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1 Abyssinian

I have a thing for abbysinians. I have 2 Americans and 1 abyssinian. Her name is truffle and she is the sweetest thing in the world! She have never hurt anyone and she loves to be cuddled! My Americans hate being touched and once have bit me.

Abyssinian's are the cutest ever!

Cute and easy to take care of...

I have two abyssinians their names are Maple and Ivy

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2 American

There eyes are so big and buggy. Most fun to cuddle.

I love Guinea pigs P. S if your gonna get one they kinda smell really bad even if you wash them... but I still love them so much

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3 Teddy

Looks like a teddy bear

4 Skinny

I love Skinny Pigs they are cute little bags of flesh. They remind me of little baby hippos.


5 Texel

tex what?

Texelz are the most adorable piggie wiggies ever!

6 Peruvian

I love them they are very cute I have one

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7 Silkie

Soft please don't eat them

I had one once HE WAS SO SOFT!

8 American Crested

These adorable little boogers have the cutest hairstyles in the world! Look it up if you think I'm insane!

Just look this up and you will vote for it

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9 Ridgeback
10 Short Haired

They have nice hair

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11 Rex
12 English Crested
13 Cuy

Cuv are playful attitude and had more feelings in your side

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