Sonic Generations


Sonic Generations can proudly boast quality which can arguably rival that of the classics. While the story and characters can be improved on a lot, the mix of old fashioned classic gameplay with WORKING physics (Take note DIMPS) mixed with modern gameplay done right shows that the Blue Blur is back with a bang. Add a whole lotta nostalgia through classic levels remastered and Sonic Generations may go down as being the definitive 3D Sonic game. (Along with Sonic Colours of course)

Time travel games are almost always awesome, and Sonic doesn't end that tradition! With amazing detailed graphics and for many different consoles, you can play as Classic or Modern Sonic, each having different gameplay. You can also re-visit many locations, bosses, and levels, each not being a rip-off, just borrowing gameplay from other games, but making a whole new Sonic experience with more action, gameplay, or maybe more moves that the boss can do, or Sonic can do. Sonic Generations is not just simply a Sonic game, it is ALL Sonic games incorporated into one big, epic, and out right AMAZING time travel story.

This is basically my favorite sonic game of all time, with the gameplay, the story of time travel, amazing, and the music, OH MY GOD, the music! It is some of the best remixes for sonic I have ever heard in my entire life, changing from 2D To 3D stages in bother modern and and classic sonic, just awesome, if you have not played this game, YOU ARE NOT A SONIC FAN! I give this game 1000 out of 100% BUY THIS GAME NOW

This game is amazing. Every level and boss is like a million times better than the originals. The story is really good. They brought back all of the best sonic characters like shadow, Silver, blaze etc. The graphics are just the best, and for the Xbox version you can play it in 3D, and that is just awesome! All of the best Sonic songs where unlock able so you could listen to your favorite Sonic song while playing your favorite level!

This game is just amazing and we should get another amazing Sonic game like this. This was an Xbox and play station best seller as well! So make an even BETTER Sonic generations and release it on the Xbox one, Play Station 4, Wii U and PC. This will be another best seller.

Top 10 Reasons Why Sonic Generations Is Better Than Sonic Adventure 2

Top 1: The Classic Era.

Top 2: The gameplay.

Top 3: The Mario characters being in this inspiring game.

Top 4: All the characters from the Classic Era.

Top 5: The Cash Cash songs/Classic remixes.

Top 6: Very high speed.

Top 7: 2 Sonics, 2 Tails', 2 Eggmans, etc...

Top 8: The boss/rival battles.

Top 9: All of the Classic Era stages.

Top 10: The graphics.

It had great graphics and game play not too glitchy but, there were some glitches and a nice sweet and short plot the only thing is that there are not enough levels and there is time travel witch almost never works but bring the best of the sonic franchise and puts it in on jam pack video game

I will say, Sega and Sonic Team did a really excellent job remastering and redesigning all the classic Sonic levels that many including myself really enjoyed on the Sega Genesis way back in the 90's! I still love it to this day!

Sonic generations was good but the a lot of the levels sucked in their first games like Chemical plant Sky sanctuary and Planet wisp I would have wanted to keep green hill and city escape but for the other levels I would have put Metropolis Carnival night Lava reef Botanic base Diamond dust Emerald coast Egg fleet Lost labyrinth Oil desert and Asteroid Coaster but for the 3ds version I would put Green hill Sky high Gigapolis Tidal plant Egg Rocket Ice paradise Ocean base Night Carnival Machine Labyrinth and Sweet mountain

It seemed as though Sonic Team might have finally gotten into the swing of things after a decade of failures with this game. Though they did fall apart once again, they left us this gem of electronic entertainment.

This game is absolutely AWESOME! Adventure 2 is way too overrated, and many other games are either terrible or overrated, but generations finds a way to make every level from every game fun (yes, including sonic 06)

Sonic generations is the best sonic game I've ever played. Because you can play as both the new and the classic sonic and I've played both those sonics in seperate games and when they did that I was so happy

A very good game I love it but the one thing I don't like about this game is that it is hard!

This game was really fun to play. I loved the graphics and Classic Sonic added a nice touch because it brought us back to the old days. The levels were good, the soundtrack was great, and overall it was fun. I like that in a Sonic game.

I gotta say, when I first saw this game, I was excited for it. But when I played it, I was amazed beyond belief. I love all kinds of games, not just Sonic, but this has to be one of the best, especially on PS3. The very first level as Classic Sonic almost made me cry from the nostalgia. And that's saying something.

My favourite sonic game because,
1: Both Modern and Classic Sonic are playable
2: Best level design in the series
3: Best graphics and one of the best sound tracks

Sonic Generations. Best sonic game I ever played traveling in time it just amazing. This reminds me how all the other sonic games best part... There are 2 Sonics Sonic rules

I wish that in Sonic Generations 2, there are 3 Sonics in their designs & eras:

1 - Classic Sonic.

2 - Modern Sonic.

3 - Sonic Boom Sonic.

It is also a Mario game like the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Sonic 3 & Knuckles, all on the Sega Genesis, despite nothing to do with the Mario franchise & Nintendo itself! I have 83% high belief of it! This includes Sonic Classic Collection on the DS & etc... , although not really the Sonic Adventure franchise!

After nearly 10 years sega FINALLY makes a good sonic game after adventure 2. Very fun

For some reason there are a few people are hating on this game because of the 2 sonic and nothing else, they just ignore the gameplay like it's as important as graphics

This game is so good with Modern and Classic Sonic in it. Play like it s Sonic the Hedgehog 1 or Sonic Adventure yeah! Go and play those awesome levels in their Modern and Classic design.

The best sonic game I EVER played I played it ever since it released. Best game ever. Highly recommend it. You wont regret it.

Seriously, this should be 1. I mean 2 Sonics, nostalgia bomb of a game, great difficulty, traveling through time, a trophy room, and it's new so it can fix mistakes. Don't vote for Sonic 2 because of nostalgia. Vote Sonic Generations for nostaliga and more.

Even tough I don't have this game, I still can see how it's awesome that you can play with 2 sonics and playing old stages with the modern sonic!

The best thing is it takes the levels from the games in the past and puts a random order and then it challenges you for a boss only in Sonic Generations