Top 10 Stupidest Commandments

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1 Thou Shalt Not Covet

So basically, we aren't allowed to exist.

2 Not Take the Lord's Name in Vain

Oh for God's sake! Christ Almighty! Oh my God! Lord above! Jesus! I can't believe why for the love of the Lord, this isn't number 1!

This commandment annoys me. You don't think Jesus ever slipped up and swore at his dad every now and again?

3 Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

While there is some validity in the fact that a mature adult can help guide a young kid, and the kid can look to the adult for guidelines on how to live his or her life, the commandment assumes that each mother and father will provide that, and to the same extent. It is completely unreasonable to assign everyone the same commandment, when they all have different parents. Some parents are deserving of being honored, but most are not. Yet each person faces the same punishment for breaking this commandment, which is also kind of vague anyway. What does it mean to honor them? Do whatever they say? That's like slavery, and is therefore a horrible thing to command of someone. Children are people with just as much feelings and rights as any adult. They are not robots. Another thing theists don't seem to realize is that parents are just people. The idea that they deserve any sort of honor that should be earned only comes from the Bible in the first place, and is not an objective truth. People ...more

4 No Graven Images or Likenesses

God's ego won't let us play with idol dolls. So everyone who's ever been on Survivor, or voted for an American Idol contestant, is a sinner.

5 Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods

God's ego is at it again. "You must believe me and no one else, even though none of us have provided any evidence whatsoever. Got it? "

6 Remember the Sabbath Day

"And if you don't take an hour out of every week of your life to tell me how much you worship me... Well, that's no good either! "

7 Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

This would be lower on the list, just above murder, because adultery is obviously wrong, but then they added in lust, which is supposedly adultery of the heart. Just like coveting things, it's not something you can control, making the commandment stupid.

8 Thou Shalt Not Kill

If someone was trying to murder your family it wouldn't be bad, but that wouldn't be "MURDER" that would be killing, which is most the time still bad. With an exception for self defense.

If it said 'Thou shalt no kill' you'd be correct. But there is a big difference between murder and killing.

This is usually good, but what if it was self defense, or the person was trying to kill your family?

9 Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

In court this is a good idea, and lying can be hurtful, but lying is not inherently bad. Just because something isn't true doesn't automatically mean it's hurtful to say. You're telling me that saying "That's a nice dress you're wearing" warrants Hell?

10 Thou Shall Not Steal

This is generally good, but I don't see anything too wrong with stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. It would be a net good thing.

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