Top Ten Reasons Why Arbiter Is an Awesome Halo Character

You never thought you'd see a Nintendo fan making a list about Halo huh? But seriously, Arbiter is an awesome character in the Halo franchise. Although I haven't played Halo 3 yet, I'll mostly be focusing on Halo 2.
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1 His camouflage ability

This ability is fun, and helpful at times. Its one of the reasons I enjoyed playing as him.

This list is so true. And that's all I have to say.

LOL! but it lasts like 3 seconds.

2 He's fun to play as

Honestly, when I played Halo 2, I found my self having more fun playing as Arbiter more that Master chief. (I still like Mc though)

He's also a playable guest fighter in the third season of Killer Instinct (2013, Xbox One)

3 He has an interesting personality

I find his personality unique and interesting compared to the other characters.

4 His voice is awesome

Not as awesome as Master chiefs, but still really cool.

5 He had a great role in Halo 2

Like a said before, I enjoyed playing as him, and he makes the game interesting.

6 He's tough

He's defeated many enemies, gone though some serious challenges, And he even teamed up with Master Chief.

7 He's cool looking

I think he's one of the coolest looking Halo characters ever.

8 He defeated Tartarus
9 He teamed up with Master Chief

Ah, yeah. Best plot twist in the Halo series!

10 He's strong
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11 He is self-confident and has determination!
12 He's a developed character

He's a developed character instead of a vessel for the player to interact with the world unlike chief (until halo 4 ofc)

13 He is the one of the only character to stand up to and back-talk the Chief

After Master Chief releases the Magnum pressed up against The Arbiter's jaw, he says "Were it so easy", saying that if the Arby was trying, he most certainly could've stopped that. What a badass.

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