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41 Sonic the Fighters

I never knew there was a sonic fighting game... I think it would be amazing if they did make another sonic fighting game with modern graphics that includes ALL the characters and unlockable characters such as Silver, Espio, Blaze etc. With their own skills, throws, special moves and finishers. It would almost be like the animal version of street fighter hehe

Finally sonic had a fighting game and it was a 2D-3D game with bad models but nice moves, and yes I think it you be remade into a game that is awesome with the same characters Bosses other than metal sonic and eggman

How about Steroid Mario the Fighters?!

All you do is step on people's feet and punch then and Kick them until they are knocked out.

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42 Sonic 06

Well... the music wasn't that bad, and glitches were hilarious. If you think about it, there was something actually SALVAGEABLE here. Does that mean it's bad? If you're having fun with SOME of it, does that technically mean it's bad? Honestly, I don't think this deserves to be PRAISED, but I think this game could be laid off a bit. I didn't put this on the list, mind you. - mattstat716

Seriously that game's terrible!

It's So bad its funny

AT LEAST THIS one had good things like the decent graphics and great music.

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43 Sonic Chaos

The game "Mario Chaos" could also be known as "Mario & Tails" whereas Mario is very abusive to Tails & hates having supporters.

Cool! I'd like a video game, comic & television series called "Mario & Tails" including "Sonic & Yoshi".

Next on Death Battle could be "Rosalina vs. Knuckles".

I played this game a lot when I was a kid. On master system. In my opinion ita the best sonic game ever made.

This game was cool. Also, there could be "Sonic & Yoshi" alongside "Mario & Tails".

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44 Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Essentials Sony PlayStation 3 Ps3

Um... no. - mattstat716

45 Sonic Sega All Stars Racing

This is a pretty good game, although I don't approve of adding other sega characters- what about espio, metal-sonic, or even omega?

Yeah it's okay but it's certainly better than sonic drift!

Best sonic game EVER

It's on here twice - Jon8201

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46 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

This game is cool like Classic Sonic.

This should be the best sonic game ever

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47 Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
48 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

Well, it was a great comeback but it just copied off the original game. Almost no new content.

Later there should be a Super Mario Bros. 8.

How many times do you people have to rate this game. (Even though it's awesome I've seen it on the list 3 times! )

49 Sonic Gems Collection

I prefer Mario Gems Collection, please.

Cool! I even prefer Pac-Man Gems Collection.

Sonic pisses on Daisy Duck's hammer.

Sonic The Fighters Is in this game awesome.

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50 Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

Sonic Pocket Adventure is average. Also, it's too overrated with extremely positive reception. How about replace it with "Mario Pocket Adventure" for a while? & imagine Mario with the same teeth Sonic the Hedgehog has shown in the game's boxart, please.

& then Sonic the Hedgehog became Penis the Hedgehog.

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51 Sonic's Lost Worlds

Mario Lost World should have Princess Daisy (in a big pear figure & a 2-piece schoolgirl uniform) as the main protagonist teaming up with Pac-Man.

I wanted Mario to appear in this game.

Sonic & Yoshi sure are great friends with each other.

I also prefer Mario Lost World.

I was never a big fan of this, the home attack system sucked, and probably had one of the worst boss battles of all time, but it was pretty good

Hey! Mario lost world would be a lame idea!

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52 Sonic Forces Sonic Forces

Tied with Unleashed as my favorite. The Avatar is easily my favorite of the 3, despite the weird jumps. Can it get any better? Wait a minute? A mute video game hero besides Classic Sonic with a personality? (Clears throat) Bison: "YES, YES! ".

This game appears to have a much darker tone than the other Sonic games. Also, it's the first game to let you fully customize a character! Not to mention the awesome graphics, the awesome level design, the awesome music, awesome characters(including Chaos finally being bought back! ) and overall seems to be amazing.

Infinite happens to be one of the reasons why this game happens to have such a dark tone. - TopTenX

Sonic Forces is an overhated game. It needs more love, despite the dark tone. “I AM NOT WEEAAAK! - TopTenX

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53 Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car
54 Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

After the monstrosity that was the first two sonic boom games, people overlook this game. I get why, but they totally missed a gem! The story is confusing, but in the end it plays out (kinda) I found the gameplay fun! It's simple, but that's not a bad thing. I Lund the fire and ice features very creative and I will pull definable play this agan

Well, now Sonic Boom is better than Sonic '06.

Much better than the other games

See, there can be good sequels to bad games

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55 Sonic Jam

Let's face it. People only play this just for the Sonic World option.

How about "Sonic & Ms. Pac-Man Jam"?

Ms. Pac-Man's attributes: 5'11" & 165 lbs.

Sonic's attributes: 6'6" & 154 pounds.

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56 Sonic the Hedgehog 3

People need to realize that stuff is already on the list before putting it I swear - Jon8201

57 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

That would be neat if they did it with Beavis & Butthead, the retired Your Favorite Martian band (that will come back) & Pac-Man (in his Pac-Man World design).
Why was Princess Peach in the Vancouver Olympics? Is that for nothing?

Rosalina has been to Vancouver, Canada too.

I wanted Princess Daisy & Tails the Fox to go back t Vancouver, because.


58 Lego Dimensions

Here is what to get when you buy dimensions
Sonic pack it is awesome

59 Sonic Jump

I didn't want Sega to get away with Sonic Jump.

I also strongly prefer Pac-Man Jump.

I strongly prefer Mario Jump.

I liked it - PampaZapp

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60 Sonic Blast

This has got to be the lamest Sonic game on the Game Gear, besides Sonic Labyrinth. It sacrifices speed and gameplay for graphics.
-Cool 2.5D look.
-At least there's a "Spin-Dash" move and some loops.
-The bonus stage is impressive for an 8-bit title.
-There's at least some variety in the levels.
-About half the speed of most Sonic titles.
-Confusing level design.
-Repetitive music.
-The controls are very loose.
-Replay value is rather low.
Overall Grade: D

I'm just adding this game cause I didn't see it on the list

Mario versions of Sonic titles are much better.
For example: Mario Unleashed, Mario Battle, Mario Colors, Mario Dash, Mario Archie Comics, Mario X, etc...

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