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1 Politician

It must be horrible to be in charge!

It steals the crown ( yet again)

I love politics but I really get how hard it is being one, still a tough job though

I wouldn't mind if I heard the truth, just once would be enough.

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2 Lawyer

They are the bottom feeding scum of the earth. Their goal and only goal is to get your money out of your bank account into theirs. Then leave you in debt as much as they can. They pretend they are your best friend but when it is all said and done if you called them a week later they don't even know your name. Forgot this. Tell you something one day and as time goes by they lie and say they never said that. They are all show in the court room but are actually friends probably laughing at there clients while playing golf or at lunch on how much money they got. Think about it what is a judge? Former lawyer. What are our law makers and politicians? Former lawyers. What a racket they got going huh? Last but not least they are all scum bags and how they can sleep at night with what they do to people is beyond me. They are just cold blooded humans with no shame. I was thinking about becoming a lawyer but the only problem is I am warm blooded and a person that cares.

When you have to pay around $300 an hour for some wind bag to talk for you in court to get your parental rights and be a in my case a father to your children something is wrong with the system. My ex gets a close to free lawyer from some charity group and her lawyer doesn't want her and I go come to an agreement, been a 2 year fight and not close to over. I would like to see his billable hours. I hired one that didn't follow my instructions and got me a worse deal than before I hired him. That old argument of just doing their job is BS. A Nazi soldier was just doing their's, right? Your job tells a lot about you as a person. If you want to be a lawyer and be a decent person, do business law then. Do not take money from struggling people trying to be parents and have time with their children. $4,500 to do nothing for me and then bill me for another $950? Show up 1/2 hour late for court without preparing me for court. Also I was told only a judge can release a lawyer once he is hired. ...more

Lawyers are lucifer and hate their own mothers. They don't deserve spouses or children since they conduct their professional lives based on hate and the come home "hi honey, home". They kiss judges asses in kangaroo court while you pay $400 an hour. They are scum. Don't ever let your child become a lawyer, protect them at all costs from doing this.

It was so cold up here in up state NY, I actually saw a lawyer with his hands in his OWN pockets

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3 Estate Agent

Every single one I have ever dealt with is a moron. The funny thing is, when they open their mouths to speak they think they are being smart.

Muppets! The lot. Self centered, egotistical, non compassionate gits!

They are for themself and hell with the buyer and seller.

Sociopathic greedy excuses for human beings.

From personal experience (as an I.T. professional), you give them a fair price for a job that badly needed done, (cause a good many of them don't respect their tools... i.e. laptops/tablets/mobiles), and then they've got the cheek to take 1 1/2 hours of the company business managers time to haggle over a $200-$300 bill. A lot of them are just pondscum. Not to mention defamation of your character, in their own narcissistic networks.

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4 Banker

Just sit around on the phone all day so boring - cehrl0201

5 Police Officer

The police get hated by a bunch of idiots like you all and yet every day they go to work to protect you and your family! How stupid could you be to hate a cop? Without them the world would be a mayhem of murder and crime!

When someone is going to kick your butt who you gonna call. someone who does'nt know you and is willing to fight for you. and stop someone from taking your stuff. don't want a ticket OBEY THE LAW! Police don't write the laws just enforce them.

Asses treating people poorly. Abuse of power and lack of consideration on a regular basis. They need to get a real job instead of trying to order people around.

THE worst!

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6 Traffic Warden

Not only do consumers hate them; but they must hate their job as well. Any job that requires them to walk/drive all day in any weather condition giving the "cherry on top" for "worst day ever" for many has truly got to suck!

Vultures waiting for expired parking meters. The worst are the ones that get away with hand writing their times and actually back-timing their readings.

They'll do whatever they can to give you a ticket.

Gr they get my goat!

7 Social Worker

Revolting baby snatchers, eviscerate families, get paid to destroy lives. Dirty, corrupt, uncaring dregs of humanity.

Social workers are evil, Malicious and vindictive. They are the modern day witch-hunters. They base their cases on heresay and lies. They are self-appointed gods but the fires of hell surely await them when they leave this mortal coil.

8 Spammer

Being forced unwanted trash into your eyesight or mailbox and leaving you with the responsibility of disposing it has got to be the most aggravating thing ever.

Is this even a real job? - advancewarfare

Human trash

9 Dentist

It's my favourite job I really love it and I want to be a dentist in future icant understand why you hate it

I hate them.

Greedy, overpaid, legal physical extortionist, no social morals etc.. Republican rank and file supporters. Wealthy scumbags. Need someone besides insurance co. and crooked politicians to police these parasitic money lovers.

10 Stock Trader

Come on your not talking about the small trader working to support their familys, you speaking of the 1%

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11 Teacher

High criticism/ Expectations higher than parenting/ low pay/ constant changes/ horrible discipline, poor classroom behavior/ little support/ poor training/ unrealistic expectations/ save the world /scapegoat blame for not being able to improve the impossible/ unappreciated

12 Tax Collector

I think the Beatles proved a good point with their song "Taxman" - PositronWildhawk

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13 Telemarketer

Anyone who wakes me up at all hours of the night or day to sell me something - I hate

I have to admit-these guys are pretty annoying sometimes. - advancewarfare

I hate being called by random annoying people.

True scumbags.

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14 Engineer

Arrogant and anal SOBs, some of them. They are as bad as auditors!

15 Janitor

I mean, WHO would want to have this kind of job?

16 Recruiter

Hard selling commission driven nuisance

17 Bailiff

This should be first, surely? Who could do such a job? How do these people sleep at night, knowing the suffering they've just caused someone or even a whole family unit? Disgraceful! - Britgirl

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18 Nurse

Hey, if it wasn't for our nurses, our doctors would always be busy and never help us

Often fat, stupid, patronising & dangerously and criminally negligent.

19 Repo Man Repo Man

" let me take your car when you're in an accident, then charge you for having a bad time in the hospital mmkay? , that's $50 a day storage plus $480 initial charge."

20 Doctor

Con artists

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