Top Ten Races or Religions That Get the Most Offensive Comments

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1 Muslims

Islam is the real problem, not necessarily Muslims- most of whom I consider victims of the idiotic ideology of Muhammad. It rules through childhood indoctrination reinforced by mosques and imams and like all religions, FEAR. When we hear the liberal mantra 'Nothing to do with Islam' we are hearing a lie that Goebbels would be proud of.

Evil. Cruel. Hateful. Racist. Supremacist. Intolerant. Totalitarian. And I can back up all these with evidence

from Islamic Scriptures.

Let's say in the end we find that Islam was not the truth (even though some people were not interested in finding out in their entire life). I can still be glad that I lived a life of morals and good conduct by following Islam, following the Prophet's example and this religion may seem to some as restricting but imagine how many things we became protected from because of these "restrictions", e.g. alcohol and drugs, premarital relations, etc.

Muslims are seriously the most patient and educated people. Lets not mix things like culture, terrorists/extremists tarnishing the religion etc. Its sad but also inspiring how Muslims are the ones who takes initiatives first to make peace.

Not ALL of them are bad, I have a friend who is Pakistani, and he is very nice!

2 Christians

My "favorite" is when somebody calls the Bible a fairy tale. Other than insulting and offending unneccessarily, it is also unoriginal and makes the atheist who says this look like he's run out of arguments.

You shouldn't be homophobic get with the times.
That is not an offense.
An offense would be imaginary friend, fairytale, genocide, sky fairy, jewish zombie and goddidit.

I'm a Christian and I respect everyone including gays, even though I don't agree with gay rights.

3 Africans

I voted to comment, I am a proud African American, I think we are all equal! But as an African American I wanna say that we need to stop playing the race card game we act like we are the victims. Black people are also racist to white people, can't people notice that.

Black people "LOVE to play the race card game." They enjoy it too much that it ends up crossing the line.

I think it's really wrong of people to be racist to black people I hate it I am muslim I want peace

4 Mexicans

A lot of people think Mexican immigrants are dangerous criminals, while in reality, most of them come to the U.S. because they are looking for new opportunities and the conditions in their home country are dangerous

Let me guess? A racist comment about how Donald Trump wants to ban all Mexican from entering America? I truly think so!

Trump ain't banning all the Mexicans. Only the illegals.

They deserved that very much so very angry

5 Asians

There are also several positive stereotypes about them

While every other race have about 1 or 2 stereotypes, Asians get the most racisim.

I feel like racism toward Asians is often overlooked. I’ve been noticing a lot of it this year, especially. A lot of kids in my class were making jokes about how they were going to avoid all of the Chinese people so that they wouldn’t get the corona virus.

Unlike blacks, arabs, latin americans, etc. Nobody cares when you are a dick to asian people

6 Jews

Like those edgy 12 year olds who think it's funny to praise Hitler.

Sometimes they play the race card game way too far.

I live in a very Jewish neighborhood with a lot of synagogues and many anti-Semitics in my city threaten to blow the synagogues up. It’s quite sad

Hello the holocaust

7 Whites

I would've felt sorry for White people if racism still doesn't exist!

White People would've been much more nicer if racism goes away!

White people are being abused for thing they didn't even do!

Whit people are nicer in the modern days. Get over it!

8 Arabic
9 Atheists

We are quite literally seen as terrorists in Saudi Arabia and there’s 14 countries in the world where there’s death penalty for people who are atheists.

To not even talk about Quora and many beliefs on there that atheists destroys morals and lead to nihilism.

10 Native Americans

They have been discriminated a ton in the past. Even now, too

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11 Germans

NOT all Germans like Adolf Hitler!

12 Italians

Not all Italians work for the Mafia!

13 Russians
14 Taoists
15 Koreans

I once saw a list that was spammed with hate comments against Koreans, saying that they are awful people. Just because someone is a certain ethnicity doesn’t make them a bad person

They are the best dry cleaners ever

16 Catholics

Offended by muslims, jews, atheists, protestants etc

17 Indigenous Australians

I feel sorry for Indigenous Australians!

18 Confucianists
19 Hindus
20 Mormons

They get called "cults" by many people, especially Christians.

21 Sikhs

Sikhs are actually quite nice, but some could be probably not nice though!

22 Scientologists
23 Wicca
24 Satanism
25 Romani
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