Top 10 Annoying Types of Anime Haters

This is a list of the kinds of anime haters who often hate certain anime series that they try to ruin it for everyone else. I understand a lot of anime is overrated and not as good as people say they are these days, but these are just my opinions. And finally, please don't say these anime suck and are bad anyway, because I just want to give my opinion on why these kinds of anime haters can get annoying from time to time.
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1 Sword Art Online Haters

I know I'm going to get a lot of hate comments for this, but please try to respect my opinions since I made this list and stated I don't want any hate comments. Nowadays, Sword Art Online seems to be the most hated and polarizing anime series today even more than Naruto. Almost everyday, more people are hating it than loving it, and most of the haters are ruining the anime series for people who actually want to watch it. I was one of those people who saw the hate, but gave the anime a chance a few years after it was released. And I loved it, although I can see the flaws it has, such as the time skips, the romance, the fan service, the female characters, or Kirito being a Mary Sue. But I still loved the anime for what it was. Not every anime is going to be flawless, but I still love anime despite the flaws each anime has. So please, if you know you can handle the flaws this series has and can love it despite the hate it gets, go ahead. If you hate the anime, please try not to be a ...more

I heard that some SAO haters, if they find out you like SAO, they will call you a fake anime fan for disagreeing with them which is downright ridiculous. Some of these types of haters have no chill and think that only their opinions matter. I'm not trying to generalize all SAO haters because they have the right to their opinions but if they want their opinions to be respected then they better respect SAO fan opinions otherwise their opinions aren't worthy of respect. An opinion cannot be right or wrong. I'm not a huge fan of SAO but I personally like it. I do see some flaws in it that make me bewildered and wish that it will change and improve.

I still remember a guy bashed kirito for having plot armor while having natsu profile pic

No offense, but, it's gonna be called a Gary Stu if the OP character is a male.

2 Dub Haters

These fools are also slowly leaking into the video game community. These guys are annoying that they can't understand folks like myself can't read the stupid crap at the bottom of the screen while watching a tense moment

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dub. The people doing it usually do a pretty good job! I personally like it as well

As someone who watches mostly sub, I find these people really obnoxious

Those lameasses need to be kicked off the anime community and shunned by the rest of us.

3 Naruto Haters

Most of the time, Naruto haters don't even give a good reason for why they hate it. They just say it sucks, and if fans love it they suck. I feel poor for the fans who just want to watch an anime series even though I don't watch Naruto.

I've seen condescending retards who say that Naruto fans have never watched "quality anime", as if having a certain taste is a bad thing.

The haters say that the ending and fillers and flashbacks suck. Um, what?

They mostly complain about the fillers

4 Fairy Tail Haters

From what I have seen the fans are even more annoying than the haters, the haters are more smart and logical unlike the delusional fans who are in denial of everything. You know if you have a different opinion than the others the fairytards will insult you... whether they are wrong or dumb you have to agree with their opinion otherwise you'll be labelled as a hater and personally I won't do that because I'm not an idiot... yeah I'm a proud hater

We haters being annoying doesn't change the fact that this anime is trash and you're saying haters are annoying but the fairytards are far more annoying, delusional, and most retarded people on earth I mean E.N.D can defeat goku ah nice dream fairytards, half awakened end was stopped by severely weakened erza means full powered erza can almost stomp him so stop being idiotic and most importantly stop WANKING

"No character progression! " "Too much fanservice! " "Natsu beats up all the main bad guys! " "lists all the issues with Natsu that happen to be common issues with some of their fave anime main characters" "Nakama Power ups! Friendship speeches after being beat to death to instantly win! " etc etc.

Fairy Tail haters from what I've seen are generally people who fall in the cracks of where the manga and anime do mess up. Fairy Tail's biggest weakness is lack of explanation on character progression, instead of showing how it works and why it goes the way it does it seems to give a larger space between the dots than most anime and manga do.

If you really believed Natsu doesn't have progression then you'd either be blind to details or did not watch the show. Ep 1 Natsu compared to Ep 175 Natsu is HUGE. In beginning he rushes in carelessly and just gets angry and tries to beat things into shape. But in the fight with Sting and ...more

Geez, people give such bad reasons on why this show is bad. I know, it has a lot of fanservice, but it teaches a wonderful lesson.

5 Attack on Titan Haters

I can see why some people didn't like Attack on Titan, but other than the excessive dialogue, polarizing protagonist Eren, and too much screen time devoted to side characters, it's still enjoyable for what it is. It's not the best, but it's not the worst. People just need to let others give the show a chance and they might love it.

6 Filler Haters

Honestly, people will just hate anything that isn't in the manga, without even seeing it, just being a filler doesn't automatically make it bad you know, get that head out of your ass and critique it fairly for gods sake.

7 Sakura Haruno Haters

People say she's the worst anime character ever when Shou Tucker and Makoto Itou are worse.

I can name TONS of characters worse than her.

Sakura may have been annoying at first. But she changes a lot in Shippuden.

Dammit sakura I hate you

8 Dragon Ball Z Haters

Too much screams and long fight scenes? Okay, I can see that, but Dragon Ball Z is not the worst anime ever. Anime is supposed to be about loving a show, not discouraging others to watch it.

9 Pokemon Haters

What's wrong with these haters anyway? They say that Pokémon sucks and starts insulting the fans. You hate Pokémon? Then keep that hatred to yourself. You don't have to criticise the fans for loving the show. Not everyone has the same tastes as you.

Pokemon Haters hate Pokemon all together.
Genwunners hate any Pokemon after the original 151.

10 Fullmetal Alchemist Haters

Just please tell reason to hate it. This anime is amazing

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11 Kill la Kill Haters

It's not for everyone, but it is far from being an anime series just about fan service. Some anime fans just need to give it a chance and they might love it. Or they might not like it, but at least they gave it a try. But other than that, anime beginners or people getting back into anime might love it.

12 Yugioh Haters

YuGiOh! is the best thing in the ever of evers.

13 Serena Haters

You might as well put "Ezra Scarlet Haters" on the list fin you're going to put "Anti-Amourshippers" aka "Serena Haters" on this list. I can't believe Amourshippers get a pass when they threaten to kill people if they don't like the character herself! They could even treat Shaymin like no other Pokémon character deserves more credit than her!

14 Clannad Haters

It's just a romance series. Not everyone has the same tastes, but if you're into romance, go for it. If you hate romance, don't tell others to stay away from it.

The art style looks better than a lot of 2010's anime.

15 Big 3 Haters

I am a big 3 hater. I hated them mostly due to fans. Two of them, Naruto and One Piece had major put offs for me and then seeing most anime groups become Ninja VS Pirates murdered the genre for me for a decade.

If they were not so big with insane fans running around calling them the best ever I would never have left anime for so long and would not have the hatred for them that I do.

So you hate an anime just because it is popular? Please tell me how no one knows about your favorite anime.

16 Bleach Haters

I know the author made some flaws in Bleach, but people don't have to get angry at him for it.

Consist of 1. Naruto/OP stans 2. Anti mainstream "we think it makes us cooler than you" trash 3. Ichiruki turds because their failed ship didn't sail

I only like the expensive stuff you can get in 2 litre bottles. The cheap stuff is rank.

I hate the anime, but I love the stuff you drink when trying to watch an anime.

17 Death Note Haters

Wait Death Note has haters? Really? Okay if it's all directed towards Misa then I'm alright but if it's not Misa hate then all I can say is wow *followed by a series of shocked and dumbfounded faces*.

To answer many comments. Yes it does. I am not one but there are people whom hate how edgy/goth/emo they feel it is. And people whom either hate Light Yagami or hate how the anime ends big time.

People call this show 'Imma gay'. Are these haters stupid?

Oh come on, Death Note has haters? For real?

18 Sailor Moon (Classic) Haters

A lot of them are usually rabid, over obsessed Sailor Moon Crystal fans, who are basically the next GoAnimate fandom. And a lot of haters I've seen of it provide very crappy reasons as to why they think it sucks and they act like they never watched the whole thing.

Also I've seen some reviews on this website THEM Anime and two of the reviewers who reviewed it wrote horrible reviews on some of the seasons, the reviewers were rant posing P.O.S., their points were very vague, lacking, were very biased and acted very insulting to the Sailor Moon fanbase, generalizing them. Read their reviews and you'll see what I mean.

If one hates it, that's fine, but they should

19 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Haters

To be honest, it's not that bad of anime series and it actually takes a different atmosphere on what magical girl anime is all about. I know it's overrated, but people should try to let others give it a chance, since they might actually like it.

Well, If they hate the show, It's fine. But don't go to sites/places for fans just to trash on the show and use mean words. Like one time, I was watching a fanmade opening on YouTube and scrolled to the comments. And one person said "It's a good thing there isn't a second season. Thinking of one gives me a headache. It was so boring". But how about If there will be one? We don't know, even a season 2 Is heavily rumoured. But I'll just leave it to the staff If they really want to do one. Now let's just continue about the problem with haters. So the other problem is that they always say "Don't watch Madoka! It sucks! Go watch(let's say Yuuki Yuuna, I hate Yuuki Yuuna because what they did to Madoka, which is ripping it off to bits was unforgivable, Biggest Madoka ripp off ever. A bigger one than Day Break Illusion and Wixoss)Yuuki Yuuna! It's so much better than Madoka! (funny thing:Yuuki Yuuna got most things from Madoka, and was worse than Madoka to be fair)Madoka was ...more

20 Ranma 1/2 Haters
21 Sub Haters

Dub Hater are way worser (Don't got me wrong I like both dub and sub at sametimes)

22 Digimon Haters

I've noticed most of Digimon haters are Pokemon fans.

23 Tokyo Ghoul Haters

Not everyone has the same tastes, but instead what they can do is tell the creators how they can improve it.

Actually I am this anime hater,But I have pretty much good reasons.At first the anime starts with a boring date scene almost took half of the episode,then suddenly the anime changes to a violence anime.the wings come out ( I don't know even know what are those) kill people

24 Beyblade Haters

Beyblade is a sport and a good anime if not the worst. I repeat, "Beyblade is a g-o-o-d anime and not some random hentai anime." Those who hate it have probably watched the Metal Saga and not the original series.

25 Trigun Haters

One little kid told me the Trigun was gay so I called him gay back! And he ran off crying. That hater deserves it!

WHAT!?! Who would hate Trigun?

Poop the haters

Slap the haters!

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