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81 TWD98
82 Rooster Teeth

Funniest videos from rooster teeth are his rage quit videos I could spend hours watching them and all his other videos are funny to

Know for it's popular web series Red vs Blue, Rooster Teeth has been making videos for over 9 years. As Red vs Blue is the longest running web show (It was made before YouTube existed), what started out as 3 friends making video has expanded into a full blown company, with a whole crew of voice actors, animators (Thumbs up to Monty Oums) and has had several guest appearances from famous internet celebrity's like Smosh, Mega 64, and Jon CJG (Arby in the Chief), and Elisha Woods, who played Frodo in the Lord of the Rings films, has taken the role of a major villain in the upcoming Season 10 of RvB. - ryunhallwheat

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83 AlexFGFootball98
84 danger2407
85 ERB

This should be #1 on the list man - terrencemonahan

86 DaveyWavey
87 Connor Franta Connor Franta
88 Skydoesminecraft

I don't like this videoer he swears and it is very inappropriate for kids

89 markiplierGame
90 VlogBrothers
91 AmazingPhil AmazingPhil
92 Mandolinoh
93 TheAmazingAtheist
94 Crabstickz
95 rjawsom0
96 TA MeRkZz
97 Liam Read
98 skillfultay
99 RihannaVEVO
100 Opinion
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