Top Ten Halloween Movies Of All Time

By Halloween, I mean the Halloween Series, Including Remakes.

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1 Halloween (1978)

The original will always be the greatest. Parts 2 and H20 are proper sequels thanks to Jamie Lee Curtis. However, the performances of Donald Pleasence & even Danielle Harris in parts 5 & 6 make these fun watches. The 6th installment is underrated and has a much better cut that has never been released. Both versions have add a darker tone to the series. Easily the scariest of the sequels. Halloween resurrection is forgetable and easily the worst. I never counted that one. Rob Zombies additions mixes up the formula for the better. Both of his Halloween films are gritty and dark, but neither surpass the original or is quite on par with Halloween 6 : producers cut in terms of darker themes/ tones. Also, Halloween 3 is a likable movie for what it is.

Halloween remake sucked, Not worse than season of the witch, but it was bad, the way it should be organized
middle 5 are of your choosing
9)Remake sequel

Great film, good kills, but also great story, this movie actually has a good plot to it - IzzyStyles1994

That movie was cool.

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2 Halloween II (1981)

One of the best sequels ever, and suck an underrated movie.

This movie built upon the already amazing original, and while that movie is undoubtedly fantastic, Halloween 2 is in my opinion, better. It's more entertaining, rewatchable, and it's just a great movie.

Halloween 2 is as good as the original.

3 Halloween (2007)

Good movie, good plot, I know it's a remake but, I like how it tells more about Michael's back story - IzzyStyles1994

Mentally disturbing as hell.

I like this way better than Halloween 2 1981, Please put this in number 2!

The best one ever Better than the original

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4 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

The original was brilliant. And I honestly believe this is one of the best-written sequels of all time! This was such a great way to revive the series after 20 years. The story for this one was great. The character development was awesome. This completed the arc of the Laurie Strode character. Amazing movie.

Added more character development to Laurie Strode

I love this movie, it make Michael look like A BOSS!

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5 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

My favorite Halloween even better than the first one which was a bit slow (but I still love it)

I love halloween 4 this movie is one of the better sequels in the franchise and I love jamie and rachel.

Good movie, love how Michael returns after the failling 3rd movie that had nothing to do with Michael - IzzyStyles1994

Better than h20

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6 Halloween 5 - The Revenge of Michael Myers

So dark & disturbing. If 6 had followed the formula this one set, it easily would have been the greatest Halloween.

Michael seemed more human than ever in this one. - Drewstar

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7 Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

Me and my cousin were scared out of our wits

I thought this film was awesome! Please bring back the thorn idea!

This movie was great

8 Halloween II (2009)

This film sucks, but at least I can get a good laugh and be entertained by its ridiculousness. Resurrection and Curse just blow

This was graphic and disgusting that why I love this movie way better than the original

This one is so better than Halloween 3

One of the most disturbing remakes of a horror movie I ever seen loved it

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9 Halloween - Resurrection

Love this one not bad all screw the fans don't lesson to them

I like Halloween resurrection more than Halloween 3 Halloween 3 is the worse

Should be higher than Halloween 3

This movie is in the top 10 best movie I seen in my life

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10 Halloween III - Season of the Witch

Halloween III is by and far the black sheep of the franchise, and understandably so; however, when taken as a stand-alone film, you find yourself face to face with a decently done and fairly entertaining horror film of the 1980s, and it's worth watching at least once. - JR302

This movie stunk. I tried watching it once and I HATED it. It's stupid, boring, it has nothing to do with Michael Myers or the rest of the franchise. It's pointless. Crap from start to finish. I will never make the mistake of watching this garbage movie ever again.

The only one with originality (except for the original which kind of created the slasher genre). I say this because all other Michael Meyers Halloween films are the same old refurbished crap that always seems to get worse each time you see it. Stick to Halloween 1-3.

It doesn't me and my sister watched it and we waited ages for Michael myers to show up

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