My Thoughts On the Sonic the Hedgehog Games

And a good day to you TopTenners! In this post, I will give off my thoughts on a certain video game franchise, known as Sonic the Hedgehog. If you don’t know about the Sonic games, then I’m afraid you are at the wrong post. So no more introduction, let’s jump right into it.

Let’s start off with the Genesis games. For the main series we had 3 games, with the third having an additional part known as Sonic & Knuckles. All of these games are solid and great 2D platformers. Full of great gameplay, great level design, and of course, great music. Then we have some of the spinoffs, like Sonic Spinball and 3D Blast. Spinball is good for what it is and 3D Blast, while full of flaws, has some good moments as well as a great soundtrack. I’ve never played any other games from this era besides Sonic CD, which is essentially the main series games on the Genesis, but with a more clear plot and a phenomenal CD quality soundtrack.

Now we will get to the Adventure games and other games around this era. I’ve never grew up with these games, because I had a PS2. However, emulators are a thing so here are my thoughts. The first Adventure is a mess. I was completely struggling with some of the level design, and the camera angles are all over the place. But the music was good, some of the levels were a blast and it wasn’t as frustrating as I thought it was going to be. The second Adventure, however, is slightly better. The Sonic levels are fun. Some of the Shadow levels are fun too. Every other level is mixed for me. The Knuckles and Rouge stages are garbage, except Pumpkin Hill, that one was nice. The Tails and Eggman levels are boring and one of them was flatout rage worthy (Like I threw my controller in frustration). Oh and City Escape was awesome. Music wise, it’s better than the first.

Up next is Heroes, which was the only 3D sonic game I played as a child. My thoughts are mixed, because I really liked it as a child, but never actually beaten it. Upon revisiting it, my overall response to it has been much more negative. First off, I feel very cheated that I’m basically playing through the same levels, FOUR F***ING TIMES!! The team concept is actually pretty cool but it’s wasted on repetitive controls and obnoxious hand-holding. And the voice-acting, oh GOD the voice acting is flatout terrible. The voice acting in Adventure 1 & 2 weren’t the best, but I can say it did it’s purpose well. Sonic Heroes, it’s so damn noticeably annoying. Also Casino Park and Bingo Highway can go f*** themselves.

I haven’t played Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic 06 so I don’t have any thoughts on these games. I have neither played Unleashed as well.

Now let’s talk about the Advance and Rush series. Honestly, these games are overlooked. Advance 1, 2 and 3 feel like classic 2D Sonic but made for portable and as for the Rush games. They are the f***ing best! All of them have fun gameplay and great music. Rush Adventure is probably my favorite portable Sonic game.

Next is Generations, which is hands down my favorite 3D Sonic game. I had lot’s of fun with this game. Played it on the PS3 when it came out. Replayed it recently on 3DS. It’s just a good game. Colors was great too. Admittedly, I never finished it because of not enough time but I played a decent amount to understand the overall game and it was good.

I haven’t touch anything Sonic Boom related but I’ve seen playthroughs, and I’ll save myself the torture.

Finally, I’ll discuss all the Sonic spinoffs I played. Sonic Riders was really great. I had a chance to recently replay it and it was really fun. Level design, gameplay, music, all of it was good. I’ve only played the first Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and I don’t remember that much from them. Last we have SEGA All-Stars Racing which is a pretty good kart racer, with enough qualities to not be a complete ripoff of Mario Kart.

Overall, the majority of my favorite Sonic games lie in the 2D platforming style. Honestly, that is where he fits best. When it jumped to 3D, the whole speed aspect was cut down. It felt more like an unfair Legend of Zelda game than a Sonic game, with a few aspects in some of the games that resemble that fast gameplay Sonic fans loved. The franchise had its major ups and downs and overall it isn’t the greatest franchise out there. I’ve played many different video game franchises and this doesn’t break the Top 20 of my favorites. Although, I am pretty excited for Sonic Mania. One thing I can say for sure, is that the music in Sonic games all tend to be really catchy, memorable and awesome, with some exceptions from a few games here and there.

So that’s all the Sonic games I have played and all my thoughts on them. Remember this is my opinion on them, so I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Feel free to comment down below your thoughts on these games as well. Anyways thanks for stopping by and have a good day!


06 was better than Boom, so I'll just say that and walk. - mattstat716

Sonic will never be as good as Mario. Does Mario have a Sonic 06. No. - ShigeruMiyamoto

Well... I mean...
*Cough* Hotel Mario *cough* - mattstat716

@mattstat716 GOT EM! - cjWriter1997

I didn't mine Sonic 06 that much. I really like Silver as a character. Despite the hate for it and the long loading screens, it was actually an overall good game. Except for Elise. Elise was horrible. - DigitalMeow

06 wasn't that bad. You can enjoy it if you ignore the glitches and Elise - Ultron123

06 and The Secret Rings are some of the worst games I have ever played. - iliekpiez