Greatest Warriors Featured On Deadliest Warrior

The Top Ten Greatest Warriors Featured On Deadliest Warrior

1 Spetsnaz

How could the Apache by higher than the Spetsnaz?

2 Nazi Waffen SS

These guys were ruthless. While the Wehrmacht had firearms training, the Waffen SS were trained to box, and when to strike the killing blow. The Waffen SS are way more deadly than the Spartans simply because the Flammenwerfer 41, the Waffen SS flamethrower, would melt spartan shields and roast spartans.

3 US Navy SEALs

The navy seals are simply the best

4 US Army Rangers

Killer weapons. Why is everyone ripping on the spartans, were they first or something?

5 Mafia

This as well as Al Capone's gang, had the biggest killing weapon in the first series, the iconic Thompson Submachine Gun aka the Tommy Gun.


They were always the last person other people would see on the battlefield. Spartans are second and spetsnaz third

Good art film of CIA agents to Karate Tiger 3. Casey agent CIA and his brother Will, opponent to Franco, greatest fighter and agent KGB.


A lot of Spetsnaz Operatives originated in this secret service known simply as KGB Spartans were just big brutes, KGB were deadly spies.

Good art KGB, to beautiful film Karate Tiger 3. Killer boss Franco, agent KGB, great fighter, his me opponent Casey and Will, in CIA.

KGB are more deadly than Spartans simply because while Spartans had armour, KGB were covert op specialists and spies.

10 Somali Pirates

The Contenders

11 Jesse James Gang

This gang were super accurate with their long range Winchesters and their Colt Revolvers. - Stewie0

12 French Foreign Legion

Although they were most prominent during WW2, the French Foreign Legion are still around today, albiet keeping a much lower profile.

13 Al Capone Gang

Along with the Mafia, Capone's gang had the most lethal weapon in the series, the iconic Thompson SMG.

14 Viet Cong

Viet Cong knew how to attack on all sides without any warning. Spartans are just big, heavy, dumb, fat football brutes.

These guys used psycological warfare and unconventional weaponry to win the Vietnam War.

15 GSG-9

These guys are professionals. Spartans are just brutes. All brawn no brains which is why GSG-9 is more deadly than Spartans.

16 Pancho Villa's Gang
17 Theodore Roosevelt's Gang
18 Knight
19 Green Beret
20 Nepalese Gurkha

These are the deadliest warriors in history,with no fear of death,loyal and bravest of brave,go search in internet..

21 Israeli Commandos
22 Spartan
23 Yakuza
24 Crazy Horse's Gang
25 Lawrence of Arabia's Gang
26 Apache

This really should be higher - Poop2

27 Samurai
28 Celt
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