title, borrows some elements from Sonic 3, and doesn't feel as fresh and fun.
-Awesome "Lock-On" technology allows you to play as Knuckles in previous Sonic titles.
-Inviting, colorful graphics.
-Lots of decent gameplay to be had.
-Knuckles has awesome gliding and climbing powers.
-Even more replay value than previous Sonic titles due to massive features.
-Music isn't in the same league as the first three Sonic titles.
-Some annoying puzzles and enemies.
-Recycled bonus stage and similar look and feel to Sonic 3.
-Where's Tails?
-How come there's only one save profile?
Overall Grade: B-

This game is so underrated, even at top 17. I am a Sonic fanboy, and this game has done everything right.

This game is cool!

17 Sonic and the Black Knight

I love a good game with a good plot. I enjoy reading about the Knights of the Round Table, and having Sonic characters play their roles was just fascinating. Shadow makes a great Lancelot, really.

Merlina was an impressive villain, she was doing all of this out of the ambition for her grandfather, tricking Sonic while at it. Her motivation wasn't entirely bad. She's one of the only villains we have in the franchise who gets redeemed rightfully.

Caliburn (Sonic's sword) was a lovely character. I liked how he was basically a talking weapon and acted as Sonic's companion. It's funny to think he kind of replaced Tails (the poor fox was only a blacksmith).

A lot of my favorite scenes in the whole series are mostly comprised from this game:
1 --- Sonic falling flat on his face, only to humorously recover and grab all of his chilli dogs before they hit the ground.
2 --- Sonic rescuing Percival Blaze from the lava peak.
3 --- Sonic standing on his ground and ...more - MillieTrina_Prower

In my opinion this is the best. Best story, gameplay, and soundtrack. Why it's so low confuses me greatly.

Is it really that hard to look up "sonic and the black knight review" - Sanicball

I personally love this game the soundtrack is the best in any sonic game, the graphics are breathtaking, the storyline is amazing, the cgi cutscenes, when used, are amazing, even the non-cgi cutscenes are impressive, Grifiths performance was outstanding definitely improved since games like sonic 06, level design, bosses, voice acting all are amazing.

Everything about this game is outstanding.

To say this game is outstanding is the understatement of the century, intact I'd go so far as to say that this is the best game anyone is ever gonna come up with.

I hate whoever put this so low on the list this should be number 1

IT'S GREAT but it should already be at number 10 because it's a great game but it's kinda hard but you'll make it through but shadow the hedgehog is also a great game but I like this BETTER and don't judge me it's option based

18 Sonic Advance 3

Had an absolute blast with this one. Honestly the best of the Advance trilogy. Currently the Sonic game I like the most overall. Amazing music, spritework, gameplay mechanics such as the character pair combinations, bossfights (except the Twinkle Snow bossfight oh my gOD I HATE IT AA), and overall a stellar conclusion to the GBA Sonic games. I highly recommend you give it a try. - GGK912

Disregarding the terrible English voice acting and annoyance of the sisterly relation of Amy & Cream being similar to that of Sonic & Tails/Shadow & Rouge, this game is a Modern Sonic masterpiece - powerful, graphically reminds me of the Super Mario Land trilogy, THIS GAME IS A MAINSTREAM/ESSENTIAL SONIC GAME!

Sonic Advance 3 was a blast and it did not tire me. But Classic Sonic is way better.

This game is overlooked! Sure this game is no sonic adventure 2, but once I played this, I was hooked. Never did beat it though because I never owned it.

19 Sonic Advance 2

Good, solid fun, improves on Sonic Advance 1, isn't as weird as Sonic Advance 3

The Sonic Advance and Rush series are actually my favorites, but Sonic advance 2 was my favorite out of the pack, expanding on the first advance, but not going in a slightly weird direction like advance 3 or rush. For some reason I wasn't into having another character with you as a partner (or else I would have chosen Sonic the Hedgehog 2), and I didn't care for the dual screens that rush had, along with the boost function, not to mention the annoying touch screen special stages. Anyway, SEGA, real talk? Release a Sonic Advance & Rush Collection, you know you want to, or at least now you know I want you to. - hypershadow2010

Sonic Advance 2 is a really great game. Can play it anytime. Great gameplay, music, characters, graphics, everything about this game is awesome.

This is an old game. Princess Daisy could've been in this game since she would've been voiced by Jen Taylor.
I know that back in 2002, Nintendo & Sega still had their big rivalry.

20 Sonic Riders

This game was a great game for the 25th anniversary of sonic. Though I must admit the the second and third pale in comparison to the fun in the games, all of them have great story line and incredibly addictive music! I like the addition of wave, jet, and storm, adding the second story for them, the ability to buy different gear, plus all of the memorable characters from sonic. Definitely check this out if you haven't played it. My experience was on Xbox but I'm sure it can be found for PS2

1000 times Better than drift 1 and 2 and sonic r -

Sonic Riders is the most awesome Sonic game I've ever played.

I gotta say, that this game is fun and creative.

21 Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

One of the first sonic games I had on wii, I think, I could be wrong - trains45

Dude this definitely has to be first. Game play is amazing and has an awesome story line. Why didn't vote for this. It is the best and deserves to be number one

First sonic game I ever played besides the Olympic games, and Man! Is it better than the other sonic riders games! The tilt controls actually go great with this game! - Mattblue66

I like it mostly the graphics are great and the cutscenes are better with graphics. Lastly the song CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is so awesome!

22 Sonic Lost World

It looks pretty good

After Sonic Generations I wanted another boosting game...but...Sega is stupid! Still, this should belong as one of the greats in the Sonic series! It had a lacking story but the game is fun and is gorgeous! It's a good start to future Sonic games! They just need to have a story that doesn't suck!

I love this game and I think it's so underrated. Look, it's not a Galaxy ripoff and it's not a slow game. Sonic Adventure 2 had the gravity gimmick BEFORE GALAXY. The Deadly Six were cool (Zavok especially) but they sucked as bosses. It's just a great game. - DCfnaf

This is a fun game to play, being so different then generations. Only thing wrong is the wisp. - Shadowxr

23 Sonic Battle

Sonic battle was for the game boy but it contains solid game play and the fact that it was a 4 player game was impressive.

Sonic Battle should have been done to death and should have had so much sequels with now time graphics. You here SEGA you forgot that it could have been better than the DBZ games by now

I hated Amy Rose's personality in this game. I'll strangle her to death big time with Nintendo's mascot Mario on steroids.

I don't get the hate for this game! I really like it.

Great game but it can be better

24 Sonic Spinball

This should come in top 1. Great graphics, perfect stages, awesome music, etc... This is the best Sonic game ever!

This game was cool.

You people know they are reffering to the horrid game gear version right?


25 Sonic Rush Adventure

People who are saying "Mario Rush Adventure"
Mario had enough games, Can you be grateful and care about sonic? Get out of here, This is Sonic,not Mario. - Kerbiman123

This game is awesome, and far superior to Sonic Rush. But people bash this game! It's dumb!

Do people even played this game?

Nostalgia got me like

26 Sonic Rivals 2

An overall improvement of the original Rivals game with level design, music, story, and better boss fights (aside from the final boss fight) as well as slightly better visuals.

In Sonic Rivals 3, there could be Hipster Sonic & Steroid Knuckles from Sonic Boom.

Game should be about shadow and knuckles

You know it's sad when this is lower than '06

27 Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

At least this game is great when combined with the other SEGA all stars and classics! - Mattblue66

I have two kart racing games that I fully believe are better than ANY Mario Kart: CTR Crash Team Racing and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. After playing this, I've always seen Mario Kart as the most overrated kart racing series ever. Not because it's a bad game, because I never found Mario Kart to be a bad series in any way, but because the fanbase is damn ANNOYING. Every time a kart-racing game comes out they always call it a clone of MK. They always use MK as the standard, but Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is completely different from MK. The game is faster, the tracks are gorgeous, and it's not so damn RNG like MK8. This is one of the greatest kart games ever. I mean, it still doesn't beat CTR. Nothing will ever beat the OG CTR, but this one was crazy awesome. - Mcgillacuddy

I don't care what others say about this game.

Personally, I've only played the DS version, but it was, in my opinion, pretty stable. You shouldn't judge a game by it's graphics, and I'm not going to do that. I think the game is very stable and deserves more attention.

28 Sonic Dash

Sonic dashes with his lanky, penile legs.

Sonic dash rocks I always loved that game

Pretty good game, but not the best.

I like this game, it's suprisingly good for a mobile game, especially a sonic mobile game!

29 Sonic Mega Collection

Why are people so overexcited over Modern Sonic? He's not awesome, & he actually bosses anyone around (more likely than just order anyone around). Imagine hearing Sonic the Hedgehog actually using "BECAUSE I SAID SO! " furiously.

Sonic Mega Collection is better in the Classic Era parts, like Sonic Generations which needs a sequel whereas Modern Sonic is Sonic the Hedgehog with his bodily design for Sonic Boom.

This game is just beast SEGA you guys rule!

I Have The Game When It Works It RULES! But Most Of The Time My Gamecube can't Read The Disk );


30 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

This game looks fun, I would of bought it in 2015 if I found it in the stores, but sadly there was no digital version you could buy on the playstation store - trains45

I have this game for Xbox. Only if they could make Sonic Gems Collection for Xbox. - Ilovestephanie

This game is cool like Classic Sonic.

This should be the best sonic game ever

31 Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble

It's my favourite Sonic game. This is as good as it gets for the Game Gear. 6 zones that are actually long and don't last 40 seconds like its prequel Sonic Chaos, 5 special stages (3 puzzle stages and 2 ring stages) with a boss at the end, and challenging bosses-especially the Atomic Destroyer. You can pick between Sonic and Tails, and also this time, Tails can get the 100% ending. Who can forget Sunset Park Zone Act 3? Not me. If you like classic Sonic on the go, this is the pick-me-up you want.

This game deserves the top 1 spot. Even Arcade Sushi loves this game as it is their top 9 favorite Sonic game. Mine too, but this game deserves to be in the top 5s. Classic Sonic is way better than Modern Sonic.

Criminally underrated. - Retzyn

I remember playing an emulator of this game as a kid and I recently got it on virtual console for 3ds and I fell in love al over again

32 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Why did they get rid of almost all of the characters from the first game?! - Mattblue66

Sonic the Hedgehog masturbates in his kart in Erwin's Fortress.

Amazing game. A lot less focus on Items compared to Mario Kart. Drifting is fluid and the stunt system is crazy good. Get it!

This game is very fun, it's no Mario kart, but I liked it

33 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

Dude, we get how good this game is. Please stop putting it on here. - Kerbiman123

This game is downright amazing. Sonic 4 Episode 1 was your typical Sonic side scroller, and that got pretty good reviews. But, Episode 2? You could use Tails to help you, have the homing attack, and so on!

Everyone hated it because of the HOMING ATTACK. And that's probably the second best thing about it! It's probably the work of the ignorant Sonic Fanbase.

Well, it was a great comeback but it just copied off the original game. Almost no new content.

Later there should be a Super Mario Bros. 8.

34 Sonic Classic Collection

It's just a bunch of sonic games for your DS. How can this go wrong? - mattstat716

Sonic 3 Sonic2 AND Sonic1

I like that game

This is how I play sonic

35 Sonic Chaos

The game "Mario Chaos" could also be known as "Mario & Tails" whereas Mario is very abusive to Tails & hates having supporters.

I played this game a lot when I was a kid. On master system. In my opinion ita the best sonic game ever made.

This game was cool. Also, there could be "Sonic & Yoshi" alongside "Mario & Tails".


36 Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Essentials Sony PlayStation 3 Ps3

Um... no. - mattstat716

37 Sonic the Fighters

I never knew there was a sonic fighting game... I think it would be amazing if they did make another sonic fighting game with modern graphics that includes ALL the characters and unlockable characters such as Silver, Espio, Blaze etc. With their own skills, throws, special moves and finishers. It would almost be like the animal version of street fighter hehe

Finally sonic had a fighting game and it was a 2D-3D game with bad models but nice moves, and yes I think it you be remade into a game that is awesome with the same characters Bosses other than metal sonic and eggman

This game should switch places with Sonic Battle.

All you do is step on people's feet and punch then and Kick them until they are knocked out.

38 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

It's hard trying to decide whether I prefer the winter games or the London games when it comes to the Wii versions, but overall, I love this game so much. The events are great, but I think I may prefer the dream events. Has a nice variety of characters, amazing soundtrack, and so on. I wouldn't say it's as underrated as most Sonic (or even Mario) games, but it is pretty underrated. Show this game some love!

Nintendo & Sega are obsessed with girls usually being with girls.

Nintendo's Princess Daisy will have 5'10" tall legs, a 3'9" tall middle & a 1'1" large head & a weight of 260 pounds. She'll be the drummer of her side of the coming back Your Favorite Martian band with Sega's Knuckles the Echidna the DJ, Capcom's Mega Man the guitarist, Konami's Bomberman being the rapper & Namco's Pac-Man the lead singer.

I'm too busy laughing like a goddamn bird to even question this - GGK912

This game should at least be in 10th place

This game is good game,

39 Knuckles Chaotix

Knuckles' Chaotix should be top 1 no matter what. Sonic Adventure 2 may be memorable & classic, but Knuckles' Chaotix is the best Sonic game due to the setting of the Classic Era, being a Genesis game, perfect characters, awesome animation, great visuals, being a classic, very nice music tracks, levels that are an epitome & etc...

The Chaotix takes a dump.

Knuckles Chaotic Is A Good Game I played But The Good ending Was Great But The Bad Ending Scared Me When I Was A little Kid After Eggman Laugh On me At The Screen
That was Creepy That I Didn't Know Eggman Does That! If You Don't Want to Get The bad ending Collect all Chaos Rings!

Knuckles's Chaotix is a great game although it is not a crossover.

40 Sonic Jam

Let's face it. People only play this just for the Sonic World option.


41 Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure
42 Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Best Sonic game to Kieran Glen Harris Stark ever. I just found that reason out.

How about Mario goes and dies in a hole?

This should be at least top 5, not Sonic Adventure 2 & Sonic Heroes.

Best Sonic the Hedgehog game so far!

43 Sonic's Lost Worlds

I was never a big fan of this, the home attack system sucked, and probably had one of the worst boss battles of all time, but it was pretty good

Hey! Mario lost world would be a lame idea!

Iit say sonic lost worlds should be sonic lost world not.
sonic lost worlds

* Sonic Lost World not Sonic's Lost Worlds.

This game had an awesome story, great enemies, fun gameplay, and good music. This is my 3rd favorite sonic game.

44 Sonic Sega All Stars Racing

This is a pretty good game, although I don't approve of adding other sega characters- what about espio, metal-sonic, or even omega?

Yeah it's okay but it's certainly better than sonic drift!

Best sonic game EVER

Best Sonic game ever! I never get bored with this game, though I wish they could add more missions and locations. Overall, though it is still worth the money I paid for it. Such an awesome game! - sryanbruen

45 Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car

This game is better than sonic adventure and sonic mania combined x2

No one has ever heard of it.

A True Masterpiece

46 Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

After the monstrosity that was the first two sonic boom games, people overlook this game. I get why, but they totally missed a gem! The story is confusing, but in the end it plays out (kinda) I found the gameplay fun! It's simple, but that's not a bad thing. I Lund the fire and ice features very creative and I will pull definable play this agan

Well, now Sonic Boom is better than Sonic '06.

Never judge a book by it's cover, Sonic boom haters! - Mattblue66

See, there can be good sequels to bad games

47 Team Sonic Racing

Sonic racing games are always great (except for Sonic R) but this takes the cake as the best Sonic racing game. - Dylanwithlife

48 Sonic Blast

I'm just adding this game cause I didn't see it on the list

I'm voting for myself!

THE most underrated sonic game! - myusernameisthis

A gamegear title done right. - myusernameisthis

49 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

That would be neat if they did it with Beavis & Butthead, the retired Your Favorite Martian band (that will come back) & Pac-Man (in his Pac-Man World design).
Why was Princess Peach in the Vancouver Olympics? Is that for nothing?

Rosalina has been to Vancouver, Canada too.

I wanted Princess Daisy & Tails the Fox to go back t Vancouver, because.


50 Sonic & Garfield Pack

This actually exists - Shmoo



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