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21 sevenblack07

His latest cover was just amazing the mellow feel of it:)
His music makes the songs come to life sometimes!

Sevenblack07 is a amazing singer-songwriter,
Most of his cover's are unique & just brilliant!
Check them out
If you're looking for a unique take on music then this is the artist...

22 The Annoying Orange
23 MarioMario54321

He is awesome because of his movies! He better than Starman3! Starman3 videos are boring and MM54321 videos are fun!

Amazing YouTuber. His movies are always awesome. My favorite is OiramOiram12345 and The Dark Star X.

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24 Jonasbrothersmusic

Kwing is the best! He should be more widely known. And where the heck is Fine Bros. And Lia Marie Johnson on this list anyway?

26 CarBuyer
27 Universalmusicgroup
28 Saabkyle04
29 RapierMultimedia
30 Steven Harding
31 Eddsworld

I am a really big eddsworld fan, I have seen all his episodes and small flash movies, for people who havnt seen his. Vids I recomend you do - dragon13304

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32 Danisnotonfire
33 Mileymandy
34 captaincomedy17

this guy rocks he does guitar hero, stop animations and youtube poops

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35 KSIOlajidebt

The funniest dude on youtube EVER! His fifa funnies are hilarious because he MAKES them hilarious, the heskey thing is just genius, he's actually really good at fifa and he just cracks me up in all his videos. Although in R2D1 37# he might have been a little TOO offensive, but he cleaned it up with an edited version and said sorry, so he's still my favourite guy on the tube. - Mushroom99

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36 Y-titty
37 EmperorTigerstar

This guy actually educates people! Map animations are a genius idea!

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38 Dustin Reckling

He has videos for practically everything. His youtube poops are the best, though.

39 Kira13wolf
40 GuitarHeroPhenom
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